West Reading Pennsylvania is a normal town with normal people and normal problems. Except this town has a very special eight year old little girl named Laney Brown.

Laney is suffering from an aggressive form of leukemia.

A sick child is the kind of thing that makes people question God. Why? Why would God do this? But something happened this weekend in that town that proved miracles happen.

There was something about Laney's wish to hear Christmas carolers that moved this Pennsylvania town to create one of the most memorable and moving instances of Christmas spirit I've ever seen. After word got out on Facebook and other social media, on Friday, which was also her birthday, about ten thousand carolers showed up outside her window and sang "Joy to the World" and several other Christmas carols.

Laney was too weak to come to the window but she heard them. She heard all of them. "I can hear you now!!!" she had written on her Facebook page with a photo of her giving a thumbs up. "Love you!" Her dance team performed one last number on her street. Her favorite musician Taylor Swift even spoke to her online. Many of the people there, I'm sure, were praying for a miracle for Laney. But perhaps Laney is the miracle. And the effect that she had on so many should never be forgotten.