Jim Caveziel Returns in Faith and Football Drama

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Sony Pictures.

– Sony Pictures.

Jim Caviezel fans will be happy to hear the Catholic actor is returning to the silver screen once more in a feature film that tells the story of legendary high-school football coach Bob Ladouceur — a Catholic religious studies teacher, who built the De La Salle High School Spartans from an obscure team into a juggernaut with a record-making 151 game winning streak.

Caviezel stars in Sony Picture’s When the Game Stands Tall as Coach Ladouceur, and he introduced the film to the participants at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Washington, D.C. through a pre-recorded video. He apologized that last-minute conflicts made it impossible for him to be there in person, but he wanted them to...READ MORE

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Harvard’s Black Mass Attacks All Religions

05/12/2014 Comment

What would Pope Francis (or Pope Emeritus Benedict) do? Just what the Harvard Catholics are doing: prayer and Holy Hour.

On Monday, May 12, Harvard University is sanctioning one religion’s deliberate ritual mockery and denigration of another religion as “educational.” Neither Harvard University, nor the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club seem prepared to acknowledge that their actions have far wider implications than the Satanic Temple’s “Black Mass,” which are disturbing not merely to people of faith, but to all people of good will who believe in dignity and respect to all.

The “Black Mass” in a nutshell is a Satanic ritual that intended to mock Catholic belief and worship. We don’t know the exact origins of the “Black Mass” — whether the author of the Malleus Maleficarum was describing an actual...READ MORE

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Cardinal Wuerl: St. John Paul II the Model for Priests and Bishops

04/29/2014 Comments (25)

One of the powerful, enduring legacies of St. John Paul II’s nearly 30-year pontificate, are the priests and bishops whose vocations were inspired and formed by the newly canonized saint's efforts: the JP2 Generation.

One young priest whose heart was captured by St. John Paul II from the very beginning he stepped out onto St. Peter’s balcony was a Father Donald Wuerl, today's Cardinal Wuerl of the Archdiocese of Washington.

A few years later then-Father Wuerl found himself a collaborator in St. John Paul II’s reform of the priesthood: assisting in the mandated study of U.S. seminaries, and later (as bishop) at the synod on priestly formation that would lead to Pastores Dabo Vobis, the...READ MORE

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Myth-busted: No Facebook for Pope Francis — Yet

02/28/2014 Comments (3)

Contrary to a recent report, Pope Francis has no plans in the near future to open an official Facebook profile.

– Facebook.

Reports of Pope Francis getting a Facebook profile anytime “soon” have been greatly exaggerated. The Register has confirmed with a senior Vatican official that the Vatican’s social communications team has no immediate plans to bring the Pope to the world’s largest social media site, although it’s not outside the realm of possibility for the distant future.

A Vatican Insider report from the Italian daily La Stampa stoked excitement that Pope Francis would “soon” have his own official Facebook page. The report claimed that a Curia source told Vatican Insider that the plans for the papal Facebook were in the “final stages” with just some “some final technical aspects” that needed to be...READ MORE

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Pope Francis to Archbishop Chaput: Bring Your A-Game to Rome

02/14/2014 Comments (39)

Pope Francis (l) and Archbishop Charles Chaput (r). Both share a passion for encouraging the laity to take a leading role in the Church's evangelization.

– Facebook.com/ArchbishopChaput

Pope Francis set out his agenda for a Church of “missionary disciples” in Evangelii Gaudium; now he’s assembling his team at the Vatican who will help him get the laity fully in the game of sharing the joy of the Gospel. His latest recruit is none other than Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia, who has proven himself second-to-none in activating lay people to embrace the Church’s missionary mandate with enthusiasm and vigor.

Archbishop Chaput now joins the Pontifical Council for the Laity, which could end up as a Congregation for the Laity when the Curia reform is all said and done. But the Pope’s laity council has the job of helping Pope Francis promote lay action in the Church....READ MORE

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Catholic Mass Mobs: A New Hot Trend? (Updated)

02/06/2014 Comments (10)

More than 300 Catholics gathered for the "Mass Mob" at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Buffalo, where around 50 worshipers usually gather on Sunday.

– buffalomassmob.wordpress.com/

Move over flash mobs in the mall, Catholics in western New York are pioneering the “Mass Mob,” and it’s getting attention in a big way.

The Associated Press has run this cool story about Catholics in the great city of Buffalo, New York, who are using social media to get faithful Catholics to pack the pews at some of Buffalo’s most beautiful churches in parts of the city where native parishioners are sparse.

Buffalo Mass Mob’s website explains the city is “known for its incredible architecture,” especially thanks to its many churches.

“These houses of worship helped shape and define the city as we know.  It is Buffalo Mass Mob’s hope to help create more awareness and appreciation for...READ MORE

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Question Time With President Obama

01/31/2014 Comments (19)

– whitehouse.gov

Every time I watch the State of the Union address, I come away with the conviction that the United Kingdom has a practice of holding its leaders to account, from which Americans could draw a few lessons. It’s called “Question Time With the Prime Minister.”

Every Wednesday, Parliament requires the prime minister to give an account of his administration and his program for the country. It lasts approximately half an hour, but the whole country gets to watch the prime minister and members of Parliament (MPs) have a vigorous debate about the actions of the prime minister’s government. The prime minister must answer on his feet, and he gets applauded, laughed at, or shouted down, depending...READ MORE

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