There's a Dead Spot in My House and Eduardo Verástegui Fell Into It

09/09/2012 Comments (143)

I write for the National Catholic Register so sometimes I'll get an email or a call from public relations people to interview a writer or a celebrity. It's kinda' cool. I know some writers and reporters get it all the time so it's kinda' boring for them but for me it's still pretty cool.

Last year, I interviewed Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez and another time I interviewed Teresa Tomeo over the phone. She's the easiest interview ever because you ask her one question and she's so passionate and knowledgeable that she'll talk for the whole interview.

But all in all I think I'm a pretty terrible interviewer because I always do a lot of research and then I completely get thrown off and...READ MORE

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Get Off the Sidelines!

09/03/2012 Comments (13)

Up at 6:30 in the morning. Well, up may be a relative term. I wasn't down. Monosyllabic and reluctantly mobile.

I was awake because I had to move my children's soccer uniform from the washing machine into the dryer. You see, it was the first soccer game of the year. I scrambled eggs, burned some toast, grunted upstairs, woke the kids, poured juice, led the prayer, and moderated an argument about whether the 7 year old boy was clanking his fork against his plate specifically to annoy his older sister or just because he likes clanging things.

"I'm sure that annoying you is just an added benefit," I assured her.

"Dad, is that sarcasm?" asked the five year old who asks that question...READ MORE

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Divorce and The Myth of Quality Time

08/27/2012 Comments (22)

I met an old friend Sunday in the parking after Mass. I was surprised to see him because he didn't live anywhere near that parish.

We spoke for a few minutes and I asked him why he was up in this neck of the woods and he looked painfully over my shoulder and said that he'd just rented an apartment nearby because he was getting a divorce. As you can imagine I felt like an absolute idiot for bringing it up so I told him how sorry I was and asked about how the kids were doing. He has three kids and I've always known him to be a dutiful and loving father. But he said the strangest thing. He said he thought that the kids wanted what was best for their parents. He said that if he and his wife...READ MORE

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10 Hard Truths I Don't Want to Tell My Children But Have to Anyway

08/19/2012 Comments (16)

10) Some people will treat you indifferently. And that'll hurt you more than if they went out of their way to hurt you. It doesn't mean you're not special. It just means that they've forgotten how to see how special people are.

9) As special as you are, you're not more special than others. God loves you. I love you. But that doesn't mean the world revolves around you. It doesn't. The world was full of heartache and smiles before you got here and smiles and hearts will go on breaking long after.

8) People who work in drive-thrus get the order wrong. I don't know why but it's about as consistent a rule as rock stars and overdoses.

7) Oh, your favorite bands break up. And it seems the...READ MORE

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How Ayn Rand Led Me To Catholicism

08/13/2012 Comments (32)

Ayn Rand is much in the news right now as her philosophy is being tied to Congressman Paul Ryan who was selected by Mitt Romney to be the vice presidential nominee. Ryan now says he disavows her atheistic philosophy but he's clearly found some merit in much she had written as he's been quoted many times praising her.

This has caused great concern among many Christians. But not me. I am a Catholic who was heavily influenced by Ayn Rand. I understand many of Ryan's remarks concerning Rand because I've probably said similar things about her. Many years ago, I read everything Ayn Rand wrote and believed her to be brilliant. I wouldn't have called myself an atheist at the time. But only...READ MORE

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What Parents Say / What Kids Hear

08/08/2012 Comments (13)

I am Charlie Brown's incomprehensible teacher. I don't know how it happened but it did. I think it happens to all parents. No matter what parents think they're saying, I've discovered that it's not what children are hearing.

So after years of intense studies at places like Chuck E. Cheese and playgrounds I've discovered that there are certain things that parents say that children just clearly hear differently. (Mind you, I don't say all of these but I've heard them at least a thousand times.) So I offer to you my  What Parents Say / What Kids Hear Dictionary:

"Clean your room" = Go upstairs and sit on your bed and complain about your parents for half an hour even if you're in the room...READ MORE

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In Defense of Summer Vacation

08/03/2012 Comments (39)

I'm sitting by the pool watching my five kids cheat at Marco Polo in the pool with their cousins. They've been in the pool for almost two hours when my four year old comes running over to show me her wrinkled hands. But she doesn't want to get out of the pool. She just thinks it's cool to have "little old lady hands."

I'm watching the kids and reading a piece by President Obama's former budget director Peter Orszag who seems to think summer vacation is making kids dumb and fat. I guess he wants to get rid of it. He writes:


It’s July, and for many of us, that brings back fond childhood memories of family vacations, summer camp or long, happy days spent playing with friends. But...READ MORE

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A "Humane" Abortion?

07/26/2012 Comments (27)

I am a father of five children here on Earth. And three more who, with God's mercy, I hope to meet in Heaven someday. I think about those children sometimes (often). It's not something I talk about often (ever?) but I mourn them.

You don't know when grief from something like that will hit. Sometimes it's when someone tells me they're shocked that I have five children. I say, "Yes I have five children." And I secretly think of the three.

Sometimes it's random moments when the kids are getting into the van and I think of the seats that aren't filled with laughing messy children. It stops me for a second and I have to accept it all over again and go on. I have to remind myself to...READ MORE

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