"What *Some* Social Justice Catholics Get Wrong About Social Justice". Catholics such as this:

It's not complicated. If you support the murder of innocent human beings, you are not a Social Justice Catholic.

Then again, if you make opposition to abortion the basis for heaping contempt on almost the entirety of the rest of the Church's social teaching as "Kumbayah Catholicism", you are also not a social justice Catholic--nor an orthodox one. Here's reality: the Church's teaching on abortion and the rest of the Church's social doctrine are not opposites but complementary.

My suggestion: Just embrace the whole of the Church's teaching and not the bits you like. It can be done, as the good people at Life Matters demonstrate with their lives. As long as the devil can keep Catholics talking as though Catholic social teaching and prolife activism are opposites, we play right into his hands. Don't get played. This is one of the core messages of this papacy. Listen to it.