Abortion giant Planned Parenthood is suing the state of Montana to force them to provide “The Pill” to children free of charge. Did you get that? FOR CHILDREN.

Planned Parenthood’s affidavit, according to KRTV reads:

The State of Montana, through it Healthy Montana Kids (“HMK”)program, provides primary and preventive health care services, including prescription drug coverage, to uninsured children through age 18 with family incomes that are too low to purchase private insurance, but too high to qualify for the Medicaid program.

However, Montana has denied comprehensive services to young women enrolled in
HMK because the program excludes coverage for prescription contraceptives

The state administered program provides “The Pill” as long as its prescribed for something other than birth control (which between you and I is one of the biggest scams going in that The Pill is prescribed for many reasons with little warning given as to its other effects.)

But here’s the kicker, Planned Parenthood argues that the exclusion of contraception for contraceptive purposes in the plan:

interferes with young women’s abilities to make medical decisions about their health - in particular, about whether or not to have a child - without compelling justifications, and therefore, violates the fundamental right of individual privacy.

You get that? Not giving taxpayer funded contraception to children is a violation of their rights. And some of the money for the program is from federal funds as well so everyone would be chipping in to make sure all those teenagers get contraception.

In short, it seems to me that Planned Parenthood is essentially seeking to make contraception a right.

Planned Parenthood Montana eventually admits that one of the major reasons for the program is that:

PPMT estimates that it loses thousands of dollars each year subsidizing teen…beneficiaries’ contraceptive costs.

Oh the poor things are left to provide contraception with the measly millions they already receive from federal and state resources. That’s got to be really tough.

Planned Parenthood as they often do boils the issue of life down to a numbers game arguing that if young girls who don’t have access to contraception become pregnant it eventually costs the state thousands in hospital costs so it would be cheaper to put these kids on The Pill. Ah, the ol’ babies are expensive and a drain on society so let’s just not have them argument. (Never mind that babies grow up, work, earn money, and support the older generations.)

PP argues though that the contraception is necessary because so many children are sexually active so they must be provided with contraception. (I wonder if that has anything to do with all the contraceptives we’re giving them. Ya’ think?)

PP then gives one of the most outlandish reasons given what it is they do. They say one of the reasons they’re pushing for this is they’re just worried about the babies these poor young uncontracepted girls might have.

...teens that have children are more likely to have late or no prenatal care, low birth weight pregnancies, and babies who die within the first year of life.

Awww. Planned Parenthood is worried about babies. How about that for irony?

A hearing is set , according to published reports. We should watch this one.