Just Say No To Hermeneutics

11/17/2014 Comments (76)

I used to be a big fan of the “Hermeneutic of Reform in Continuity,” or, as commonly shortened, the “hermeneutic of continuity.” But I think that perhaps its day has passed.

For those unfamiliar, a hermeneutic is a certain way of interpreting a text. It is a lens, if you will, which allows you to interpret a text beyond just the words on the page.

Pope Benedict XVI famously contrasted "a hermeneutic of discontinuity and rupture" with "a hermeneutic of reform in continuity." The Pope criticized "a hermeneutic of discontinuity and rupture," which views the documents of Vatican II as a break from all that had come before, as if Church teaching was being created anew. The Pope rejected this...READ MORE

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Our Lady of America: A Light in the Darkness

11/10/2014 Comments (65)

As the Bishops of the United States gather in Baltimore this week for their fall meeting, the family and the recent Synod on the Family are forefront in many bishops’ minds.

Now more than ever, there is a need to focus people on the sanctification of the family.  Our culture is trying to push impurity as the accepted standard of moral behavior within families and purity is viewed as an unachievable standard for normal people.

But we know that Our Lord calls us all to purity and fifty years ago he sent his mother, calling herself Our Lady of America, to a sister in Ohio to call us to purity and sanctification of the family.  Today, there is a movement underway to have the Bishops of the...READ MORE

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The Church Should Shush On 'Science'

10/31/2014 Comments (140)

When I read headlines like this one: "Pope Francis Officially Endorses Evolution and The Big Bang Theory," I can do nothing other than shake my head and sigh.

The media breathlessly reports this as just another sure sign that Pope Francis is so radically different from those other Popes.  Except that is not what the Pope said and he is not the first Pope to say it.

What the Pope said, in an address to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, is that such concepts are "not inconsistent with the notion of creation, because evolution requires the creation of beings that evolve."

Of course that is true, so far as it goes.  The breathless media hype is merely additional unneeded testimony to the...READ MORE

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God's Law vs. God's Mercy?  Never

10/21/2014 Comments (14)

I have noted lately some general confusion on the distinctions between God’s mercy, His law (Church doctrine and law), and His Justice.

Some people seem to equate God’s law, as presented in the decalogue and Church law, as being about God’s justice. Unfortunately, this is the way that certain members of the Church hierarchy have chosen to frame the discussion.  Consequently, some people have come to believe that God’s law (Doctrine) is somehow in opposition to God’s mercy.  Heavens no!!

God’s law is all about mercy, about love, and about truth.  Church law, as revealed in Her doctrine, is never about justice in the sense of punishment or paying for your crimes.  Rather it is only about...READ MORE

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Sayonara Synod- Not So Fast

10/17/2014 Comments (58)

I am man enough to admit when I am wrong.

For a year, since it was first announced, and with increased zeal after Cardinal Kasper's speech in February, I have been warning about the dangers to the faith possible in the Synod on the Family. I thought that while re-stating the faith in the documents produced by it, the synod might undermine the faith by introducing changes to praxis not consonant with the faith it purports to support.

And so, I am here today to admit I was wrong. It was way worse than even I thought it would be! Sorry about that. You know me, never pessimistic enough!

They couldn't even bring themselves to re-state the faith without introducing novelties and language...READ MORE

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The Truth About This Crisis

10/10/2014 Comments (265)

I think it is high time that we talk frankly about what is truly happening in the Church. It is quite probable that we are approaching the denouement of this horrible play, a century in the telling, in which the Synod on the Family, currently playing out in Rome, may be the opening scene of the final act.

We endlessly speculate and debate over who is with Cardinal Kasper and who is not, who will stand up and who will be quiet, and where does doctrine end and pastoral praxis begin.  Meanwhile, a “dark and false Church,” as foreseen by Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, which has grown within the Church for a century, continues its unhindered progress.

We have many Cardinals and Bishops of...READ MORE

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Christian Marriage Hates Poor People

10/07/2014 Comments (51)

In the lead up to the Synod, we have had to endure many dumb things said by those trying to justify changes to immutable teaching. We have had those who have tried to change history, or put God's mercy in opposition to His Justice. You know the drill.

But leave it to an Assistant Theology professor at Catholic *ahem* Villanova to say the single dumbest thing so far about marriage.

Katie Grimes, writing at "Women In Theology" gives this advice to the Bishops in advance of the Synod.

Bishops ought to also listen to those critics who point out that marriage also accords disproportionate benefits to the well to do. Marriage, they claim, is not just about sex and love and children and...READ MORE

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I Am A Neil DeGrasse Tyson Denier

09/29/2014 Comments (66)

Really? A famous scientist's ridiculously absurd approach to science (Smug and wrong) turns out to be the same as his approach to life (Smug and wrong.)

Go figure?

Neil DeGrasse Tyson, the very same scientist who completely lied about history in a recent episode of his show Cosmos, has been getting a lot of flack lately for lying. His lies about the Church went largely unremarked, but his lies about quotes have gained more traction.

In his regular presentation which he gets paid big bucks to give, he has a section in which he presents "quotes" to show just how dumb are today's politicians. Now you wouldn't think it would be too difficult to demonstrate this obvious truth, but being an...READ MORE

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