Hey, how about we force Bryan Adams to play in Mississippi the same way he would have Christian bakers and florists forced to take part in same sex marriages?

Bryan Adams, whom I always thought to be a bit of a Springsteen wannabe, confirmed my theory by mimicking the Boss in a rather pathetic fashion by announcing he would not play a concert in Mississippi due to their freedom of conscience laws. Springsteen believes that adult men should be able to use little girls' bathrooms. Adams feels so strongly that Christians should be forced to take part in same sex marriage that's he willing to not perform. I could think of many reasons Bryan Adams should not perform but I digress.

I'll admit, the thing that surprised me most in this story is that people are still going to see Bryan Adams concerts. But what's also surprising is how ridiculous it is, especially when you consider that Adams just reportedly played concerts in Egypt where homosexuals face charges of "debcauchery" often meeting with...uhm...rather strict penalties. Adams didn't seem to have a problem with that, I guess.

The new law in Mississippi merely prevents discrimination by protecting religious people from the government forcing them to violate their conscience by mandating that they take part in a ceremony that goes against their values. But if conscience can not play a role in business then why should Adams be exempt?

Bryan Adams believes his conscience is better than yours. Good for him. I'm glad he feels strongly about something. He's entitled to his opinion but why can't others feel strongly?

Allahpundit at Hot Air called it "virtue signaling" but I think it's actually just a sad cry for relevance. The interesting thing to me here is that Adams and Springsteen feel they're on safe ground hitting Christians. This isn't speaking truth to power it's punching down. This is about picking a safe target (Christians) and picking a fight. And as long as Christians keep running from these fights it'll just instigate these bullies further. Adams knows the media will pick his side in this fight. So it's the former rock star with the media on his corner or the Christian florist? Yeah, punching down.

But what if all Americans concerned with religious liberty and children being protected in public bathrooms stood up and said they won't see their shows. I bet things would change. I say we should force Adams to play Mississippi against his conscience and then we should boycott Bryan Adams. So think of it, Bryan Adams playing a show for an empty room. So sorta' like it has been for about a decade.