With the White House punting on its defense of the Defense of Marriage Act, which restricted the federal government from recognizing anything other than marriage between one man and one woman, the pathway to legalized polygamy is looking pretty clear recently. Currently, five states recognize same sex marriage. And it follows logically that if the government has no right to restrict marriage to one man and one woman, it follows that it would have no basis for restricting marriage to ONE man and ONE woman.

Canada, which legalized same-sex “marriage” in 2005, is now awaiting a judge’s ruling whether polygamy laws are illegal. Just this week, the B.C. Civil Liberties Association intervened by calling for Canada’s polygamy law to be “relegated to the scrap heap of history.”

According to the Montreal Gazette they wrote: “For more than 40 years, Canadians have recognized that the state does not belong in the bedrooms of the nation,” said the association’s submissions filed in court. “It is now also time to recognize that the state has no role overseeing how many adults sleep in the bed, nor how many beds are in the room.” Sounds like that ol’ right to privacy, huh?

And please recall that some on our Supreme Court believe that other country’s court’s opinions should play a role in America’s courts decisions.

What drives me a bit crazy is that there’s no law telling you how many people to sleep with. What we’re talking about is radically altering the definition of marriage.

While the legal groundwork to topple marriage is being laid firmly, the cultural groundwork is also being being firmed up. The polygamy based show “Big Love” just signed off after five successful seasons. And TLC’s “Sister Wives” is even getting their own cutesy ads like this one.

Awww. How cutesy wutesy are they? Being against them is like being against Harry meeting Sally. And Sally. And Sally. And Sally.

None other than Abraham Lincoln called polygamy, along with slavery, the “twin relics of barbarism.” Polygamy would radically restructure our society and end up hurting women and children. Even the United Nations said polygamy “contravenes women’s right to equality with men.”

Polygamy would also have a devastating impact on men leaving many of them without wives. Think about it, with our balanced gender demographics, even those guys living in their parents’ basements mastering Wii bowling have a decent shot of snagging a bride. But polygamy would literally make marriage next to impossible for some men because richer and more powerful men would have better access to marrying more women. And remember, cultures that leave large swaths of men unmarried often run into trouble fast.

So know that when you resist the fight to destroy traditional marriage, you’re not standing against gay rights or cutesy lovebirds, you’re standing up for families, men, women and children.