Pope Francis Says Something Or Other About an Uninteresting Topic

08/31/2015 Comments (9)

You ever notice that many seem to hear Pope Francis loud and clear when he says something they agree with or if he mentions an issue they believe should be on the world's front burners. But when Pope Francis talks about life in the womb, religious freedom, or the sanctity of marriage he's essentially ignored by many, including the mainstream media.

I'll admit, I do it a little bit too in that I ignore stories that will ruin my morning. It's human nature, I think. And I think the internet makes it very easy to only read websites and sources that tend to agree with you.

But the one issue that is almost completely ignored is when this pope has talked about the persecution of Christians....READ MORE

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House to Vote on "Freezing" Planned Parenthood Funding

08/29/2015 Comments (22)

When Republicans say they want to cut government funding for Planned Parenthood but aren't willing to shut down the government over it what they're really saying is that Democrats want to fund the abortion giant more than Republicans want to cut its funding. So in light of them marching into this battle with their hands already up, Republicans are reportedly planning a vote to "freeze" funding for Planned Parenthood in the fall.

What does a funding freeze mean and how does that differ from a funding cut? It seems that the freeze would be temporary - in fact, it would only last for a year. I guess they're hoping that Democrats will more likely be amenable to a freeze as opposed to a cut. Or...READ MORE

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Awesome Vid: Judge Bars Band from Playing Hymn At Halftime, Crowd Sings It

08/24/2015 Comments (14)

This is beautiful.

I'll give you a little background first but you can already guess most of it as it's so clichéd at this point. High school band plays the instrumental version of "How Great Thou Art" at halftime of the football game. Insert nutty secularist type who sues. Lunatic Obama appointed judge (redundant?) declares they can't play it. (Mind you, it's the instrumental version) The judge also fined the school district to really teach it a lesson.

So the season opening game occurred on Friday night and there was to be no high school band performance.

During halftime, one person stood up and began singing "How Great Thou Art" and then another and then another. Soon, it looks like...READ MORE

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Archdiocese of Philadelphia Reports Threefold Increase in Priestly Vocations

08/21/2015 Comments (4)

Some good news coming out of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. The Archdiocese just announced a three-fold increase in its priestly vocations from last year with 20 new seminarians enrolling in Saint Charles Seminary. One of those men is the godfather of my youngest child and we couldn't be prouder.

The increase is the largest in over ten years.

"It is extraordinarily gratifying to see these young men choosing a life of service to Jesus Christ and the people of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia," said Most Reverend Timothy C. Senior, Rector of Saint Charles Seminary in a press release. "With the servant leadership example of Pope Francis and Archbishop Chaput, these young men are once again...READ MORE

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New Movie About "Chariots of Fire" Runner Will Ignore His Christianity?

08/17/2015 Comments (3)

A new movie being made about one of the most famous Christians of the 20th century, an Olympic runner Eric Liddell, will reportedly ignore his Christianity.

You might remember Liddell's story because of his refusal to run in the 1924 Olympics on a Sunday because of his Christianity. He didn't run in the 100m on Sunday but instead ran in 400m and won gold. Pretty amazing story, right? Yeah, a movie was made about it called Chariots of Fire which focused on Liddell's Christianity. It won like a gazillion Academy Awards.

But Liddell's story only became more amazing later in life. Instead of becoming a professional athlete or returning to the Olympics, Liddell then went to China as a...READ MORE

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Accidental Life Lawsuits or Gratitude

08/14/2015 Comments (15)

Normally I'm a big fan of anyone suing abortionists. But not so much in this case.

An Italian couple, Giuseppe and Aurora Bellandi, are suing the hospital who failed to actually kill their daughter not only for psychological trauma but to make up for the material deprivation they've suffered by having to take care of their daughter.

The Daily Mail reports:

Elisa, who is mature beyond her years, incredibly supports their decision to sue and insists she has always felt 'loved'.
The failed abortion took place in 2000 after the couple, who already had a grown-up son, unexpectedly discovered that they were expecting a baby. The Bellandis were told it was medically necessary to save the life...READ MORE

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GoFundMe Refused to Post Pic of Preemie

08/11/2015 Comments (13)

The fundraising site GoFundMe has mpw issued an apology for refusing to post a picture of a premature child because it was "too graphic" and could offend viewers.

Here's the picture of baby Jacob which, for a time, was deemed too offensive to view:

Isn't this baby-phobic? Has the issue of abortion become so paramount and sacrosanct that the picture of a premature child is not fit for public viewing? I mean, shame on those parents for not posting the picture of baby Jacob on a beach holding a margarita, right?

Look, there are many pictures on the internet every day that I might find offensive. A picture of a baby is not one of them. And let's face it, the fundraising site's reaction...READ MORE

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New Hot Meme: Planned Parenthood Reduces Abortion

08/04/2015 Comments (73)

Planned Parenthood reduces the number of abortions!!! That's what you'd be led to believe if you were watching or reading the mainstream media. But hey, you'd also think that the killing of a lion and the destruction of a robot in Philadelphia were national tragedies. (Funny how a robot getting its arms and legs ripped off is a national story but the dismemberment of humans is virtually ignored.)

But saying Planned Parenthood reduces abortions is like saying cigarette companies reduce the number of smokers because, hey, smokers die every day from smoking so clearly they're working hard to reduce the number of smokers! Or that Hillary is working hard to prevent future violence against...READ MORE

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