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An Infallible Mark of the Presence of Satanic Evil

09/06/2010 Comments (72) hatred of children.

You see it in that nutjob at the Discovery Channel whose “manifesto” I link above.  You see it in much of the “Humans are a disease, Mr. Anderson” wing of the Environmental Movement.  And you see it, par excellence, in the abortion zealots.

This includes not only the pre-natal abortion zealots who tell us that the targeted slaughter of children in the womb is unfortunate collateral damage in the war on poverty, but also in the post-natal abortion zealots who excuse the abortion of thousands of children’s lives at a tender age by telling us that the targeted slaughter of children in their beds is unfortunate collateral damage in our war on Imperial Japan (at Hiroshima/Nagasaki) or Nazi Germany (Dresden).  The proper response to any call to deliberately target and murder a child is the St. Michael Prayer or simply “Get behind me, Satan!”

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