Facebook Celebrates 1 Billion People with…Chairs?

10/05/2012 Comments (2)

Facebook just reached 1 Billion members. A pretty amazing feat when you consider it's only been around for 8 short years. During that time it has completely changed the world we live in...well at least for the small niche billion of us who use it.

But that makes it as good a time as any to reflect on how we use such a powerful tool. Over the past decade we've probably seen more vices than virtues on display regarding our use of social networks. But, like a young student with anything new, it can take some trial and error before one starts getting it right. And no matter what kind of expert you are on online social networking, we're all young students at it.

One thing's for sure,...READ MORE

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Thank God for the HHS Mandate

09/28/2012 Comments (50)

That's right. We should all thank God for it. Not because it is good for people (it's horrible), but because it is an opportunity. A huge opportunity. One where we've already begun to see the fruits.

Every attack on Christianity — every attack on Truth — is an opportunity.

It's an opportunity to respond with Love. It's an opportunity to point out error and to teach Truth. It's a chance to talk about something that would never have been a part of the conversation. It's a chance to become holier than we were when we woke up this morning.

Think about how many more people are learning not to take for granted our religious freedoms. And learning the dangers and risks of giving too much...READ MORE

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What so many Catholics miss about Solidarity and Subsidiarity

09/25/2012 Comments (48)

Here's a new video analyzing Paul Ryan (Republican Vice-presidential candidate) and how his policies fit into Catholic Social Teaching. In the process, it makes a point about Catholic Social Teaching that I want to say something about.


I think the key lesson so many Catholics need to learn is the point this video makes when it differentiates the "preferential option for the poor" and the "preferential option for the State" (i.e. the government). On Solidarity, Pope Benedict says:

“Solidarity is first and foremost a sense of responsibility on the part of everyone with regard to everyone, and it cannot therefore be merely delegated to the State. [...] Unfortunately, too much...READ MORE

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Some Thoughts on the Vatican's New Media Project: Aleteia

09/14/2012 Comments (7)

Update: I need to make a clarification. While this project does have the support and patronage of some in the Vatican, it is being run by a private group - not by the Vatican itself. I apologize for any confusion.

Update 2: Also, since this article posted on Friday, they have since updated the front page of the site to a Beta landing page with no internal links to the site. So you won't be able to poke around on it yet. But looks like the project is very much still in flux as it gets off the ground here. Many prayers and support as they work on this important effort.

There is a new initiative for the New Evangelization called Aleteia:

ALETEIA (Aleteia.org) is a Catholic social...READ MORE

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Two Powerful Things the Vatican (or Somebody) Could Be Doing Right Now

09/07/2012 Comments (16)

Here are two, simple, practical, totally doable things that the Vatican (or somebody) could do right now. And they would make a tangible, real and significant impact in the Church's evangelization efforts online, almost immediately.

We're often looking for the Church to do flashy, obvious, big, grandiose things in regard to its use of technology. We need that, too. But there are more effective things they can be doing which more directly accomplish the mission of the Church. And most of us wouldn't even see or know about them. In fact, the Vatican may already be doing these things behind the scenes (which would be beyond sweet). However, I'm pretty sure they aren't. But they (or...READ MORE

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What the Church should be known for online

09/03/2012 Comments (4)

We criticize the Church a lot for lagging when it comes to its use of technology. And she deserves it. 

Should our presentations, events and services be more professionally polished and technologically impressive? Yes.

Should our websites and design work be reflective of the seriousness with which we take our work? Absolutely.

Should we, the champions of communion, also be the foremost champions of the latest communication methods? Of course!

But in the end, these are not what we should be known for most. The opportunity for us is a much greater one. And it's one that is deeply and directly connected with the core mission of the Church in the first place.

The challenges running...READ MORE

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What does the diocese of the future look like?

08/26/2012 Comments (12)

Catholic dioceses today face all kinds of challenges. Many of the challenges are very different depending on what part of the world you're in and on what kind of leadership is in place (or was previously in place there).

One of the great things about the diocesan model is that each diocese has quite a bit of autonomy in determining how best to run their diocese for their specific circumstances (subsidiarity). The problem is that they seem to forget this and instead just sit around copying each other or waiting for somebody else to do it first! We need our dioceses to lead, not follow.

And especially at a time like this when so many parishes are struggling (financially, spiritually and...READ MORE

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FREE Online Crash Course in the Catholic Faith

08/17/2012 Comments (71)

John Paul the Great Catholic University is offering a FREE online crash course in the Catholic Faith. In the span of just 13 weeks - one session per week - you'll get lessons on:

  • Jesus and Apostolic Succession
  • Natural Philosophy
  • Proof for God's Existence
  • Philosophical Anthropology
  • Creation-Redemption
  • Revelation
  • The Trinity
  • Church - Family of God - Mystical Body of Christ
  • Sacraments - Marriage
  • Eucharist
  • Moral Issues
  • Sins - Confession
  • Prayer


Best of all - it's totally free. This is a project put together by the students at John Paul the Great and with the help and oversight of their professors. Each session involves a 30 minute...READ MORE

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