Bringing St. Augustine to the Big Screen

An Interview with Ignatius Press' Tony Ryan

08/22/2012 Comments (15)

A few years ago, Ignatius Press began partnering with various European production companies to obtain the licensing rights to distribute European-made films in North America. That partnership has resulted in high-quality made-for-television Italian films such as Claire and Francis, Padre Pio: Between Heaven and Earth, and St. Giuseppe Moscati: Doctor to the Poor being made available on DVD in the US. I spoke today with Anthony Ryan, director of marketing with Ignatius Press, about their latest film and effort - allowing organizations to host sponsored-theatrical screenings of their newest film, Restless Heart: The Confessions of Augustine. Ignatius had the film professionally edited so...READ MORE

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Vatican Attacks Nuns!?

08/22/2012 Comments (84)

In a recent conversation with a faithful religious sister, I stumbled upon a disturbing reality that I have since confirmed is not isolated to her order. She relayed to me that donors contacted her order because they were outraged at how the Vatican was treating them. She had to go to great lengths to help the donors understand that the "attacks" being so widely discussed in the public arena are a fabrication of the media and of some religious whose hearts have gone far astray from the Church. The sister explained that this issue is so serious that it prompted the initiation of specific projects aimed at helping their supporters understand that the religious world represented by the media...READ MORE

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Do Impoverished Women Really Feel Burdened by Their Children?

08/22/2012 Comments (113)

Have you seen Obianuju Ekeocha's open letter to Melinda Gates? If not, go read it now. It's a powerful example of the fact that what women in developing countries actually want is not always the same thing as what wealthy women from first-world countries think they might want. An excerpt:

And of course there are bound to be inconsistencies and failures in the use of these drugs and devices, so health complications could result; one of which is unintended abortion. Add also other health risks such as cancer, blood clots, etc. Where Europe and America have their well-oiled health care system, a woman in Africa with a contraception-induced blood clot does not have access to 911 or an...READ MORE

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Announcement: Where I’ll Be and What I’ll Be Doing

08/21/2012 Comments (45)

Saint Stephen the Protomartyr: Ora pro nobis.

Everything is always changing, but August 2012 will go down as a month of particularly momentous milestones for the Greydanus family—some of which will have repercussions on my life and work, including my film review work, for many years to come.

Just a few days ago, our eldest, Sarah Elisabeth, left us and began life at college—the first of our children to depart the nest. (If you missed my blog post on Sarah’s review of Whisper of the Heart, check it out.)

The week before that, Suz and I welcomed our seventh child, Matthew Richard. Around the same time, I wrapped up the third summer season of “Reel Faith.” (If you missed our season finale, catch it at the show’s website (coming...READ MORE

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Behold, the Dreamer Cometh

08/21/2012 Comments (130)

Is there anything more fascinating than dreams?  Anything more liberating than letting the unconscious mind go on a romp in utter freedom?  Anyone unluckier than a husband whose wife wakes up already mad at him because she knows he didn't actually do that -- that thing in real life, but still, oh my gosh, what a jerk?

Not that I would do such a thing.  But if the morning isn't too rushed, I do try to ask my family what they dreamt, because it gives me a hint about what's going on with them.  My son, for instance, spent a few solid weeks having classic disappointment dreams:  it was Christmas, but there was nothing in his stocking but tuna and garbage; it was his birthday, and nobody...READ MORE

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A Brief Primer on Conscience

08/20/2012 Comments (38)

The main problem with that work of the flesh which Paul calls "party spirit' (Galatians 5:20) is that it urges people to evaluate Church teaching in light of their sect's pet doctrines instead of evaluating their sect's pet doctrines in light of Catholic teaching.  So, for instance, Calvinists filter Catholic teaching through a few pet doctrines about the sovereignty of God and predestination and original sin, while universalists filter Catholic teaching through a few pet doctrines about the love of God and the hope of heaven. Other pertinent considerations get filtered out.

Party spirit is a major affliction of modern Americans, Catholic and non-Catholic.  And it tends to be expressed...READ MORE

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Who Gives?

America's Charitable Giving Divide

08/20/2012 Comments (5)

A recent study, "How America Gives" by the Chronicle of Philanthropy reveals that states where religious participation is highest, particularly in the South, give the greatest percentage of their discretionary income to charitable organizations. Conversely, states that are less religious give less.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy based the study on IRS records of people who itemized deductions in 2008, the most recent year statistics were available.

The most generous states were Utah, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina. The least generous were New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Utah residents gave 10.6 percent of their discretionary income to...READ MORE

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A Catholic Single's Guide to Hope

08/20/2012 Comments (7)

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“Know your own happiness. Want for nothing but patience. Or give it a more fascinating name: Call it hope.”
― Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility

My English-major self loves all things Jane Austen, as I’ve noted on this blog before.

I was just reminded of this quote recently, and I think its theme is key to faith as much as it is to dating.

You need to be happy with yourself and your life before you can be happy sharing your life with someone else. That’s what Jane Austen illustrates in her novels. The heroines discern the heroes’ characters so they know their marriages are based on love and virtue. That’s the point of a new interview (at National Review Online) with Elizabeth...READ MORE

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