In Indiana, where Planned Parenthood could possibly lose access to millions of Medicaid dollars, they’re arguing that they should be treated just the same as all other medical providers. No different. They’re insisting on not being singled out.

So you’d think that Planned Parenthood would be pleased that Kansas was treating them like other surgical facilities. But no. In Kansas, legislators are beginning to hold abortion clinics to the same standards as other medical/surgical clinics like having doorways that gurneys can pass through and a two hour recovery period after a procedure. But Planned Parenthood is arguing they want to be held to different (lesser) standards than other clinics in Kansas.

Hmmm. So which is it?

The truth is that Big Abortion will say or do anything to keep the money truck backing in right next to where they throw out all the babies.

In fact,  you’ve got to see how in Kansas Big Abortion is attempting to minimize the danger of abortion. You’ve got to read this quote from Jeff Pederson, of the Aid for Women, who is fighting against standards for abortion clinics. In Time Magazine, he compared abortions to getting teeth pulled. Yup. Teeth pulled. Just check out this abominable quote about “drunk” women.

Pederson of Aid for Women echoes Hodes’ complaints about unnecessary regulations, saying that one of the new codes mandates a two-hour recovery period. He says that when he accompanied his father to get his teeth pulled, his dad was sedated, yet they left 10 minutes after the procedure was complete. “The women don’t want to stay here two hours, and they don’t need to. They have a caregiver with them. They’re drunk, but they’re walking.”

These are the people who claim to care about women? They’re drunk but they’re walking? So much for all that “counseling” they’re always claiming they do.

Doors that gurneys can fit through and two hour recovery periods are too burdensome for the death industry that says they want to be treated just like all other medical providers. But all they deal in is death and dollars. That’s it. Nothing else matters to them.

HT Jill Stanek