The Theology of Bruce Springsteen

Monday, November 18, 2013 10:07 AM Comments (54)

Rutgers University recently announced that it will offer a new course exploring the career and theology of The Boss. And Rutgers is not even the first. Other colleges have successfully siphoned parents’ money while preparing their children to return home to their old room with courses on the rocker.

Hey Matt, you might say, Springsteen was raised a Catholic so you might think I’d find it hopeful that a state institution would study the theology of a rock and roll superstar. Uhm. No. Not really. You see, there’s no way to disconnect the writer from his words. Now, Bruce may be the only rock star who’s never checked himself into drug rehab so that’s good. But that’s setting the bar kind...READ MORE

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How Long Until Some Attempt to Put Distance Between the Bishops and Pope Francis

Wednesday, November 13, 2013 11:34 PM Comments (7)

Uh-oh. Some folks aren't going to like this one. They're going to say that the U.S. bishops are turning a deaf ear to the pleas of Pope Francis to be more pastoral. They'll probably say that the USCCB escalated the use of harsh language and attacked the Obama administration's HHS Mandate on ideological grounds.

How long will it be until some in Catholic media attempt to put some distance between Pope Francis and the U.S. bishops?

The bishops even used language like "frustrating" and "conflict", and concluded their General Assembly by declaring the HHS contraceptive mandate "coercive." Those sentiments are hardly new but they are certainly not bridge building words, some will say....READ MORE

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The ACLU Targets Catholic Hospitals

Wednesday, November 06, 2013 12:09 AM Comments (15)

The ACLU of Washington State is targeting Catholic hospitals.

Concerned about a number of Catholic hospitals merging with secular ones in Washington State, the state's ACLU has put together a petition to be sent to the Governor to "ensure that religious ideology does not dictate the health care services a patient may choose."

This is the same Washington state that approved same-sex marriage, okayed assisted suicide, legalized marijuana, and is home to very liberal abortion laws. Yeah, that Washington state.

One might think it a good thing that the Catholic Church helps so many but leave it to the ACLU to worry about those evil Catholics. "Religious restrictions are putting at risk...READ MORE

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Christmas Eve, 1906. A Miracle.

Sunday, October 27, 2013 7:47 PM Comments (20)

It was Christmas Eve night in 1906. The ships at sea for the US Navy and the United Fruit Company received a message in Morse code to expect a special and important transmission. The telegraphers in their respective ships expected to hear the dits and dashes of Morse coming through.

But instead they heard something that many likely hadn't imagined possible. It was the sound of a human voice. In particular, it was the voice of Reginald Fessenden, the genius behind this first wireless voice transmission who had studied under Thomas Edison, transmitting from Brant Rock, MA, to ships on the North and South Atlantic Ocean.

And what did those people hear from Fessenden, the son of an...READ MORE

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10 Reasons Catholics Should Love Football

Sunday, October 20, 2013 8:31 PM Comments (22)

I was watching a little football this weekend and thought of a number of reasons that Catholics should love football.


10) There's a fair and a foul. There's in and there's out. Catholics believe in good and bad, good and evil. We're used to drawing lines.

9) There are rules. Football has a rulebook. Catholics have the catechism. When in doubt if something is good or bad, check the Catechism.

8) While there are many people out on the field, there's a few out there who dress a little differently and wear funny hats who have more authority to decide the rules. That one's self explanatory 'cause you know, bishops and Cardinals dress a little differently.

7) There's a hall of Fame...READ MORE

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7 Possible Headlines if Pope Benedict Donated Money to Mugging Victim

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 8:02 PM Comments (22)

Just imagine what the media would be saying if Pope Benedict XVI had done what Pope Francis did recently.

According to The Catholic Herald, Pope Francis gave €200 to a woman who had written to the pope about being a victim of a mugging. And then last week a package arrived at the door of a local priest from the pope saying: “Please deliver in the manner it deems appropriate, the relevant amount to the lady in question, that it is a gift of His Holiness, who offers her his apostolic blessing accompanied by desired aid and divine comfort for her and for her husband.”

I love that Pope Francis did this. And the media is loving the story as well. But I'm just wondering how the media...READ MORE

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5 Famous Poets Who Converted to Catholicism

Monday, October 14, 2013 10:15 PM Comments (23)

It doesn't matter if they were atheists, modernists, or satirists, each found a home in the Catholic Church. Here's their stories.

1) Wallace Stevens

The poet Wallace Stevens is considered by many to be one of America’s greatest poets. He is the champion of many atheists as well. He once wrote in his book Opus Posthumous, “After one has abandoned a belief in God, poetry is that essence which takes its place as life’s redemption."

So you might see why so many are so opposed to a priest who said that Stevens was a deathbed convert to Catholicism.

To get an idea of Stevens, he won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 1955. He was an executive with an insurance company and a Republican....READ MORE

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Meet the Most Controversial Statues That Show Pre-Born Life

Friday, October 11, 2013 5:19 AM Comments (37)

The huge statues below are quite amazing. They're also rather unpopular in some circles. Probably many circles. Interesting to note why.

Artist Damien Hirst created “The Miraculous Journey," a collection of 14 sculptures that will amaze people outside the Sidra Medical and Research Center in Qatar. These statues are controversial in the Muslim world because of the final statue which is of a baby. A naked baby.

“I suppose the cultural differences are a bit difficult. You know in England, there wouldn’t be a problem with a naked baby, you see the embryo and the egg and sperm," reportedly said Hirst. "You know culturally, it’s the first naked sculpture in the Middle East.”


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