The undercover video by the Center for Medical Progress is nothing short of a disaster for Planned Parenthood and the pro-death culture. Anyone who views it can not help but be disgusted by the abortion giant's top doctor munching on salad and wine while cavalierly explaining how she crushes children to maximize the profit from selling them for parts. It's horrifying.

It's also interesting how "potential humans" seem to have actually human organs, isn't it?

So Planned Parenthood is in trouble so therefore cue the media lifeline. Now, I'd have to imagine that the first instinct from the subjective media was simply to ignore the video much as they do with most undercover videos which show abortionists up to no good. But in this case Bobby Jindal, a governor and possible presidential candidate, announced that he was launching an investigation into Planned Parenthood due to the video. And other GOP presidential hopefuls talked about the video as well so ignoring it wasn't really an option anymore. So what to do? Focus on the politics of it.

CNN's lede:

Several Republican presidential candidates are criticizing Planned Parenthood after viewing a controversial new video circulated on Tuesday by an undercover group anti-abortion activists.

Politico's headline:

GOP candidates call for action after undercover Planned Parenthood video

Time Mag (hey, who knew they were still around?):

Republican Presidential Contenders Slam Planned Parenthood Over Video

So you see, they make a political process story out of a horrific scandal. They'd rather make the Planned Parenthood story a "he said/she said" story rather than focus on what she actually said.

US News and World Report clearly believed the possible illegalities from Planned Parenthood didn't merit a headline but pro-lifers "targeting" Planned Parenthood was. They published this headline:

Anti-Abortion Group Accuses Planned Parenthood of Selling Fetal Organs

Are they simply accusing or is there a video actually showing a Planned Parenthood doctor discussing prices?

Then you get your straight up subjective verbiage such as this from CNN which employed terms like the "purported video..seemingly shows a member of the conservative Manhattan Institute's Center for Medical Progress claiming to be a start-up biotech firm attempting to buy human fetal tissue for medical research." Purported? Seemingly? This isn't a bigfoot video. The Center for Medical Progress released a lengthy unedited version on their website. And does the video "seemingly" show Planned Parenthood's top doctor talking about crushing babies or does it actually show Planned Parenthood's top doctor talking about crushing babies.

Newsweek reports that the video "claims to show" the abortion giant's doctor saying the most reprehensible things. The video "claims to show?" I don't even know what that means.

Reuters, on the other hand, might as well have got their Planned Parenthood pom-poms out. Get this headline:

Planned Parenthood slams secret video as false portrayal of fetus tissue program

The AP didn't do much different. Get this headline:

Covert Video Targets Planned Parenthood Fetal-Parts Policy

Seriously. That's what the AP got out of that video. That's their headline. ABC News like the AP's angle so much that they put it up on their website.

The Washington Post got a little bit neurotic after the video was released. They must have thought for a second that their job was to report the news adn they actually headlined the story "Undercover Video Shows Planned Parenthood Exec Discussing Organ Harvesting." But then they remembered their allegiances and literally changed their headline without noting that they did so.

Uhm. That's kind of a different headline, isn't it?

The mainstream media will continue to try to mislead their viewers and readers about what actually occurred. That is why it is so important for outlets like this one as well as bloggers everywehre to champion this issue and reach as many as we can.