A woman my wife is friendly with just announced she was pregnant and that even though she was just a few weeks into her pregnancy she was going to learn the gender of the baby in the 7th week.

My wife said she didn’t think that information was available until much later but then this woman told her about a fairly new product, an at home gender detector kit, that can work just seven weeks into a pregnancy. When my wife told me about this I’ve got to tell you my heart sank. It’s a sad world where I find this to be bad news.

Look, if this were a world where mothers were simply dying to know whether to buy pink blankets or blue or footballs or dolls I’d be happy for this information but with a backdrop of the worldwide war against baby girls this product scares the heck out of me. Because there’s no way to convince me that this won’t be used for gender selection abortions.

Ironic that so many who have fought against women’s access to technology like ultrasounds embrace amniocentesis and products like these.

On the other hand, one thing I wonder is how can people reconcile in their minds that the baby may be a boy or a girl but not a human? Seriously, how can the baby be a boy or a girl but only potentially human? I just don’t get that. But something tells me that logical points like that will be ignored.

The company which manufactures the kit says that it should not be using this for gender selection but there’s nothing enforceable about it, like a warning on a cigarette machine disallowing those under 18 to buy the product. Useless. But we don’t call it “gender selection” we call it things like “family balancing.” I’m serious. That’s truly what it’s been called. But there’s nothing balanced about killing the unborn. That nomenclature makes as much sense to me as “Planned Parenthood” once you know what it is they do.

I’m always amazed at the inventiveness of nomenclature surrounding killing. But in the end it’s just new words for old sins.