Court Rules Catholic School Violated Rights of Fired Administrator

12/18/2015 Comments (33)

In a troubling ruling, a Massachusetts court ruled against a Catholic school for violating a man's rights when it refused to hire him after it became known that he was legally married to another man.

In 2013, The Fontbonne Academy in Milton, Massachusetts had originally offered a man, Matthew Barrett, a job as food services director but when he filled out his emergency contact information he listed another man whom he was legally married to. The school then told him that he couldn't work for the Catholic school, after all.

Of course, a lawsuit ensued. And the judge in this case, Associate Justice Douglas H. Wilkins, rejected the distinction that the school attempted to make which was that...READ MORE

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Trump's Latest Dangerous and Stupid Immigration Policy

12/08/2015 Comments (45)

There are some who ascribe political motivations to Donald Trump's announced plan to establish a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States." Some say that it was a brilliant attempt to establish even more of a contrast between President Obama and himself after what was largely considered one of the weakest and ineffectual speeches of Obama's presidency. Others say that it was an attempt to situate himself to the right of Senator Ted Cruz on immigration issues on the same day that a poll showed Cruz ahead in Iowa.

Let's say it's not a strategy or some form of political triangulation. Maybe he just means it. I think sometimes we're always reading into every move and...READ MORE

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The Affiliation Of This Killer is Clear

12/02/2015 Comments (14)

“Pro-lifers are not responsible for terrorism — people are responsible for violence and terrorism,” said President Obama about the recent shooting at Planned Parenthood. "I think we do ourselves a disservice in this fight if we are not taking into account the fact that the overwhelming majority of pro-lifers reject this ideology."

Of course, Obama didn't say those things about pro-lifers. He said that about Muslims.

President Obama did, however, link pro-lifers with the recent violence by a crazy man by scolding pro-lifers not to "demonize" Planned Parenthood.

I have a question: Why is it that when a radical Muslim terrorist commits an atrocity their motive is unclear to all and their...READ MORE

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Trump Mocks Journalist for Disability

11/26/2015 Comments (29)

Mocking the weak is not a desirable trait in someone seeking the most powerful office in the world. Donald Trump would be in hot water if he were any other candidate but he's apparently immune to such things mainly because so many love the way he confronts his opponents and the media (is that redundant?).

His candidacy, while built on his immigration stance, has persevered because many refuse to let the media take him down. It's not just appreciation for Trump, it's also anger at the media. I'll admit I've gotten a kick out of him at times. But Trump's latest is, I think, revealing of his character. And it's not pretty.

He apparently did not just mock someone with a disability but he may...READ MORE

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Abortionist Claims to be Inspired By Good Samaritan

11/19/2015 Comments (11)

François-Joseph Navez (1787-1869), "Massacre of the Innocents"

An ob/gyn wrote a piece for the New York Times saying he decided to perform abortions after being inspired by Martin Luther King Jr.'s sermon about the Good Samaritan. I don't believe this at all. Let's just get this right straight right off. One of the key targets of the pro-abortion machine is to subvert Christianity into neutrality on the issue of life. See Nancy Pelosi's epic fails at attempting to mislead Catholics into thinking the Church is unclear about abortion for evidence.

Big Abortion knows its enemies. Its enemies are not babies. They're just the fodder that makes the money machine roll. The enemy of Big Abortion is Christianity. Their enemy is the one faith that...READ MORE

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Actress Jennifer Lawrence Doesn't Seem to Like Conservative Christians

11/12/2015 Comments (38)

Academy award winning actress (I think?) Jennifer Lawrence had some not-so-nice things to say about conservative Christians. Not nice at all. I guess she has to make it clear to Hollywood that she's one of them by ranting about women's rights, gay marriage and mocking Christians. Mission accomplished Miss Lawrence. Congratulations, you're just like everyone else around you.

"I was raised a Republican, but I just can't imagine supporting a party that doesn't support women's basic rights," Lawrence told Vogue... "It's 2015 and gay people can get married and we think that we've come so far, so, yay! But have we? I don't want to stay quiet about that stuff," Lawrence told Vogue.


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Prominent Catholic and Pro-Life Jeb Bush Says He'd Kill Baby Hitler

11/09/2015 Comments (24)

This is disturbing. Prominent Catholic and pro-life presidential candidate Jeb Bush told the Huffington Post that if he could go back in time to kill little baby Adolf Hitler he would. In fact, his considered moral response was "Hell yeah" and then he sat back in his best theological repose and thoughtfully added, "You gotta step up man."

Oy. I didn't think I could be less intrigued by a Jeb! candidacy than I was. I was clearly wrong. Look, this is an extreme hypothetical and a silly conversation for a presidential candidate to have but his answer has obvious moral implications. It leaves the question of life up to a cost/benefit analysis. Would a baby do more good or evil if allowed to...READ MORE

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Obama Administration Threatens School Funding in War on Gender

11/06/2015 Comments (29)

We have been told that anti-transgender nutjobs won the day in Houston by running a fear mongering campaign that distorted the truth. We were told that a commercial showing a man in a girl's bathroom was a misleading scare tactic. These accusations have been promoted as truth in much of the mainstream media coverage. However, receiving significantly less coverage is the fact that the Obama administration is pushing for a high school boy (who says he's a girl but still reportedly has all the boy parts) to shower and change in the same locker room as the girls. In fact, the Obama administration is so vehement that this must happen that they are actually threatening pulling federal funding...READ MORE

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