They Cancelled Halloween!!!

11/04/2012 Comments (5)

They cancelled Halloween. I'm still not sure who "they"are and I'm not sure how "they" had the authority to shut down Halloween but "they" did.

My kids came out of school with their costumes on Halloween. Many of the children ambled out of the school like concussion victims, dazed and vaguely sad. Well, my five year old didn't look sad. She looked outraged coming out the door next to her seven year old brother.

When they saw me in the parking lot, they started running towards me. My boy, dressed fittingly as Flash from the Justice League, is faster than the five year old and got to me first in the parking lot. Everything to him is a track meet. If he's not running, he's sleeping. Or...READ MORE

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Texas Wins Huge Victory over Planned Parenthood

10/26/2012 Comments (31)

Finally, a court that stands up for a right that isn't the right to rip babies apart with other people's money. The Fifth Circuit court essentially told the abortion giant Planned Parenthood to shut their whining gobs and that Texas has a right to not fund them.

This victory is being called a "roadmap" for any state that wants to defund Planned Parenthood. A lot of states have tried. Texas did it. This is a very bad day for Planned Parenthood. And a bad day for Planned Parenthood is a good day for babies.

Texas stood up to the bully who nobody thought could be beat. This is like when Rocky Balboa made Dolph Lundgren bleed for the first time and everyone was all like "Oh my gosh the...READ MORE

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Will The Supreme Court "Roe" Gay Marriage?

10/23/2012 Comments (314)

Thirty-two states have voted for constitutional amendments banning gay marriage. Unprecedented efforts by Catholic bishops and other religious leaders have sparked a national conversation on the importance of marriage and why it's worth saving. The indefatigable National Organization for Marriage has done amazing work as well.

But after all this effort, I'm wondering if the Supreme Court might just "Roe" us on gay marriage? With two recent court rulings going against the Defense of Marriage Act, the 1996 federal law that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman, it's growing increasingly likely that the Supreme Court will take this issue on. It's hard to know which case...READ MORE

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Don't Play the Planned Parenthood Drinking Game During the Debates

10/17/2012 Comments (39)

Wonder if the media fact-checkers will get this one out there. Uhm. Something tells me there's as much chance of that as margaritas in Hell. So let's break it down.

During the debate last night, President Obama defended Planned Parenthood. As usual. But why? Did a woman ask about the HHS mandate? No. Did a young woman ask about her right to tear apart her baby limb from limb if "it" might interfere with her active night life? Nope. Was Sandra Fluke there? No. Obama brought up Planned Parenthood because a woman asked about pay equity, of course.

Seriously, what is it with this guy? He's like a wind-up toy with pre-set responses. If "women's issues" come up, Obama immediately starts...READ MORE

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Arlen Specter RIP

10/14/2012 Comments (4)

I knew Senator Arlen Specter a little bit and I was sorry yesterday to hear of his passing. He was a fighter. I think on that we can all agree.

Back in my political campaign days it was impossible not to run into him, to hear of him, to worry about what he thought of this person or that person. He was a huge presence that both frustrated and inspired Republicans in Pennsylvania (and I'm sure nationally.) He was frustrating obviously because of his inconsistent voting record and inspiring because he was proof that Republicans could win in Pennsylvania's suburbs.

His endorsement was a huge deal for candidates in the Philly suburbs. I dealt often with his beleaguered staff and...READ MORE

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12 Tips for Catholic Families at Mass

10/10/2012 Comments (43)

I've been attending Mass with children for 13 years now. I'm not saying I'm an expert. In fact, I've learned most of these lessons the most embarrassing way possible. So I share them with you.

12) Sing at Mass. It'll inspire your kids to sing. And there's few things in this world better for people to hear in Church than the sound of children singing.

11) When entering the pew, separate the problem children. You know which ones they are.

10) Sit near families with badly behaved children. The spectacle of the children will keep your children quiet because they'll be in shock and wondering why they can't get away with that. And your children will look great in comparison.

9) Don't...READ MORE

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What Do You Have to Do To Get Attention Around Here?

10/05/2012 Comments (8)

While the HHS contraceptive mandate was front and center during the Democratic National convention, the focus of considerable media attention, the cause of a nationwide protest movement including The Fortnight for Freedom, and the subject of dozens of lawsuits filed by Catholic colleges and other institutions, the issue of religious liberty was essentially ignored during the first presidential debate between President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney.

Moderator Jim Lehrer of PBS, who did a good job in many ways, failed to ask a question about this important issue despite the focus of the debate being domestic issues. But more surprisingly, President Obama, who couldn't talk...READ MORE

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Everyone Loves a Baby

09/30/2012 Comments (10)

I brought my godson, a four month old baby, to my daughter's volleyball game.

Bringing a baby anywhere is like being a bodyguard/spokesperson for a moody celebrity. You have to clean up their messes. People want to come up to them, touch them, and just look at them. But the celebrity doesn't talk to riff raff. All questions are handled by the spokesperson/bodyguard.

The baby has done nothing to gain celebrity status and he drools. So in many ways he's exactly like an actual celebrity.

I wheeled the stroller to the foot of the bleachers and picked the baby out and climbed up into the bleachers with my watch the game. Now, there's soemthing very nice about the beginnings...READ MORE

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