Make a baby. Save Western civilization.

Europe is in big trouble. The culture is becoming increasingly secularized, Christian traditions are ignored, refuted, and mocked. Christian Europeans aren’t reproducing at anywhere near the rate of Muslim immigrants.

The most alarming this about all this is how calmly everyone seems to be about these radical changes. That’s why I found it so refreshing to hear Father Piero Gheddo issue a warning to Europe that they’re on the brink of being Islamicized.

And what can stop it, according to Father Gheddo? War? Public demonstrations? Burning Korans? Nah. The solution is rather simple - Go to Church and have more babies.

Pretty simple, huh? reports:

Italian Father Piero Gheddo said the poor birth rate among Europeans coupled with waves of Muslim immigrants could lead to Europe getting dominated by Islam.

“The challenge must be taken seriously,” Daily Telegraph Tuesday quoted Father Gheddo of the Vatican’s Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions as saying.

He said: “Certainly from a demographic point of view, as it is clear to everyone that Italians are decreasing by 120,000 or 130,000 persons a year because of abortion and broken families - while among the more than 200,000 legal immigrants a year in Italy, more than half are Muslims and Muslim families, which have a much higher level of growth.”...

“The fact is that, as a people, we are becoming ever more pagan and the religious vacuum is inevitably filled by other proposals and religious forces.”

Western civilization may just contracept and abort itself out of existence unless there is a return to the Christian faith which made Western civilization possible. Europe had better…(gasp) listen to a priest. Or else.