Pope Francis Has Unsettled Me

09/20/2013 Comments (180)

I'll be honest. I was shocked at what Pope Francis said in an interview published yesterday. I was disturbed because I knew that his comments would be used against pro-life and traditional marriage activists. I knew that sidewalk counselors would be told by those supporting abortion that the pope told them not to be "obsessed" with abortion. Traditional marriage supporters would also be told that the pope said, "Who are you to judge?"

I'll be honest, I was disturbed. While it's clear that the pope is not changing Church teaching he is clearly changing the emphasis. The pope with a few words has unsettled so much. With a few words the pope has unsettled me.

But I thought and prayed...READ MORE

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"Evolving" on Euthanasia

09/12/2013 Comments (53)

The incoming head of the Canadian Medical Association is reportedly saying that the thinking around euthanizing the sick and dying is "evolving." I'm not sure how deciding to kill sick people could be called "evolving" but maybe I'm un-evolved. You notice, nobody in power changes their mind anymore. They evolve. Even if it seems the opposite of evolving.

The B.C. Catholic reports:

"What I am sensing is that thinking is evolving quite rapidly around this issue right now, and it may change," Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti told Postmedia's Sharon Kirkey Aug. 17.
"More [doctors] want to have the discussion," Francescutti told her. "And as more people start having the discussion they start...READ MORE

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Winning the Culture War One Yawn at a Time

09/10/2013 Comments (51)

My two favorite quotes of the day. The first is from Vicki Saporta, head of the National Abortion Federation.

“The anti-choice folks have gotten smarter. They’re no longer talking about overturning Roe, because there would be a huge backlash, she reportedly said. "But if you make abortion inaccessible in state after state, they are in fact achieving their goal while seeming reasonable, when they’re anything but.”

The second is from Michelle Goldberg of The Daily Beast. "The anti-abortion movement has been making epochal advances using regulations that are as tedious to read about as they are to describe," she said. "In the abortion wars, boredom has become a powerful weapon."


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I've Had It With Emoticons

09/06/2013 Comments (24)

My wife and I were looking to get a little work done around the house, namely to take down the nasty, rotting pillar type things holding up the front of our house and replace them with pillars that don't make me dash through the overhang on my way to the mailbox because I'm pretty sure it's going to crash down on my head. So I went online and found a few local companies that fix pillar type things and I sent an email to them explaining what I needed done.

The next day I checked my email and I see a response. Here's what I get:

Matt, I was surprised see your email :O because I closed down my business about two years ago and I've taken on a regular job in an office cubicle :( My brother...READ MORE

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Philadelphia is Hoping You Forget that Life is Sacred

09/01/2013 Comments (5)

Philadelphia City Hall seems to be hoping that pro-lifers forget that life is sacred. Good luck with that.

Forty seven victims of abortionist Kermit Gosnell were treated as non-human waste from the moment they were conceived. Their inhumane treatment continues even now, months after abortionist Kermit Gosnell was convicted of murder in the City of Brotherly Love.

Currently, the city’s medical examiner’s office faces quite the conundrum. Archbishop Charles Chaput along with several pro-life leaders asked for the release of the remains of the 47 babies for proper burial. Now, mind you, Gosnell was only convicted with the murder of three of these bodies, not all. The rest were what,...READ MORE

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How Dads Show Love

08/28/2013 Comments (20)

My wife and I just had our 16th wedding anniversary. My kids were making fun of me about how often I underwhelm on these big days.

The card and the flowers aren't all that impressive, I guess. But my wife told them that love isn't just seen in cards and flowers.

Dads, she said, show their love sometimes in different ways.

When there's a noise in the night and Dad gets up and searches the house and checks all the windows and doors while everyone else sleeps because he can't sleep knowing that he didn't do everything they could to protect you, that's how he shows his love.

Dads come running when they hear the squeal from wives or daughters (and yes, sometimes sons) when they...READ MORE

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Treating Those We Love Like Strangers

08/25/2013 Comments (16)

I was at the bookstore recently with my kids. The little ones were checking out the Legos while the older girls were lounging like hippies on beanbag chairs reading books we hadn’t bought.

I noticed a mother was sitting nearby in the crowded café with her daughter, who seemed about thirteen or fourteen years old. The mother seemed a bit upset and after an intensely whispered conversation the girl walked off past me to go find a book she needed for school, obviously upset.

There was a young woman about 19 sitting at an adjacent table who asked out loud to everybody in particular if they were having trouble connecting to the wi-fi. The mother of the thirteen year old got up and showed...READ MORE

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Maybe If Egypt Promised U.S. Aid Won't Go Towards Killing People

08/15/2013 Comments (8)

The United States federal government is continuing to send over a billion dollars in aid to Egypt even as the government kills its own people. That aid reportedly includes jet fighters.

Some are concerned that U.S. money is going towards killing innocent civilians.

Even The Atlantic, a reliable presidential ally, ran a piece calling for the U.S. to cut off aid in light of the slaughter. "An U.S.-funded "ally" has carried out one of the largest massacres of protesters in a decade," wrote David Rohde. "It is time for Obama to cut off U.S. aid to Egypt."

But isn't there perhaps a middle way. Congress could act now to prevent U.S. taxpayer money from going towards the killing of...READ MORE

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