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01/02/2012 Comments (5)

A blessed Christmas to you.

I’m in the process of producing a mediation on the Nativity and have a point I want to make that needs some kind of verification.  I have long been convinced that the reason why we usually eat an abundance of sweets at Christmas time is because it signifies that the grace of Christ sweetens our life.  That the grace of Christ sweetens our life is obvious.  But that being the reason why we eat sweets at Christmas is not so evident to me.

Have you ever heard of this and do you know if this is true?

I’ve never heard this, but I don’t see why you can’t connect the two.  With customs such as sweets at Christmas, what you almost invariably find is that the custom...READ MORE

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Abortion Clinic House of Horrors Leads to Murder Charges

12/30/2011 Comments (17)

Two Maryland abortionists have reportedly been charged with murder by a grand jury in the case where a police search of the clinic revealed a house of horrors where authorities discovered a freezer full of dead babies, the victims of late term abortions.

This, of course, is reminiscent of the Gosnell clinic in Philadelphia where police found babies crammed in jars.

In this case, police reportedly discovered a freezer with 35 late term unborn babies inside, including one believed to have been aborted at 36 weeks.

It’s believed that authorities were first turned on to investigating the clinic when, after botching a late term abortion on a young woman, the doctors, Steven Brigham and Nicola...READ MORE

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Christmas Beats Porn…But Only Barely

12/30/2011 Comments (6)

That’s right. Christmas still beats porn. But only barely. And probably not for long, unfortunately.

I’m talking about Google search trends (of course).

Porn is one of the most searched for things on the internet, as disgusting as it is. But, according to such search trends, people still love Christmas more than porn…at least for a few days a year. Every year around this time there is a peak where more people are searching for “Christmas” than for “porn.” And this year, though some thought porn would finally reign, Christmas managed to just barely nose out our unquenchable thirst for porn yet again - for a day or so.


The trend, however, is disturbing. Interest in Christmas has been...READ MORE

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Pro-Life Teens Give Women a Voice

12/30/2011 Comments (21)

Teenagers make great bellwethers:  when you hear one of them, you know there must be a whole crowd behind them.  There is safety in numbers, and vocally pro-life teens are making it “safer” to be pro-life. 

Everyone has seen true birth stories on TV; everyone knows a pregnant teenager.  Ultrasound images are everywhere.  For better or worse, the topic of pregnancy and abortion is unavoidable.  It’s no longer a taboo subject, and it’s no longer possible for the typical socially conscious teenager to have no opinion about it.

While pro-choicers are laboring to “normalize” abortion, young pro-lifers are reaching out to their peers, in person and online—working to normalize having babies! ...READ MORE

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5 Simple Steps to Get Your New Year Off to a Great Start

12/30/2011 Comments (9)

New Year’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a Marian feast day, it falls during the celebrations of the Christmas season, and it marks the start of a brand new calendar year. Whether or not I write a detailed list of resolutions, I always use this day as an opportunity to get things in order so that the new year starts off smoothly. Some of these undertakings have been dramatically unsuccessful (tip: check the weather forecast before deciding to clean out your entire garage in early January), but others turned out to be everything I’d hoped they’d be: simple, practical actions that had a lasting impact on my whole year. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Set up a good...READ MORE

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Should Catholic Sex Abuse Documents Be Withheld from Courts?

12/29/2011 Comments (33)

David Clohessy of SNAP

That’s a very good question, isn’t it?

How many times during the course of various sex abuse news cycles have we read about lawyers using various legal maneuvers to try to keep official, confidential documents pertaining to priestly sex abuses cases out of the hands of courts?

These instances only reveal what scoundrels both the lawyers are—*and* their clients. I mean, the *only* reason to try to keep a document out of the court’s hands is if you have something to hide, and that shows that you are acting in bad faith, trying to stop justice from being done.

Consider this story on the web site of the National Catholic Reporter (*not* Register):

SNAP director may be forced to testify in...READ MORE

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The TWENTY-PLUS Days of Christmas???

12/29/2011 Comments (29)

As many are aware, it’s still Christmas. The Christmas season only begins on Christmas.

But when does it end?

If you go by the famous phrase “the twelve days of Christmas”—immortalized in the well-known song (which really *is not* a crypto-catechism after all; sorry.)—then you might guess they end on January 5, the eve of Epiphany, counting Christmas Day as the first day. Or if, according to some versions, you count the day *after* Christmas Day as the first day then the twelfth turns out to be January 6, the traditional day of Epiphany.

Ahhh. . . . Things were so uncomplicated in former centuries. Twelve days. Two options. Easy!

But as the Church’s liturgical cycle get modified over...READ MORE

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You Say You Want a Resolution?

12/29/2011 Comments (95)

You know why January 1 is a holiday, right?  It was instituted to commemorate the deification of Julius Caesar.

Now, far be it from me to suggest that this year’s presidential candidates should honor the memory of our ancient Roman forebears by thinking of the good of the Republic and then, I don’t know, stabbing each other to death. 

I do have some advice for them, though.  I’m offering ready-made New Year’s resolutions for the folks who— oh, I can hardly bear to make my sad, disbelieving fingers type these words—might be our next president:

NEWT GINGRICH: First, so as not to appear biased, I want to put to rest once and for all the dastardly rumor that Mr. Gingrich divorced his...READ MORE

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