Register Radio - The Examen Prayer and Christmas in Harvard Square

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This week on Register Radio, Dan Burke talks with Fr. Timothy Gallagher about the Examen Prayer, a way to stay on track this Advent.  Also, Elena Rodriguez talks with co-founder of AimHigher Recordings Monica Fitzgibbons.  They’ll bring you a feast for your ears:  the album Christmas in Harvard Square with the boys of St. Paul's Choir School. 

The Examen Prayer with Fr. Timothy Gallagher

Father Timothy Gallagher was ordained in 1979 as a member of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary, Fr. Gallagher is the author of seven books on the spiritual teaching of St. Ignatius of Loyola and the life of Venerable Bruno Lanteri, founder of the Oblates of the Virgin Mary.  He’ll be talking with Dan about...READ MORE

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Because Chastity’s Not a Dirty Word: Chastity Is For Lovers

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There is a group of Catholics about ten to fifteen years younger than me who delight me. Their enthusiasm and approach to life gives me hope in a way that few other things do.

Among this crowd is Arleen Spenceley, a gutsy young lady from Florida who caught my eye with her new release, Chastity Is for Lovers: Single, Happy, and (Still) a Virgin (Ave Maria Press).

For some, what the Church actually says about love and sex has been presented by people who have misunderstood it. It is distorted on delivery. Others grasp parts of the Church’s teaching but have never been given reasons to save sex for marriage other than “God says so.” But there are other reasons — practical ones that are hard...READ MORE

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Fostering Our Most Important Job as Mothers

11/26/2014 Comment

What’s the most important work of a mother?

We don’t need to look farther than Mary for our inspiration. We’re told in the Catechism (#965) that

After her Son's Ascension, Mary "aided the beginnings of the Church by her prayers." In her association with the apostles and several women, "we also see Mary by her prayers imploring the gift of the Spirit, who had already overshadowed her in the Annunciation."

Our most important work isn’t wiping bottoms, making lunches, or managing laundry. It’s not juggling schedules or mealtimes or finances. We can keep ourselves busy to the point of exhaustion very easily, and it’s all too easy to forget, avoid, or just plain neglect our most important...READ MORE

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Making Music into More than Just Pretty Sounds

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Don’t think music is important? Go to Mass where the music isn’t what you expected or isn’t what you like or is just plain awful. Then attend a Mass where the music blows you away with its quality.

There’s a difference. And while music is NOT why we go to Mass, it can really impact things.

I don’t know why, then, it should surprise me that music can play such a big part in changing how my days go…with my kids, with my work, with my outlook on life. Sometimes, all I have to do is turn on something quiet in the background to feel a little sanity returning. Other times, a more upbeat playlist hits the spot.

The team at Making Music Praying Twice has fused the importance of music and their...READ MORE

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Register Radio - Man vs. Woman? and The Year of Consecrated Life

11/21/2014 Comment

This week on Register Radio… “man versus woman?” Or better yet, how about “man and woman?” Jeanette De Melo and Sister Mary Prudence Allen, a Religious Sister of Mercy of Alma, discuss this week’s Vatican's conference on the Complementarity of Man and Woman. Then, Dan and Sister Agnes Mary Donovan of the Sisters of Life talk about the Year of Consecrated Life which begins November 30. 

Sister Mary Prudence Allen on Man vs. Woman?

Sister Mary Prudence Allen is a Religious Sister of Mercy of Alma, Michigan. Formerly the chair of the philosophy department at St. John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver, she's now a part of the chaplaincy team at Lancaster University in England.  


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Loved As I Am: A Book of Frank, Honest, and Hopeful Conversion

11/19/2014 Comment

A foreword by Christopher West and a back cover blurb by Jason Evert: even if I hadn’t heard Sr. Miriam Heidland speak at a women’s conference last year, I probably still would have jumped at the chance to read new book, Loved as I Am: An Invitation to Conversion, Healing, and Freedom through Jesus (Ave Maria Press, 2014).

Heidland is the kind of speaker who holds her audience in the palm of her hand; I wasn’t so sure her book would do the same. I remember, vividly, live-tweeting with tears running down my face as she spoke about her life and her journey.

Though I’m not normally a big fan of reading conversion stories, what Heidland has crafted is as much an invitation to her readers as...READ MORE

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Register Radio - Catholic Schools and the Men’s Witness to Faith

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This week on Register Radio, Jeanette DeMelo reports from the U.S. Bishops’ meeting, where she spoke with Bishop Daniel Flores of Brownsville about the bishops’ efforts to reach Latino and other under-served communities through Catholic schools.  Also Dan Burke speaks to Matthew James Christoff about his work to empower Catholic men in their witness to faith.

Catholic Schools with Bishop Daniel Flores

Bishop Daniel Flores, was appointed the sixth bishop of Brownsville Texas in 2009 by Pope Benedict XVI.  He is the third native Texan to serve the Rio Grande Valley as bishop.  He also serves as Chairman of the Committee on Cultural Diversity in the Church, and is on the board of directors...READ MORE

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Everyday Heroes and More in Randy Hain’s “Joyful Witness”

11/12/2014 Comment

I am 99% sure I’ve read all of Randy Hain’s books. And I’ve enjoyed them all.

But his latest, Joyful Witness: How to Be an Extraordinary Catholic (Servant Books, 2014), is something different than the rest, and I can’t help but call it his best writing. Though it’s unmistakably Hain’s voice, it’s also something more, like he let go and just poured himself into it all the way.

In the introduction, Hain shares his goals for the book:

These men and women are some of the extraordinary Catholics who in many ways are quite ordinary. This should give us hope that we will also discern how to grow in our faith and do more than the minimum required of us as Catholics. It would be easy to assume...READ MORE

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