Our Lady of the Rosary Novena Starts This Week

Lepanto Victory Mission to Launch Web-Based Prayer Campaign

09/27/2011 Comments (5)

Battle of Lepanto painting

– Wikipedia

As we approach October, the month of the Holy Rosary, and the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary on Oct. 7, there’s a grassroots effort via the Web to remember the origin of the feast and win our country back to Jesus.

The Lepanto Victory Mission Rosary novena wants to enlist people in all 50 states to unite to pray a Rosary for the U.S. during one or more of the 216 hours making up the round-the-clock, nine-day novena leading up to the feast. The intention is “peace and victory of God for our country.”

The Rosary novena begins first thing Sept. 29, the feast of the Archangels, and goes continuously until the end of Oct. 7.

The organization was inspired by the miraculous victory...READ MORE

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Many years ago, when I was first starting to work in apologetics, I was reading an article by an Italian journalist—I think it may have been Andrea Tornielli—who referred in passing to “Pope Wojtyla,” meaning John Paul II.

“How disrespectful!” I thought.

At the time, I was only used to referring to popes by their regnal name (the one they choose when they become pope) either preceded by the word “Pope” (i.e., “Pope John Paul”) or followed by their regnal number (i.e., “John Paul II”) or both (i.e., “Pope John Paul II”).

And that was only if there was a name involved at all. More generic designations were also possible—like “the holy father” or simply “the pope”—but not other combinations...READ MORE

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The Innocence of God

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The other day, I got six kids dressed, brushed, fed, and dropped off at their three different schools; cleared the table, threw some laundry in, pulled something dinnerish out of the freezer, and settled down for some frantic writing before a dentist appointment.

I had gotten maybe four words down when my daughter toddled over with a toddler problem—something like, “Mama, I bited my banana and now my banana is bited and now I need a new banana.”

So I stormed, “YES.  Absolutely.  Let me GET UP from my chair and fix your problem RIGHT NOW because it’s SO IMPORTANT that I stop working RIGHT THIS MINUTE.”

And she gave a happy little hop and said, “Fanks, Mama!”

Ouch.  That laid me low...READ MORE

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Full Text of Pope's Address to Seminarians in Freiburg

09/26/2011 Comments (2)

Pope Benedict’s talk with 60 seminarians in Freiburg im Breisgau has now been published (full text below).

One particularly interesting paragraph is when the Pope discusses a scientific spirit of understanding. “There ‘s a good side to this,” he says, “even if it often conceals much arrogance and nonsense. The faith is not a parallel world of feelings that we can still afford to hold on to, rather it is the key that encompasses everything, gives it meaning, interprets it and also provides its inner ethical orientation: making clear that it is to be understood and lived as tending towards God and proceeding from God. Therefore it is important to be informed and to understand, to have an...READ MORE

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4 Guidelines for Catholic Awesomeness

09/26/2011 Comments (19)

One day I’ll be able to write something without linking to Marc Barnes. Alas, today is not the day. I keep thinking about his post, simply titled Be Awesome, in which he issues a rallying cry for Catholics to step up our game. He points out that the world needs to see the beauty of the Faith now more than ever:

The things we do should be fantastic. We’re not just anyone, we’re Catholics! What we do reflects our Church, and our Church is the only sane thing left in the world! Strive for excellence then, glorify God by using every drop of talent He’s given you, because I do believe that—now more than ever—our Church needs to reaffirm that we have brought the world the best literature, art,...READ MORE

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Caesar Grabs for More Power Over the Church

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I don’t keep up with things that are happening in states far from me, and since the Soviet of Washington State is far from virtually every state, I had not heard about this (from a priest commenting on this piece):

Circumstances are qualifiers in our moral judgments of situations all the time, and we tend to forget that when we are faced with the necessity of judgeing the behavior of others.  I used this argument in a response last Wednesday to the Catholic News Service article on the Alabama Immigration bill, which basically renders all ministry to those immigrants who are here illegally—even sacramental ministry and the rendering of such basic forms of human assistance as food, shelter,...READ MORE

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Did Bishops Diss The Pope?

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One thing you never want to do is leave the Pope hanging.

Check out this video of the Pope offering his hand for a shake to Bishops on a greeting line.  Bishop after Bishop let the Pope pass by without shaking his hand.  One or two may have missed it, but this seems a little fishy to me.

ht Mark.

I don’t like to read into things, but was this some sort of silent protest over working hours or something?  I haven’t seen a reception this icy since I told my wife I would be playing golf with my buddies all weekend.

So what is up with this?  Is this on purpose or is every Bishop here blind?

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Pope Bids Farewell to Germany

09/25/2011 Comments (2)

“Wherever God is present, there is hope: new and often unexpected horizons open up beyond the present and the ephemeral. In this sense I accompany in my thoughts and prayers the path of the Church in Germany.”


Mr President of the Federal Republic,The Distinguished Representatives of the Federal Government,

of Baden Württemburg and its Communities,

Dear Brother Bishops,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Before leaving Germany, I would like very much to thank you for these days, so moving and eventful, spent in my native land.

I am grateful to you, President Wulff, for welcoming me in Berlin in the name of the German people and now, at the moment of my departure, for again honouring me...READ MORE

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