Her Tone Was Not the Problem

07/18/2015 Comments (32)

So imagine this: You're caught on video munching on a salad and slurping red wine while chortling about how you crush babies in order to maximize profit and you apologize for...YOUR TONE?

What? Is there an appropriate tone that makes discussing tearing humans apart limb from limb for profit acceptable?

Planned Parenthood's president Cecile Richard offered an apology for what the abortion giant's top doctor said in the now infamous video. "Our top priority is the compassionate care that we provide. In the video, one of our staff members speaks in a way that does not reflect that compassion. This is unacceptable, and I personally apologize for the staff member's tone and statements," said...READ MORE

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How the Media is Running Cover for Planned Parenthood

07/15/2015 Comments (19)

The undercover video by the Center for Medical Progress is nothing short of a disaster for Planned Parenthood and the pro-death culture. Anyone who views it can not help but be disgusted by the abortion giant's top doctor munching on salad and wine while cavalierly explaining how she crushes children to maximize the profit from selling them for parts. It's horrifying.

It's also interesting how "potential humans" seem to have actually human organs, isn't it?

So Planned Parenthood is in trouble so therefore cue the media lifeline. Now, I'd have to imagine that the first instinct from the subjective media was simply to ignore the video much as they do with most undercover videos which show...READ MORE

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Christian Bakers Lose Free Speech Rights

07/07/2015 Comments (68)

A judge has ruled that a Christian baker not only must pay $135,000 to a lesbian couple whose wedding cake the baker refused to make but is also forbidden to speak publicly about it. You see, the bakers at Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Oregon had received many donations when their case became public.

The judge clearly didn't like the baker receiving donations online from traditional marriage advocates who support their refusal to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding ceremony so forbade them from publicizing the case. As Rachel Lu from The Federalist wrote:

...the Oregon labor commissioner, Brad Avakian, wanted to silence them because the content of their speech. Presumably he was angry that the...READ MORE

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Everything is Not Fine

06/30/2015 Comments (27)

I woke up this morning with a clear memory of my departed brother's face in my mind. He was smiling. I was so thankful for it because even seeing a picture isn't the same as a clear picture in your mind. So I woke up thankful. And that's a nice way to wake up.

It's an odd thing about losing a loved on. When they pass away, it's not just that you can't imagine them not being in this world; it's that you can't understand the world going on without them. I remember when my brother passed away, I walked outside the hospice and was surprised to see cars zooming by and even clouds moving. You can't quite believe everything and everyone is acting like the most important thing in the world didn't...READ MORE

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A Missed Miracle

06/25/2015 Comments (18)

I knew a young woman in college. When I saw her around campus she was always smiling and funny. She tended to stay on the outskirts of crowds but when approached she was fun. When I’d see her at parties she was often drunk. Not just tipsy. Drunk.

We weren’t tight but knew each other well enough that if we saw each other at a party we’d typically meet at the keg at some point, make some sarcastic comments, and move on. But that pretty much sums up most of my interactions throughout my youth. I dropped my punch line and moved on. The moment I speak I’m looking to exit the stage. I moved on.

One night I was making my way out of a party in some dorm and I saw her sitting on the curb. It was...READ MORE

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So the Confederate Flag Should Come Down But Margaret Sanger Belongs on the $20 Bill?

06/24/2015 Comments (31)

The New York Times editorial board called for South Carolina to take down the Confederate flag because it's racist. They said:

State lawmakers who must vote on removing it need to do that now and show the nation they understand the pain this symbol of hate and brutality causes to this day.

So the reason for all the renewed controversy surrounding the flag is because the man charged with killing nine African-Americans in church was seen waving it in photographs. Ok. So any symbol with a strong relation to racism should not be celebrated by the government. Got it?

But last month the New York Times published an opinion piece that none other than Margaret Sanger should be on the $20 bill.


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Why I'm Away for Father's Day

06/21/2015 Comments (7)

Father's Day. Yay. I have five kids so I should be having breakfast served to me while I languish in bed, enjoying their acknowledgement of my awesome Dad-ness, and rejoicing as my precious children ask what they can do for their wonderful father. Y'know, dream stuff. But none of that is happening today. None of it would've anyway but it especially can't today because I'm away for Father's Day.

I feel bad about it. But I think it's the right decision. I'm attending Notre Dame's Vita Institute by the Center for Ethics and Culture. This is my first time leaving the kids for a few days. It's hard. There were tears and gnashing of teeth from the little ones. Loooooong hugs. I felt terrible....READ MORE

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$o Why Are Pro-Abort$ $o Mad that Abortion Rate$ are Falling

06/16/2015 Comments (66)

You would think the $ky was falling. But it'$ not, it'$ just abortion rate$. $o why are pro-abort$ $o up$et? You'd almo$t think they weren't being hone$t when they $aid they want abortion to be $afe, legal, and rare.

In recent days, there have been numerous articles and op-eds about why the abortion rates are falling. Pro-lifers point to recent pro-life legislation which has passed in many states as well as a burgeoning awareness that there might just be a baby in the womb, rather than a blob of tissue. Spoiler alert - they're right. Those are two very logical reasons. But these reasons are not good enough for pro-aborts.

You see, they can not credit pro-life legislation with reducing...READ MORE

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