Making Fathers Isn't as Easy as Making Babies

06/15/2013 Comments (18)

Babies are born every day; thousands, in fact. If one can believe the internet about such things, 370,000 babies are born each day worldwide. It appears that making babies is easy. Sadly, making fathers seem much harder.

Perhaps we’ve forgotten how. It’s as if some alchemy passed from generation to generation for thousands of years has been lost and cannot be found. And the world aches for what it has misplaced.

I’ve noticed that on the sidelines of children’s games there aren’t as many fathers as there used to be. When I was a kid it was a joke among parents that one kid yelling “Dad” made dozens of heads turn. I don’t see as many heads turning anymore.

We, as a society all...READ MORE

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Pro-Aborts Respond With Hate to Congresswoman's Crisis Pregnancy News

06/04/2013 Comments (42)

Republican congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington announced in a Facebook post yesterday that her unborn baby has been diagnosed with a medical condition that is often fatal for the baby.

Herrera Beutler wrote that ultrasounds and follow-up tests sadly showed that her baby had a disease called Potter's Syndrome, which is identified by "abnormally low amniotic fluid caused by impaired kidney function which inhibits normal lung development."

Herrera Beutler said she and her husband are "praying for a miracle."

The news quickly became a national story and wonderfully thousands of people reached out to the expectant mother with words of support and prayers. Sadly, the request...READ MORE

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Bill Maher: The Pope's an Atheist and The Vatican Will Likely Poison Him

06/02/2013 Comments (30)

When children are desperate for attention they scream and cry, talk show hosts in need of attention make fun of Catholics. Actually "make fun" isn't the proper term. They hurl hate at Catholics with a smile on their face so they can accuse anyone who's offended of being humorless.

Television host Bill Maher has long lost the power to shock because he's so consistently misinformed and hateful about religious people. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't take note of what is said by him and others like him. Sometimes when I write about anti-Catholic screeds from the media some see it as akin to reporting that the sun came up that morning. My thinking, however, is that someone might just take...READ MORE

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8 Most Hilarious and Unsettling Obama-as-Deity Metaphors

05/31/2013 Comments (40)

Georgetown sociology professor Michael Eric Dyson said yesterday that Eric Holder was the Moses of this Administration. Hey, that's one of the most religious things to come out of a Georgetown professor's mouth in a long time so we should probably take what we can get.

But it did get me wondering, in that metaphor wouldn't Obama be God? Certainly by now, that shouldn't surprise anyone. The Obama-as-God metaphors have been rampant the past half decade. After all my years of religious study I'm sure of only two things. There is a God. And Obama ain't Him. But that doesn't stop me from enjoying some of the most egregious and just flat out hilarious attempted deifications of ts of  the...READ MORE

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Have Back Alley, Will Travel

05/28/2013 Comments (18)

Patrick Henry once famously said, "Give me liberty or give me death." Pro-abortion "rights" rhetoric simply seeks to combine the two. They believe in the liberty to give death.

Even if it's women who die. Just this past week, late term abortionist Leroy Carhart was exonerated of wrongdoing by a state medical board for killing a woman, Jennifer Morbelli, in a botched 33-week abortion. Carhart was found blameless. I'm not surprised at this finding, I'm only surprised that the board didn't attempt to blame pro-lifers.

Pro-aborts often attempt to convince pro-lifers that any abortion atrocity is the fault of pro-lifers making abortion too difficult to acquire. They treat each and every...READ MORE

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My Big Fat Unholy Wedding

05/19/2013 Comments (117)

Many people dream of the BIG WEDDING, the fairy tale ending with cake makers, dress designers, florists, jewelers, photographers and more for the low low price of a mortgage-like sum!!! But it might just be causing heartbreak, damaging society, and hurting people's faith.

When my wife and I first were engaged, we planned to get married a full two years later so we could save money for our BIG WEDDING. She wanted the big fancy catering hall and I wanted to give it to her. I was working and she was just graduating from college so I wanted to provide that for her.

I remember that it was the remark of a Jesuit who, when I told him that we weren't planning to be married for two years so we...READ MORE

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8 Words The Media Made Meaningless

05/16/2013 Comments (19)

Clarity in communication is a highly coveted skill, especially in the media. You might think that verbal precision you might think would be a must in that field. But some words have me quoting the great Inigo Montoya who said, "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Fetus - Fetus is the new f-bomb. The dictionary states that fetus means "an unborn or unhatched offspring of a mammal."

Simple enough, right?

But in the hands of the media, the term "fetus" can seemingly describe human beings from the moment of conception up to and including their kindergarten graduation. The media will sometimes use the term "fetus" if the mother doesn't want the...READ MORE

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UK Pol: We Should Kill Disabled Children Like We Kill Deformed Lambs

05/14/2013 Comments (14)

You might recall that British politician, Colin Brewer, who last year said that disabled children should be killed to save taxpayer money. You might recall that at the time he apologized and stepped down in disgrace. But you probably didn't know that he was re-elected to his old seat this year. And he's at it again.

This time, he reportedly compared disabled children to deformed lambs that need to be culled. In an interview with none other than the Disability News Service, Councillor (yeah, they spell it that way) Brewer said that perhaps we should be treating disabled children like the runt of a litter of lambs which are often disposed of by smashing them against the wall.

‘If they...READ MORE

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