Did Bishops Diss The Pope?

09/25/2011 Comments (73)

One thing you never want to do is leave the Pope hanging.

Check out this video of the Pope offering his hand for a shake to Bishops on a greeting line.  Bishop after Bishop let the Pope pass by without shaking his hand.  One or two may have missed it, but this seems a little fishy to me.

ht Mark.

I don’t like to read into things, but was this some sort of silent protest over working hours or something?  I haven’t seen a reception this icy since I told my wife I would be playing golf with my buddies all weekend.

So what is up with this?  Is this on purpose or is every Bishop here blind?

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My Wife Thinks I'm Ugly

09/20/2011 Comments (15)

My wife told me the other day that I am handsome, and by this, coupled with unassailable logic of a manly type, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that she thinks me ugly.

When I got married, I was chubby. Not particularly fat, not particularly skinny. Chubby. Since she married me, I can only assume that my wife liked me chubby, and for this assumption I have accumulated, through years of marriage, substantial anecdotal evidence. Suffice it to say that it is well established that my wife liked (likes) chubby Pat.

There is a picture in my bedroom of that glorious and heaven-sent day when this beautiful young woman permanently and inextricably tied her fate to my own in the presence...READ MORE

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Kill All The Babies Before It Is Too Late

09/15/2011 Comments (45)

Close it up folks.  Our culture is over. There is nothing left to save.

A Palm Beach jury has awarded a couple $4.5 million dollars because medical professionals did not alert them soon enough that they needed a hitman in surgical scrubs to kill their child before it was too late.

Ana Mejia and Rodolfo Santana would have much preferred to kill their son had they known in advance that he was not perfect. For this inconvenience, a jury of six (who clearly themselves should not have been allowed to be born either for obvious mental deficiency) awarded Ana and Rodolfo Mengele gobs of dough.

Spare the rod, spoil the child. Spare the child, face the rod.

Juror Rebecca Long said the jury...READ MORE

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She Called Them 'Retards'

09/11/2011 Comments (214)

I begin this post with some consternation, some preamble, and a warning. In it, I relay events that I witnessed this weekend while participating in a local 5k event. Don’t worry, it is not another boring post about running; the race is just the setting for a disturbing story about man’s inhumanity to man. It is a story about the callous disregard of some for their fellow man and it is a story of triumph. Fair warning, some of what I will relay is offensive but, alas, true.

Just a few days ago I saw online that there was an annual 5k down at the beach just minutes from my house. I planned to do a speed workout on Saturday and I thought this would be a good way to get my workout and have a...READ MORE

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The Cardinal Virtues Of Endurance Athletics

09/07/2011 Comments (12)

In Christian tradition there are four cardinal virtues—prudence, justice, temperance, and fortitude.

St. Augustine said of these virtues “For these four virtues (would that all felt their influence in their minds as they have their names in their mouths!” Far be it from me to question the great Augustine, but it seems to me he missed something. Would that all felt their influence in their minds so that they feel it in their legs.

Yes. I said legs. As it happens, the four cardinal virtues, whose cultivation prepares us for heaven, are equally necessary for success (however one defines it) in the world of endurance athletics.

As a Catholic and an endurance athlete, I am constantly reminded...READ MORE

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Time for A Pope Party

09/01/2011 Comments (9)

Let’s get this party started.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols, the head honcho in a poncho for the Church in England, has suggested that people throw a Pope party in celebration of the first anniversary of the Pope’s historic visit.

Yeah boy. Now, a Pope party can’t be any ordinary party. We need to spice it up. And guess what? I have some ideas.

First, we need to be ecumenical. So I suggest that we invite the heads of other “ecclesial communities” to the party to play musical chairs. One by one, the ecclesial communities go bye-bye until there is only one chair left. But they can’t sit there because the Pope is already in it!

Next, we need to invite the former Anglicans turned Catholic who...READ MORE

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10 Things About Church That Have Changed

08/25/2011 Comments (122)

Many things in the Church have changed since I was a kid. There are things you see now that you would never have seen back then and vice versa. For good and for ill.

Altar boys wearing sneakers. This drives me nuts. When I was a kid, we weren’t even allowed to wear sneakers to church. When we were serving at Mass, only shiny black pleather would do. Nothing but the best. Today, I see altar boys wearing ratty high tops or even sandals. Makes me wanna smack the parents upside the head. Big deal? No. In bad taste? You betcha.

Puppet Masters. This is actually an improvement. When I was a kid, I witnessed several priests condescend to Mass attendees with puppet-laden homilies.  Thanks to...READ MORE

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Qaddafi's Days (Mins) Are Numbered. Now What?

08/22/2011 Comments (5)

Reports have abounded around the Internet Sunday night. By the time you read this, things may or not have significantly changed. But the situation, as it seems right now is that Libyan rebels have been continually pushing back loyalist troops and have now entered Tripoli. It now seems that brutal Qaddafi’s 42-year rule is effectively over. And while Qaddafi’s fate is not yet known, it seems the Libyan rebels have won the day.

With all the talk of Libyan rebel’s victories and advances with our military help, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that President Obama got us involved in Libya under the pretense of a pending humanitarian crisis. We had no choice but to go in and protect the...READ MORE

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