Ambrose Bean's Public School Graduation Speech Gives Me Hope for the Future

06/13/2016 Comments (3)

Ambrose Bean, the son of National Catholic Register alum Danielle Bean, graduated from high school and delivered an absolutely stunningly beautiful speech at his graduation this weekend.

He doesn't shy away from discussing his faith at all and speaks eloquently about every life having value. And he does this AT A PUBLIC SCHOOL!!!!!

Please consider this your must-watch video of the day.



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Muhammad Ali vs. The Little Sisters of the Poor

06/11/2016 Comments (23)

Much has been made of the life and career of Muhammad Ali in recent days. This is a good thing. His great boxing fights against George Foreman, Joe Frazier and Ken Norton were recalled. But even more has been made about his fight to be a conscientious objector due to his Muslim faith. Many have applauded Ali's strong battle for religious freedom.

Ali's widow, Lonnie, according to ESPN, said that her husband had been prepared to sacrifice everything to follow his soul. She said that message resonates even stronger today. Indeed it does.

Comedian Billy Crystal, in a moving speech at his funeral, said:

"Muhammad Ali struck us in the middle of America's darkest night, in the heart of the...READ MORE

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Grace and Selflessness at the Speech Contest

06/09/2016 Comments (1)

A local Knights of Columbus chapter has been holding a speech contest for the past few years in our area. My children always take part. All the speeches are chosen from presidential speeches that reference God, and not just in a passing manner the way is done often nowadays. But speeches with God referenced repeatedly.

My son recited a large portion of Lincoln's second inaugural:

If we shall suppose that American slavery is one of those offenses which, in the providence of God, must needs come, but which, having continued through His appointed time, He now wills to remove, and that He gives to both North and South this terrible war as the woe due to those by whom the offense came, shall...READ MORE

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Mom of Baby with Down Syndrome Pens Letter to Doc Who Pushed Abortion

06/08/2016 Comments (6)

A mother of a daughter with Down Syndrome penned a letter to her doctor who urged her to abort, according to Good Morning America. It's a wonderful life and love affirming letter.

Courtney Baker, whose daughter, Emersyn Faith, is now one year old, wrote the letter to her doctor who urged her to abort after he diagnosed the child with Down Syndrome. According to Courtney, the doctor didn't just suggest an abortion. He pushed.

“Every action, from opening and closing the mailbox to raising the red flag, was closure for me,” Baker said to GMA. “I have no idea how the doctor might have reacted to my letter, but I do have faith that God can work any miracle and he can change any heart.”


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"I Will Go for Her." The Amazing Story of A Polish Martyr

06/02/2016 Comments (5)

Blessed Marianna Biernacka is described in many reports as leading a "simple" life. But it's my experience that there are really no simple lives. Marianna knew heartbreak. She knew fear. She knew backbreaking work. She knew loss. And she knew God's love.

Marianna was born in 1888. At the age of twenty she married a local man, Louis Biernacki. Together, they had six children, four of whom died shortly after birth. The only source of survival for the family was their family farm.

After the death of Louis in 1929, Marianna lived with her son Stanislaw. Stanislav eventually married a young woman, Anna Szymczyk, and they all lived together. Prayer and song were a large part of their lives....READ MORE

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Remember This Hero Priest on Memorial Day

05/28/2016 Comments (5)

On June 20 of 2009, Lt. Col. Father Timothy Vakoc passed away. Five years before on Mary 29th, 2004, Father Vakoc was terribly injured when he was ordered to return to Mosul as some troops had been injured and required his presence.

But on his way, a bomb tore into his Humvee and he suffered a traumatic brain injury and lost his left eye. When he arrived at the base, there was massive pressure on his brain due to swelling. They had no choice but to induce a coma for any chance of survival. According to reports, just before he went under he told another chaplain to "Take care of my men."

Father Tim survived but it wasn't easy. For five long years, he struggled, sometimes lapsing into...READ MORE

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With Final Words, Christian Girl Begs Forgiveness for ISIS for Killing Her

05/23/2016 Comments (15)

The young daughter of an Iraqi Christian family burned alive by ISIS used her final moments in her mother's arms to beg forgiveness for her killers.

Jihadists reportedly arrived at the family's home in Mosul seeking to collect a fine that the Muslims charge Christians called "Jaziya." They told the mother that the family must pay instantly or evacuate the home. The mother simply begged for a few moments as her 12 year old daughter was in the shower. They did not wait. Instead, they immediately set the house ablaze.

The girl was severely burned in the fire. Her mother did get her outside the house but the girl died just a few hours later in a local hospital. The little girl died in her...READ MORE

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Supreme Court Punt is a Huge Win for Little Sisters and Religious Liberty

05/16/2016 Comments (9)

Sometimes a punt is a win.

And the Little Sisters of the Poor seem to have won a great victory for religious freedom by the Supreme Court's decision to punt the case back to the lower courts. Now, many in the media seem to be saying that this was essentially a "no-decision" but that's not really the case.

The Supreme Court did decline to make a definitive ruling, saying both sides should attempt to forge a compromise which doesn’t mandate that religious organizations offer contraceptive coverage in a way that infringes on their religious freedom. But here's the thing. That's been the argument made by the Little Sisters since the beginning.

Many believed that the court, with now only...READ MORE

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