We all know about the War on Christmas. Yawn. If you want to be where the action is, it’s the wackiness that takes place every Holy Week and Easter. Every Holy Week we witness a cavalcade of lunacy and I believe this year we might be “enjoying” the wackiest Holy Week ever. My evidence is as follows:

Time Magazine picks this week to run the headline, “Is Hell Dead?” This is, presumably, a knock off of their infamous “Is God Dead?” cover in the 60’s. Well in another few years I’m sure we’ll be running the headline “Time Magazine IS Dead.” That’ll at least make me feel all warm and schadenfreudey.

James Frey. The charlatan writer is releasing The Final Testament of the Holy Bible, which posits that Jesus returns as a druggie homosexual who hates the Bible and convinces a Catholic priest to leave the Church. Frey even said in one interview that he wrote it because it was, “the most audacious thing I could think of doing.” Hey, at least he’s honest. Oh wait. He’s not.

The Gaga. Lady Gaga will release the video to her newest single, “Judas” — in which she plays Mary Magdalene — on Easter Sunday. The Gaga song “Judas” tells a tale of worshiping “Judas” the apostle that betrayed Jesus. How soon until Gaga goes all Kaballah on us before flirting with Opus Dei?

Easter Eggs have magically transmogrified into “Spring Spheres,” according to some politically correct public schools. You know, they don’t want to offend anyone ... except Christians. And people who know their shapes.

The Earth Day Network sent letters to American Catholic priests suggesting that they devote Easter Sunday to preaching about Earth Day. That’s caused quite the kerfuffle. Don’t know if you noticed it or not.

An electrician in England was reportedly fired yesterday from his job of 15 years for having a small cross made of palm in his car. Because an 8-inch cross can be offensive you know.

A group of Catholics in western New York in support of Father Roy Bourgeois spent the day outside a Church protesting that they want women to be ordained as priests. Hey, I’ve got an idea. Why not go in the church instead and rather than chanting just pray? Novel concept, huh?

Allegedly Catholic Georgetown University in the week before Holy Week held their annual “Pride Week” to increase the acceptance of LGBTQ students on campus. The festivities concluded with the “Genderfunk Drag Ball” right before Palm Sunday so everyone at least had a chance to shower in preparation. You know, gotta’ get all that genderfunk drag ball off of themselves. (Shouldn’t we really be calling them genderfunk drag spheres? We don’t want to be offensive.)

So I submit to you that this has been the wackiest Holy Week ever. Your thoughts?