CYM to CEO: 7 Business Lessons I Learned from Youth Ministry

08/10/2012 Comment


Josh Simmons is the founder of one of those rare Catholic Businesses that are both legitimately Catholic and legitimately a business. By Catholic I mean that the company culture and mission is specifically grounded in the Catholic faith. And by business I mean an organization that is sustained by the providing of products/services to a market (i.e. not just a donor driven charity or a hobby - not that there is anything wrong with those things, of course!).

But it's refreshing and hopeful to find thriving businesses like Josh's that are both authentically Catholic and, by the way, directly serving a great need in the Catholic Church (while creating jobs!).

Josh's company,...READ MORE

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Jackie Francois on her Divine Comedy (and more)

08/03/2012 Comments (1)

Jackie Francois' latest album hit #3 on the Christian iTunes charts last week. A significant and (unfortunately) rare accomplishment for a Catholic artist.

You can support her, too, by picking it up (here) and getting some great, spiritually inspiring tunes in the process!

Jackie is not only a great, Catholic musician, but she's an entertaining speaker with a heart for helping young people experience God's Love. She was nice enough to give me a quick interview (with some great answers):


MW: Why'd you create your latest album, Divine Comedy? What's the meaning and purpose behind it?

JF: The Divine Comedy Album is a mix of worship, radio, and liturgical/hymn-like...READ MORE

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Orthodoxy of the Heart

07/23/2012 Comments (44)

Orthodox means right belief (or right opinion). And it's certainly a useful way of categorizing doctrine or the teachings of various groups. But when I've applied the label to myself, I think I've often forgotten what it truly means to be orthodox (FYI - I'm not referring to the Orthodox Church here, just the act of being orthodox). I've seen it in a lot of others who call themselves orthodox, too.

Sometimes we act like being orthodox means making sure - with radical zealotry - that everyone else is following the rules. Meanwhile, we embrace the same with a minimalism more akin to a child eating their broccoli. It's one thing to profess a belief. It's another to actually believe it to...READ MORE

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10 DOs and DONTs of Online Evangelization

07/16/2012 Comments (20)

This social media revolution has left a lot of people feeling confused or awkward when it comes to sharing one's faith online.

Well, here are 10 Do's and Dont's when evangelizing online (and offline). Surely there are many more, so feel free to add more in the comment section below.

  1. DON'T: Be a poser.  DO: Be yourself.  - Don't be a fake. It's okay that you're not perfect (it's an advantage, actually). Other people can relate to that. Everyone wants to be original, right? Well stop trying to be like somebody else. The surest way to be original is to be your true self. You'll be way more interesting, too.
  2. DON'T: Be judgmental of people.  DO: Speak the truth about their...READ MORE

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Why Your Child Misbehaves

07/06/2012 Comments (41)

I love this meme of pictures going around lately. They're funny because they're so true, of course.

How many times do we see parents complain about how hard-to-handle their kids are, all while being too self-absorbed in their own world to realize that they are the problem. Whether it's being too focused on your smartphone during family time, or it's being too focused on your ______ (fill in the blank with work/self/hobby/etc) during your family's life, there are *usually* (not always) really controllable reasons why your kids are acting up or having problems in life. At least, that's been my experience.

It's just all too common and easy these days to blame other things. We've come...READ MORE

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Bringing Sexy Back

06/29/2012 Comments (227)

It's a tall order, but there's a revolution afoot that aims to do just that (bring sexy back, that is). But not just any sex. Great sex. Sex the way it was meant to be. The kind of sexy that isn't all about sex, but about the expression of something much more profound, beautiful, fulfilling and dignifying to the human person. And it's all starting with a new website just launched by Marc Barnes and some of his crazy buddies. You can check it out at

The concept is brilliant. And it's brilliantly executed.

From the website:

"If anything can be said of our generation, it’s this: We want sexy back. Our parent’s generation, well, they lost it. They delivered to us a world...READ MORE

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How to Protect Your Religious Freedom with One Simple Action a Day

06/22/2012 Comments (33)

Fortnight For Freedom

Want to participate in the Fortnight for Freedom campaign (hope so!), but don't know where to start?
Well The Catholic Association is making it really easy for you (along with a whole lot of other people who have joined them). Here are 14 things they put together that you can do - one per day - that will each take only a few minutes. Make it a personal goal over this Fortnight to support the cause by following these simple steps:
  1. Share The Catholic Association's one-minute video with 14 of your friends through email, Twitter, or Facebook.
  2. Call your Member of Congress to ask them to support efforts to protect religious liberty and to oppose the HHS mandate.   Call the...READ MORE

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How Vatican buying dot-catholic top-level domain will change the Church

06/15/2012 Comments (50)

In recent tech-geek news, ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers) announced they are going to start allowing the purchase and registration of "top-level domains."

Top-level domains are the ".com" or ".org" etc. that you see at the end of every root web address. There are many others currently available (.net, .uk, .us, .gov, .me, .biz, etc.). But they've never allowed anyone to create their own and "own" it. Now they are.

What this means is that big organizations and companies can now purchase their own top-level domain for their web presence. So as early as next year you'll start seeing things like instead of Things like that. Having the ".com"...READ MORE

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