In my opinion, every Catholic organization can learn a lot from Their message. Their approach. And especially their use of new media to communicate it.

You’ve probably seen some of their videos, most notably those from their “Life: Imagine the Potential” campaign. In fact, more than 2 million people watched them on YouTube alone. 

Here are three great things CatholicVote does extremely well:

1) Elegance - Their website is simply elegant. It is focused in purpose. It is beautifully designed. It is easy to use. And that makes for a powerfully successful website.

2) Truth in Charity - They masterfully use their website and videos to express a simple truth about our faith in a loving way. The “Life: Imagine the Potential” campaign does this particularly well. By simply presenting the truth and dignity of the human person so beautifully and powerfully, it leaves room for the truth to speak for itself. It doesn’t just tell people the right conclusion. Instead, it leads them to it. And that’s an effective way to bring about genuine conversion.

3) Social Media - 10 years ago reaching 2 Million people with a single campaign was impossible for almost everyone. Today, with the use of social media, it’s within reach for almost everyone. The game has changed. And is an MVP.

If every Catholic organization, parish and diocese did these three things half as well as CatholicVote has done them, we would set this whole “Digital Continent” on fire.

Here’s one of my favorite CatholicVote videos:

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