Proof that Progressives Hate Catholic Schools and Homeschooling Families

04/07/2013 Comments (66)

All Your Kids Are Belong To Us, Love NBC.

The only time anyone at MSNBC interests me is when they actually say things that the left believes wholeheartedly but know that actually verbalizing it would mean a p.r. disaster. This is an MSNBC commercial. And it should scare any parent that watches it.

MSNBC personality Melissa Harris-Perry says, according to the transcript from Newsbusters, "We have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families and recognize that kids belong to their communities."

Wait, what!?

Sarah Palin tweeted that it was "Unflippingbelievable." But here's the thing - it's absolutely believable. For...READ MORE

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The 7 Most Hilariously Bad Arguments for Gay Marriage

04/05/2013 Comments (303)

For years we were told that marriage was a dying institution but suddenly it’s all the rage and everyone wants in.

And now, there is a great national debate on gay marriage. Well, kind of. It's more like traditional marriage people asking questions and either being ignored or told to shut up in the name of tolerance by pro-same sex marriage advocates.

But we’ve seen a number of arguments arise in favor of gay marriage that don’t really hold together all that well. Here’s the seven most hilariously bad arguments in favor of gay marriage:


7) My son is gay!

This argument has been used most famously by Senator Rob Portman but many others have used it as well in order to "evolve"...READ MORE

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What Happened to Dads?

03/31/2013 Comments (40)

My wife recently chaperoned a dance for junior high schoolers at a Catholic school. She working the door when another of the chaperones, a father of one of the students in attendance, hurried over and asked her what he was supposed to do about an eighth grade girl making out with an 8th grade guy in the middle of the dance floor.

“That’s not ok, is it?” he asked her. “Should we be doing something about this?”

The man truly didn’t know what his responsibilities were. My wife was stunned by the question. She was about to answer when another man came up to her and asked her the same question about the kissing couple. “It’s not O.K.,” she said. “Tell them to stop!”

From what I...READ MORE

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Just in Time for Holy Week! Time:  Your Religious Child Might Just be Insane

03/29/2013 Comments (48)

Just in time for Holy Week. Time Magazine tells parents to worry that their religious children might not actually be religious, but just plain ol' nuts. Seriously.

You can find this in the magazine with the cover that shows two men kissing which reads, "Gay Marriage Already Won."

In the piece inside called, "Can Your Child be too Religious?" Time posits that one of the warning signs that your child might just be a nutter, is that they're religious. Isn't it such a nice thing to publish a story like this the day before Holy Thursday?

Time Magazine:

So if your child is immersed in scripture after school and prays regularly throughout the day, you may breathe a sigh of relief. ...READ MORE

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Preparing my Children for Martyrdom

03/25/2013 Comments (57)

I was looking at my children in Mass yesterday and a horrifying thought occurred to me. If I do my job well as a parent, my children may end up persecuted and/or in jail. That may be the best I can hope for at this point in 21st century America.

I prayed that their faith would be strong enough to resist a pro-death culture, a secular academia, an antagonistic media, and the pressure of a government out to separate faith from action.

Secularism isn't just on the march, it's positively doing a jig.

I'm not talking about troubled times ahead for my grandchildren's children in some possible future. I'm talking about my kids. So revolutionary have been the recent changes in America that...READ MORE

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Abortion Touted as Justifiable Homicide

03/20/2013 Comments (34)

I think I miss the days when we lied to ourselves. There was something innocent about all the self-delusion that surrounded the abortion issue. All that “blob of tissue” talk was believed by so many who preferred not to know otherwise.

Faced with ignorance about what was actually going on in the womb, pro-lifers like me thought that if we could just prove that it’s not just a blob of tissue in the womb then we’d win the day. And that’s been our goal for at least the past decade. We’ve talked about fingernails. We’ve talked about heartbeats. We’ve bought ultrasound machines for crisis pregnancy centers. We’ve shown pictures of babies reaching out of the womb and grabbing doctors fingers....READ MORE

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Gay Groups Rush to Label New Pope "Hateful" and "Harsh"

03/13/2013 Comments (290)

Some "Catholic" LGBT organizations were seemingly in a race to cast the first disparaging remark against the new Pope. The Equally Blessed coalition seemingly won the day by labeling the Pope "hateful" within hours of Cardinal Bergoglio's ascendancy to the papacy.

Equally Blessed is an organization which includes participation from DignityUSA, New Ways Ministry, Call To Action, and Fortunate Families. Pro-homosexual organizations all. Their statement which was quoted in many news reports seems to indicate their shock that Pope Francis would be pro-traditional marriage and not in favor of gay adoption:

"If he truly desires to share the Gospel with all people, Pope Francis will come...READ MORE

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God Only Knows Who The Next Pope Will Be

03/11/2013 Comments (4)

I read a lot, dozens of news articles every day. I'm used to being in the know. I think many of us are like that now. Let's face it, we've become so used to having information at our fingertips (literally) that I think we don't react very well the unknown. We've lost the ability to say, "God only knows."

So absent facts, we send for the prognosticators and "experts" to fill the void. This past week we've all seen, read, and heard from the guessing class about who the next Pope will be. "Papabile" is a word that's entered common usage on Catholic sites in the past two weeks. But the unbearable truth is that nobody knows anything.

So we read and watch things hoping to confirm our hopes....READ MORE

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