The Surprising Catholic History of Pretzels

05/28/2015 Comments (13)

When I moved to Philadelphia I was surprised by the number of guys on the side of the roads selling pretzels. I never buy food from anyone who doesn't have a bathroom but forgetting that, the whole thing just took me a while to get used to. As a New Yorker, I was used to people selling hot dogs but not pretzels on street corners.

Now, my kids love pretzels. And I'm cool with that, mainly because I've recently discovered that pretzels have a long Catholic history. And they may have saved Christian Europe. Kinda.

According to the History Channel:

Though the exact origins of the pretzel remain mysterious, legend has it that the story began around A.D. 610, when Italian monks presented their...READ MORE

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Group Warns of Dangers to Religious Freedom for Ireland

05/21/2015 Comments (62)

As Ireland seems on the brink of legalizing gay marriage tomorrow, a group called "Friends of Ireland" is warning about the dangers such a move would be to religious freedom.

The group "Friends of Ireland" released a letter cautioning the Irish concerning what they called "the potential dangers to religious freedom" in the majority Catholic country if the country voted to change the definition of marriage.

The signatories, which include Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, the President of Human Life International, John Aidan Byrne, the president of Irish Pro-Life USA, Philip F. Lawler, Editor of Catholic World News, as well as John-Henry Westin, the Editor-in-Chief of among others,...READ MORE

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How Not to Kill Catholicism

05/20/2015 Comments (55)

Catholicism is in the crosshairs. There's little doubt about that. The secularist elites of the West are intent upon driving Catholicism from the public sphere and perhaps out of existence altogether. But on the other hand there's really nothing new about that. So many people have put killing Catholicism on the top of their to-do list throughout the centuries.

Catholicism has, of course, outlived all these attempts. But that doesn't mean some will not continue trying.

You see, Catholics have a guarantee from no less than Jesus himself that the gates of Hell will not prevail over the Church. But those hellish gates always seem to want another crack at it, that's for sure.

Many in power...READ MORE

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Couple Runs Online Fundraiser to Pay for Abortion

05/14/2015 Comments (14)

The House passed legislation banning abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The legislation stands little chance of becoming law, as President Barack Obama is unlikely to sign it but still, I believe the bill is important.

I believe that the bill has essentially changed the conversation on abortion and I don't mean just politically, although politically it has certainly done that. The pro-lifers running for office now have something to make the pro-abort politicians look like extremists about. For years, pro-lifers have been harassed by the media about abortion in cases of rape or incest or their stance on the morning after pill. It was a way to marginalize them.

It's just good strategy...READ MORE

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In Chilling Lawsuit, Pregnant Satanist Sues Over Abortion Restrictions

05/11/2015 Comments (66)

A 22 year old pregnant Satanist going by the name "Mary" is claiming in a new lawsuit that the state’s waiting period for abortion stands against her religion.

She's appealing to the state's Religious Freedom Restoration Act as the legal means to procure an abortion quickly. The Satanic temple to which she belongs is doing its best to raise funds for the legal battle.

The lawsuit itself is chilling as it states that "For purposes of this petition, an ”unborn child” that is not ”viable” is referred to as “Tissue.” It states that her "deeply held religious beliefs" should pertain to the inviolability of her body.

"Her inviolable body includes the Tissue; She alone decides whether to remove...READ MORE

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German Bishops Change Personnel Policies to Allow Gay or Remarried Employees

05/07/2015 Comments (22)

In America right now, a number of teachers in Catholic schools have been fired for getting civilly married to someone of the same sex or for other issues related to publicly flouting Church teaching.

Many Catholic schools and bishops have stood strongly on these issues even in the face of a critical and harassing media. This decision by the German bishops will likely have some impact on their willingness to do so.

Catholic Culture reports:

The Catholic bishops of Germany have changed their personnel policies, to allow Church employees to keep their jobs even if they are divorced and remarried, or engaged in homosexual partnerships. The bishops had discussed a change in their personnel...READ MORE

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Catholic Schools Could Lose Non-Profit Status if Court Rules Gay Marriage a Right

04/29/2015 Comments (196)

There was a moment today during the Supreme Court's oral arguments on whether gay marriage should be considered a right that should make all Catholics concerned with Catholic education and religious freedom stand up and take notice.

The great Ryan Anderson caught it as did The Register's coverage:

One of the more startling portions of oral arguments today at the Supreme Court was the willingness of the Obama administration’s Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, to admit that religious schools that affirm marriage as the union of a man and a woman may lose their non-profit tax-exempt status if marriage is redefined.
Justice Samuel Alito asked Verrilli whether a religious school that...READ MORE

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Faithful Nuns Walk Out of Catholic School in Protest

04/23/2015 Comments (114)

A group of faithful Catholic nuns of the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist walked out of their classrooms at Marin Catholic High School near San Francisco in protest of the pro-gay agenda literature being handed out by students on school grounds.

The walk-out took place on April 17th, which was the "Day of Silence" which was being run by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. Now, to be clear, the school had announced that they would not be taking part in the events. But it seems that the school then linked to the GLSEN on its website where literature could be distributed. The GLSEN is not Catholic friendly.

The nuns reportedly felt "compromised" and...READ MORE

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