My 6 Year Old Broke My Heart Today

10/04/2013 Comments (23)

We were in the van. We always seem to be in the van.

My thirteen year old was asking if she could watch the television show "Revolution" because some kids in her class were talking about it. She said it was the one where all the lights went out.

The kids started talking about what would happen if all the power went out.

I told my teenager that would mean her Ipod wouldn't work and she feigned horror and pretend to faint. I said no video games, no television and no computers would work. The boy said that would be terrible. He said he'd much rather have a zombie apocalypse than a power-out apocalypse.

And that's when my six year old said it. "I would love it if none of the computers...READ MORE

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Christianity Stinks As Wish Fulfillment

10/02/2013 Comments (8)

Christianity can be confusing.

I'm told that religion makes me miserable, perpetually guilty, and most likely hateful.

But I'm also told by some that my belief in God is just some childish wish fulfillment to avoid existential angst.

It can't be both of those things, can it?

Firstly, I quite simply don't have time to get all angsty. And I don't want to have to replace all my clothes with black like a true angster. (Yup, I just made up that word.) It's not that I wear a ton of bright colors but I do seem to have an awful lot of tan shorts and white shirts which are quite simply not angsty enough. And chubby guys like me don't look good when we brood. We just look like gassy babies....READ MORE

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Hey, Remember When the Papacy Was Irrelevant?

10/01/2013 Comments (5)

Remember when the Church was irrelevant?

In March, CNN ran a piece by a Boston University Professor entitled, "My Take: The pope is irrelevant."

The New York Book Review ran a piece around the same time by author Gary Wills, which led off by saying, "The next pope should be increasingly irrelevant, like the last two." ran a piece last year entitled, No One's Listening to the Pope.

It's a funny thought. But if everyone's talking at the same time about how irrelevant something is, isn't it relevant?

The funny thing though is that right after the media declared the papacy irrelevant they focused thousands of cameras on a tiny chimney for days to cover the irrelevance? And...READ MORE

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Pope Francis Did What I Didn't

09/25/2013 Comments (82)

A man I know said to me yesterday that I must be outraged about what Pope Francis is saying. I inwardly rolled my mind's eye.

Let me just tell you who this guy is. He's a professed non-believer. A former Catholic. The worst kind, right? And he's a bit in your face about it too, if I'm being honest. (I've told him that so I think it's ok to write here.) He occasionally reads my stuff here at The National Catholic Register because his wife is a Catholic who comes across my stuff occasionally.

He's a funny guy who loves his wife and kids but when it comes to religion we're not typically on the same side of the issue. Doesn't mean we don't have fun together when we're standing on the...READ MORE

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Pope Francis Has Unsettled Me

09/20/2013 Comments (180)

I'll be honest. I was shocked at what Pope Francis said in an interview published yesterday. I was disturbed because I knew that his comments would be used against pro-life and traditional marriage activists. I knew that sidewalk counselors would be told by those supporting abortion that the pope told them not to be "obsessed" with abortion. Traditional marriage supporters would also be told that the pope said, "Who are you to judge?"

I'll be honest, I was disturbed. While it's clear that the pope is not changing Church teaching he is clearly changing the emphasis. The pope with a few words has unsettled so much. With a few words the pope has unsettled me.

But I thought and prayed...READ MORE

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"Evolving" on Euthanasia

09/12/2013 Comments (53)

The incoming head of the Canadian Medical Association is reportedly saying that the thinking around euthanizing the sick and dying is "evolving." I'm not sure how deciding to kill sick people could be called "evolving" but maybe I'm un-evolved. You notice, nobody in power changes their mind anymore. They evolve. Even if it seems the opposite of evolving.

The B.C. Catholic reports:

"What I am sensing is that thinking is evolving quite rapidly around this issue right now, and it may change," Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti told Postmedia's Sharon Kirkey Aug. 17.
"More [doctors] want to have the discussion," Francescutti told her. "And as more people start having the discussion they start...READ MORE

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Winning the Culture War One Yawn at a Time

09/10/2013 Comments (51)

My two favorite quotes of the day. The first is from Vicki Saporta, head of the National Abortion Federation.

“The anti-choice folks have gotten smarter. They’re no longer talking about overturning Roe, because there would be a huge backlash, she reportedly said. "But if you make abortion inaccessible in state after state, they are in fact achieving their goal while seeming reasonable, when they’re anything but.”

The second is from Michelle Goldberg of The Daily Beast. "The anti-abortion movement has been making epochal advances using regulations that are as tedious to read about as they are to describe," she said. "In the abortion wars, boredom has become a powerful weapon."


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I've Had It With Emoticons

09/06/2013 Comments (24)

My wife and I were looking to get a little work done around the house, namely to take down the nasty, rotting pillar type things holding up the front of our house and replace them with pillars that don't make me dash through the overhang on my way to the mailbox because I'm pretty sure it's going to crash down on my head. So I went online and found a few local companies that fix pillar type things and I sent an email to them explaining what I needed done.

The next day I checked my email and I see a response. Here's what I get:

Matt, I was surprised see your email :O because I closed down my business about two years ago and I've taken on a regular job in an office cubicle :( My brother...READ MORE

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