Woman Tries to Sell Her Soul on Ebay

07/06/2012 Comments (28)

A New Mexico woman attempted to sell her soul on Ebay, according to news reports.

Describing it as a "slightly used soul," the woman said she's offering buyers a kind of a "Carfax" so they can see the black and white marks her soul has accumulated over the years.

But the woman named Lori isn't selling her soul in some kind of weird macabre deal with the devil. You see, after being disabled in a drunk driving accident years ago, Lori told NBC 2 that she feels like she's "at the end of her rope" and just wants to connect with another soul. 

Now, it's easy to read this and have a quick knee jerk blogger reaction of outrage. And believe me I can bring the knee jerk blogger reaction of...READ MORE

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No More Lights Under a Bushel Basket

07/01/2012 Comments (31)

The federal government demands that you to be a Christian for just one hour a week on Sundays and the rest of the time that light must be hidden under a bushel basket. That didn't just happen. The government has come to believe they can get away with this. And I believe it's because we let them.

In Sunday's gospel, many mocked Jesus for saying a woman wasn't dead, just sleeping. "Arise," He said. And she did.

Showing how little things change, many today say the Church is dead. They mock and jeer Christians. But it's time to arise.

It is said that the meek shall inherit the Earth...but that doesn't mean we have to be quiet about it. I think for too long many of us have confused...READ MORE

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We're All Abortionists Now

06/29/2012 Comments (77)

Congratulations, you will soon be complicit in the death of the unborn.

What happened yesterday is as incredible as it's insane. Barney Frank after six appletinis is easier to understand than Chief Justice John Roberts' decision.

It's often said that the two certainties of life are death and taxes. Barack Obama just conveniently combined them for us - with an awesome assist by John Roberts.

Healthcare is now about the redistribution of wealth as well as the redistribution of guilt. We're all abortionists now. But actual abortionists are paid. You actually have to pay for the right to share in the guilt. Awesome new government program, huh? Remember how we've been fighting to have...READ MORE

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New Movie About Jesus by Director of "Showgirls." What Could Go Wrong?

06/21/2012 Comments (26)

A new movie about Jesus is being made by the producer of American Psycho, the director of Showgirls, and the writer of Pulp Fiction.

What could go wrong?

Well, lots. According to Deadline, the movie will be based on a book that director Paul Verhoeven wrote that discounts all the miracles that inform the New Testament. "Verhoeven doesn’t believe any of them happened" writes Deadline.

The book turned movie will declare that Jesus might have been the product of his mother being raped by a Roman soldier, Jesus was not the Son of God, and Jesus was simply a radical who was convinced he would find the kingdom of Heaven on earth.


It seems that once again we have the specter of...READ MORE

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How a Little Boy Saved a Catholic School

06/16/2012 Comments (26)

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has closed down a lot of Catholic schools recently including the elementary school my five children attend. But we're far from alone.

I was searching around the internet about all the different school closings when I came upon news that St. Cyril's school in Lansdowne which had been reccomended for closure by the archdiocesan Blue Ribbon commission was now remaining open as a mission school.

I saw the news and couldn't help but smile.

Why? Because there's a story behind the news story. And it's a great one. It happened just a few years ago. If you put this story in a movie nobody would believe it. Too corny, they’d say. Waaaay too Frank Capra. This is...READ MORE

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Greatest Invocation Evah!

06/06/2012 Comments (22)

Fr. Andrew Kemberling was invited to lead the opening prayer at the 2012 Colorado Republican State Assembly and Convention in the Magness Arena at the University of Denver. He took no prisoners. None. This is awesome.

Fr. Kemberling beats socialism so bad that Karl Marx woke up just long enough to apologize to private property. Fr. Kemberling champions religious freedom in one of the most stirring invocations I've ever heard. It pumps me up. It's like a Rocky workout scene for Catholic culture geeks like me.

This is better than watching Garnett block a soft layup by LeBron. I say for now on, when something is just so awesome that you want to make a poster about it, you just say "they...READ MORE

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My Complete Ignorance of History Finally Pays Off

05/31/2012 Comments (29)

My complete ignorance of all things history finally paid off for me earlier this week when I saw "For Greater Glory."

You see, I had no idea what happened in Mexico at the time of the Cristero War. None. And normally you'd think that for a Catholic writer, having no knowledge of a fairly recent persecution of Catholics by our next door neighbors would be...a bad thing. But it made "For Greater Glory" incredibly exciting as all get out for me to watch.

I honestly had no idea what was going to happen next during the movie. If you had told me that the President of Mexico was going to challenge the leader of Cristo Rey to a break dancing competition for all the marbles I would've had no...READ MORE

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Democrat Commiteewoman Resigns from Party, Cites Her Catholic Faith

05/28/2012 Comments (333)

Jo Ann Nardelli has been a Catholic Democrat her entire life. Her father was one before her. And she couldn't imagine a day where that wouldn't be true.

But that day was Wednesday of last week. 

I read a story about Jo Ann leaving the Democratic Party and was interested because she cited her Catholic faith as the reason.

So I gave her a call. I got her machine and as I was leaving a message she picked up. She said she'd been screening her calls because so many people have been calling to say nasty things to her or just pleading with her to change her mind. But when I called, saying I was with The National Catholic Register she picked up.

She said she figured I wouldn't be too mean...READ MORE

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