6 Ways to Know You're Dealing with a Catholic Heretic

02/03/2012 Comments (65)

Surely we can all agree that orthodox Catholic teaching must be defended and promoted vigorously in this challenging time in our history. Here in America, and across the industrialized world, a vicious relativism runs rampant through a culture in crisis — a crisis of faith.

But now that I’ve been blogging for awhile, I’ve discovered there is something much, much more dangerous and important than the slaughter of millions of babies every year, the needs of the poor, the obsession with money and power and vanity, the fight for freedom and against tyranny across the globe, the solidarity to combat it together, the call to prayer, the promotion of the sacraments and our obligation to love our...READ MORE

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NEW VIDEO: Dolan Sharply Criticizes HHS Decision

01/29/2012 Comments (40)

The latest decision by the Obama Administration to require almost all employers to provide sterilization, contraceptives and some abortifacients in their health care plans is not going to get by without a fight. A big fight.

Barack Obama and his HHS secretary, Kathleen Sebelius (a Catholic, herself) have finally pushed their anti-Catholic agenda a bit too far. So far that even many of the more “liberal” Catholics (who may have supported Obama in the past) can no longer look the other way and pretend that this administration’s agenda and actions can be reconciled with Catholic teaching.

And this latest move has been so blatantly anti-freedom-of-religion that the USCCB and many bishops...READ MORE

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Texans March for Life

01/21/2012 Comments (5)

It was a beautiful day to march for life in Texas. Today, thousands of people prayerfully and peacefully gave voice to the voiceless on the streets of downtown Dallas.

It was here in Dallas, 42 years ago, that the now infamous Roe v. Wade case was first filed. You’ll see it in the background of some of the pics below. It started here. Texans are determined to end it here.

I didn’t see one pro-abortion or anti-marcher out at all today. Over the years, they seem to be dwindling more and more. And the joy, hope and numbers of the Marchers for Life just continue to increase.

It’s always so uplifting to be around so many thousands of people who genuinely love all life. People who love each...READ MORE

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VIDEO: Why I Love Religion AND Jesus - The Catholic Rebuttal

01/19/2012 Comments (18)

There have been a lot of responses to the viral video this past week that preached on how Jesus hated religion. But this response is the best one yet. It was produced by Spirit Juice Studios and is extremely well done.

I’ll show the original video first to give some context. The original was very well done and now has over 15 million views on Youtube. I’m sure the young man who did it had good intentions and makes some good points we can all agree on, unfortunately, it’s extremely flawed (most especially the entire premise) and deserves clarification since it got so much attention.

The original:

A (very sound and loving) Catholic response:

I pray that it’s seen by many!...READ MORE

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Public Service Announcement: Email Fwds

01/14/2012 Comments (12)

I just feel like a lot of Catholics need to hear this. No particular reason why. Really. It’s nothing personal. I mean, I’m sure none of you need to hear this. But seriously. Watch it. Please.

If you were especially touched by this video or convicted by something in it, God bless you. If you are still struggling with the email forwarding lifestyle, there is hope. It’s called social media. Make a Facebook profile. Next time you’re tempted to forward an email to a large sub-section of your contact list, stop yourself. God always gives us the strength and grace to do what is right. We just have to ask for it and accept it.

Post it on Facebook instead. Eventually you can break loose from...READ MORE

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The Catholic Economy and the "Charity" Crutch

01/06/2012 Comments (46)

Why are so many catholic services these days sub-par? Whether it’s an event or a ministry or some kind of media, catholics are quite used to it being less than what they’d otherwise expect. I hesitate to make such generalizations, but this is generally true.

I’m not trying to take away from the things we do well (there are many). But there are many other things we do very poorly. Some blame this on a lack of money. I blame it on a lack of economy.

By economy I mean: The complex of human activities concerned with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. And I’m not talking about our American or world economy here. I’m talking about the economy of the Church.


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Christmas Beats Porn…But Only Barely

12/30/2011 Comments (6)

That’s right. Christmas still beats porn. But only barely. And probably not for long, unfortunately.

I’m talking about Google search trends (of course).

Porn is one of the most searched for things on the internet, as disgusting as it is. But, according to such search trends, people still love Christmas more than porn…at least for a few days a year. Every year around this time there is a peak where more people are searching for “Christmas” than for “porn.” And this year, though some thought porn would finally reign, Christmas managed to just barely nose out our unquenchable thirst for porn yet again - for a day or so.


The trend, however, is disturbing. Interest in Christmas has been...READ MORE

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The Best Way to Eat this Christmas: Carelessly

12/23/2011 Comments (8)

Who cares if you’re still stuffed from Thanksgiving - time to stuff the pie hole again! Just remember to do so carelessly. Otherwise, it might not be good for your health.

After being trained to always “watch what we eat,” and when most all of us could stand to lose a few pounds, this may sound like careless advice. Well, it is. But it’s just what most of us need.

Being too care-ful about food is what’s made us all obese in the first place. It’s time to care-less. And then eat to our hearts content.

Chesterton had some great insights in regard to drinking that I think apply here perfectly. I took the liberty of modifying his quote to apply to stuffing our faces (read original quote here...READ MORE

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