CNN vs. The Catholic Church

02/13/2013 Comments (41)

CNN has an editorial called "Why next pope must open up church and usher in Vatican III" prominently featured on its website. It rails against the Catholic Church and advises the Church that it must "modernize" or perish.

CNN giving the Catholic Church advice on pretty much anything is like the wonder twins while in the shape of a dove and a birthday cake giving Batman advice on how to be more menacing. No, it's like Justin Bieber re-mixing Mozart to make it better by adding a rap verse about junior high school heartbreak.

If you're wondering how seriously Catholics should take the advice of CNN. Let's compare the two institutions:

Catholic Church:
Founded 2000 plus years ago.


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The Greatest Talent Show in Elementary School History

02/07/2013 Comments (17)

They were a tornado of plaid and elbows running out the doors of their Catholic elementary school. Four of them waved a green piece of paper above their heads excitedly but the kindergartener was just running because she doesn’t know any other speed.

I hardly had time to imagine what was on the green paper before they slammed themselves against the van all eager to be the first to announce something. In the maelstrom of words I made out the phrase “talent show.”

The girls were particularly excited. The 13 year old climbed into the front seat, which still feels strange to me. She told me she was going to perform something by Taylor Swift with two of her classmates. The 11 year old also...READ MORE

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When Boyz II Men is the Answer to Your Problem, You've Got a Bigger Problem

02/04/2013 Comments (18)

Displaying individual stupidity is what "America's Funniest Home Videos" does but so much more hilarious and quite frankly scarier than inadvertent crotch kicks from three year olds is the macro scale of government stupidity.

Here's the background: The birth dearth in Russia has achieved such calamitous proportions that Russian Emperor-for-eternity Vladmir Putin is responding with what can only be termed something so mind bogglingly crazy that the entire continent might have to be fitted with a strait jacket. This is the kind of stupidity that would embolden alien attacks if there were actually aliens.

Low birthrates have put the future of the entire country in doubt. So, given the...READ MORE

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How My Kids and I Nearly Died After the March for Life

01/31/2013 Comments (38)

I took the children down to the March for Life this year and it was a great experience. It's too bad we all nearly died.

And by nearly I don't mean kinda' close. I mean we were in a really bad situation where really really bad things seemed at least as likely as anything neutral occurring.

The snow fell in Washington D.C. right near the end of the march. Honestly, the weather wasn't too bad. But I think that D.C., Maryland, and Delaware were so ready for it they started dumping beaches of sand everywhere.

We were traveling home and about the time it was getting dark out I noticed a number of cars pulling over to the side of the road on the freeway with their hazards flashing. Hmmm....READ MORE

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The Child Leapt in Her Womb

01/25/2013 Comments (7)

"Now it happened that as soon as Elizabeth heard Mary's greeting, the child leapt in her womb."

I've thought about that line from Luke often. The child in the womb leapt. On this day when hundreds of thousands of people will march for children in the womb, those words have great meaning. The child leapt.

I also can't help but think what a wonderfully appropriate reaction the unborn John had to the presence of Jesus. He leapt. There is something unrestrained and joyous about it that has long fascinated me.

Christianity is, after all, a leaping faith. Without us doing much of anything to deserve it, God's Son came into the world for the purpose of our salvation. That's about the best...READ MORE

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Manti Te'o, Rube

01/20/2013 Comments (11)

Manti Teo is a liar. Yes. He lied. But the linebacker from Notre Dame is guilty of a much greater sin in the eyes of many. He's not cool.

Even as he became one of the most celebrated figures in college football, Teo was never cool. He talked about God. He seemed earnest. Tebow-ish.

For this past year, Teo seemed too good to be true. He was portrayed as everything that was still good in sports. He was a kid who seemed to take his faith seriously and by all accounts was a great young man who returned for his senior year and led his team all the way to the national championship game. The kid was the stuff of legend. And now he's a punchline. And a target. Now, the cool kids have decided...READ MORE

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Let's March for Life Naked!!!

01/14/2013 Comments (33)

If you've been reading the news recently you probably saw that four women protested the Pope in St. Peter's Square. USA Today, Reuters, and The Washington Post were just some of the hundreds of media outlets that ran stories on these four women who protested the Church's positions on gay marriage. That's right, four women received round the world coverage. Why? They took off their tops and got world wide coverage for their non-coverage.

Rumor has it that the Kardashians fired their p.r. department last night because they hadn't thought of that first.

This kind of stunt protest is sad but somehow effective kinda' like Gary Coleman saying "Whatchoo talkin' bout Willis" for five bucks a...READ MORE

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Kudos to the President's Inaugural Committee

01/11/2013 Comments (136)

Just a few months ago President Barack Obama seemed pretty excited to have Cardinal Timothy Dolan, an opponent of gay "marriage" offer the closing prayer at the Democratic National Convention. At that time, the Catholic vote was a point of concern in the election.

But it would seem the election is over. And it's now being reported that one of the pastors chosen to deliver the benediction at President Obama's inauguration withdrew because he once said homosexuality is a sin. This comment caused quite the ruckus from gay-rights groups and certain left-of-center websites. The pastor was even labeled "anti-gay."

And it was the promise of escalating outrage that caused Rev. Louie Giglio,...READ MORE

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