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What the Catholic Church Must Do Regarding New Media

11/29/2010 Comments (9)

Here are some things that the Catholic Church must do if she wants to maximize her efforts in the New Evangelization. These are addressed to both leaders and laity. I know there aren’t a lot of pat answers to this stuff, but here are a bunch of them anyway.

She must:
- Become an expert in New Media.
- Learn, follow and participate in popular trends.
- Speak the language fluently.
- Forget the trends and be herself.
- Not pretend to be perfect, but…
- ...know that the truth she defends and protects is.
- Be not afraid…and take some chances.
- Assert her role as teacher and bulwark of truth.
- Be real.
- Follow the rules.
- Be creative.
- Break the rules.
- Meet people where they’re at…
- ...they are online.
- Make the rules.
- Remember that perception is not reality, but…
- ...perception still matters.
- Remember that she has more inside knowledge and experience in relating to the public (PR) than anyone and to…
- ...use that knowledge.
- Worry about what is cool.
- Build intimate relationships with her people.
- Not worry about what is cool.
- Lighten up about things.
- Get serious about things.
- Know that it’s not about New Media, it’s about the human person but…
- ...the human person is being formed and deformed by New Media.
- Let go of some things that don’t matter that much…
- ...hold tight to the things that do.
- Follow the example of others.
- Know that the devil is at war in New Media…
- ...join the war.
- Be the example.
- Invest heavily in New Media…
- ...especially Catholic New Media run by lay persons.
- Inspire and empower the Michelangelo’s and the Beethoven’s…
- ...get out of their way. 
- Always preach the truth and…
- ...when necessary, use hyperlinks, websites, email, txt msgs, tweets and status messages.
- Remember new technologies are just a means, not an end…
- those of us using such means to reach the end.
- Realize that it IS a beauty contest and…
- ...that she’s been given the most beautiful things of all.

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