God Only Knows Who The Next Pope Will Be

03/11/2013 Comments (4)

I read a lot, dozens of news articles every day. I'm used to being in the know. I think many of us are like that now. Let's face it, we've become so used to having information at our fingertips (literally) that I think we don't react very well the unknown. We've lost the ability to say, "God only knows."

So absent facts, we send for the prognosticators and "experts" to fill the void. This past week we've all seen, read, and heard from the guessing class about who the next Pope will be. "Papabile" is a word that's entered common usage on Catholic sites in the past two weeks. But the unbearable truth is that nobody knows anything.

So we read and watch things hoping to confirm our hopes....READ MORE

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I Present to You the Defenders of "Choice"

03/05/2013 Comments (40)

The blogosphere is abuzz about a CNN story that details a surrogate mother's decision to not abort her child despite the baby's biological parents offering her $10,000 to do so after ultrasounds showed that the baby had major issues including a heart defect and a cleft palate.

While many have strong feelings on this issue, looking at the comments left on the woman's site from "pro-choicers" is an absolute horror. These comments were placed on the woman's personal blog just today. I present to you the defenders of "choice":

How unfortunate for everyone that you decided to bring a child into the world that was not yours, either legally or ethically, and has little chance to...READ MORE

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Why Jim Carrey is Wrong About the Catholic Church

02/28/2013 Comments (315)

The comedian/actor Jim Carrey tweeted earlier this week a hateful message about the Catholic Church mocking the sacrament of confession and the Church's teaching on sexuality. Here they are:

I get ppl's need 4 absolution bt being cleansed by a skunk won't make u smell better.You can ask God directly. #themiddlemanispopeless ;^•>+

I knew the sickess in the catholic church all stems from the denial of human sexuality.Gay or straight. #denyingsexleavesyoupopeless 8^•>+   

I don't know about you but i may go off the rails if they don't find a new Pope soon! #lifeispopeless

There r good Catholics bt if a good woman allows her kids 2 b molested by their step father bcuz...READ MORE

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Forcing Teenagers to Attend Mass

02/25/2013 Comments (72)

I've noticed something troubling recently at Mass. It's parents at Mass without their children. And I'm not talking about the wee ones who cry and eat Cheerios in the pew. Actually I still see them quite a bit and am glad for it. It's the teens I don't see.

I've noticed parents that I've seen for years bringing their little ones to Mass suddenly flying solo as their children become teenagers.

What's going on? Is it some misguided notion that you shouldn't force religion on teenagers? Is this a trend you see at your parish? It seems pretty foolish to me. If you ask me, parents should be forcing teenagers to do all sorts of things, shouldn't we? If we see our children veering in a...READ MORE

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The True Story Behind One of the Strangest and Most Beautiful Hymns I've Ever Heard

02/19/2013 Comments (13)

Composer Gavin Bryars was living in London working on a documentary about people living in poverty. During the recording, a number of people being interviewed broke into drunken maudlin ballads and even loud opera. But one old man, who, according to Bryars, was not drinking, sang a small verse of a religious song called "Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet."

He sang it without irony. He sang it seemingly in childlike faith despite his dire circumstances.

The recording of the old man was never used in the film and it was returned to Bryars. When Bryars listened to it at home he found something beautiful in the old man's singing. He improvised a simple accompaniment to the verse that built...READ MORE

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CNN vs. The Catholic Church

02/13/2013 Comments (41)

CNN has an editorial called "Why next pope must open up church and usher in Vatican III" prominently featured on its website. It rails against the Catholic Church and advises the Church that it must "modernize" or perish.

CNN giving the Catholic Church advice on pretty much anything is like the wonder twins while in the shape of a dove and a birthday cake giving Batman advice on how to be more menacing. No, it's like Justin Bieber re-mixing Mozart to make it better by adding a rap verse about junior high school heartbreak.

If you're wondering how seriously Catholics should take the advice of CNN. Let's compare the two institutions:

Catholic Church:
Founded 2000 plus years ago.


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The Greatest Talent Show in Elementary School History

02/07/2013 Comments (17)

They were a tornado of plaid and elbows running out the doors of their Catholic elementary school. Four of them waved a green piece of paper above their heads excitedly but the kindergartener was just running because she doesn’t know any other speed.

I hardly had time to imagine what was on the green paper before they slammed themselves against the van all eager to be the first to announce something. In the maelstrom of words I made out the phrase “talent show.”

The girls were particularly excited. The 13 year old climbed into the front seat, which still feels strange to me. She told me she was going to perform something by Taylor Swift with two of her classmates. The 11 year old also...READ MORE

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When Boyz II Men is the Answer to Your Problem, You've Got a Bigger Problem

02/04/2013 Comments (18)

Displaying individual stupidity is what "America's Funniest Home Videos" does but so much more hilarious and quite frankly scarier than inadvertent crotch kicks from three year olds is the macro scale of government stupidity.

Here's the background: The birth dearth in Russia has achieved such calamitous proportions that Russian Emperor-for-eternity Vladmir Putin is responding with what can only be termed something so mind bogglingly crazy that the entire continent might have to be fitted with a strait jacket. This is the kind of stupidity that would embolden alien attacks if there were actually aliens.

Low birthrates have put the future of the entire country in doubt. So, given the...READ MORE

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