Joy, Tradition, African Culture in Liturgy

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I wanted to share with all of you our Sunday mass experience in Lagos, Nigeria. We began the day at Sacred Heart Parish on the outskirts of the city in a place called Ojota. This parish is the setting for the first talks in EWTN’s series “Word for a Wounded World.”

The parish is the home to 7,000 African families. Every mass is packed to capacity, and the church grounds are a constant buzz of activity. I understand from the people that this is the norm here in Nigeria. The Mass is vibrant and alive, not a once a week event of clocking in and out, which seems to be how many people in the Western world their view Sunday mass obligation.

In Nigeria, one mass ends and another begins with...READ MORE

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Meeting Nigeria

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As our flight slowly circled down into Lagos, Nigeria brightly colored rooftops came into view. Our team was arriving to film a series with Father Maurice Emelu called "Word for a Wounded Word." This series is slated to debut on EWTN in the fall of 2014. Our crew is small. Only 5 of us altogether, but we have a lot of support and enthusiasm from the planning team on the ground and a handful of volunteers who are constantly at hand. They are delighted to have us filming at their parishes and have welcomed us with open arms. The enthusiasm is mutual as we are thrilled to be here in Africa. Our goal is to capture the spirit of Africa in this series, thus you see the importance of being on...READ MORE

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The Journey To Africa

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Editor's Note: The Register's staff writer Peter Jesserer Smith interviewed Father Maurice Emelu about his EWTN Tour of Africa. Read the interview here.

The long awaited day, what had been the talking point within some quarters for the past two years finally arrived. The night before, I barely had a three-hour sleep, dreaming of how our first ever EWTN Tour of Africa would be. Mixed feelings of assurance and fear, hope and unpredictability of the unknown were my dominant mode. I was, however certain that God who gave the inspiration would lead our crew to the perfection of His plan.

Our TV crew plus a dozen of local committee members at each location organizing the events have been...READ MORE

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