Pepsi, Kraft, and Nestle Is People!

04/04/2011 Comments (26)

In a scene right out of Soylent Green, we discover that these shining examples of EvilCorp Evil are actually partnering with UberEvilCorp Senomyx in using cells from aborted fetuses for testing their artificial flavors.

Okay, technically you are not *ingesting* the cannibalized remains of a human being, but with each mouthful you are still helping with the cannibalization of aborted babies so that several giant soulless corporations can make money off their deaths.

UberEvilCorp Senomyx is not, of course, interested in things like common decency threatening their cash cow. And companies like Nestle, fresh from a long history of protests over their inhuman contempt for human life in the...READ MORE

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After Considerable Thought, I am Converting to the Jedi Faith

04/01/2011 Comments (31)

It is with great joy that I announce my conversion to that most ancient and mystical of religions: the Faith of the Jedi Warrior.

Many of you will ask me: “Mark, why? We thought you were a serious Catholic!”

All I can say is, it just feels right for me, and I like the Jedi ethos which teaches us all to trust our feelings. Because, after all, if you can’t trust your feelings, what *can* you trust?

Others ask, “But isn’t this just from a movie? Didn’t George Lucas just make it all up?”

To them I say, “Name one religion somebody didn’t just make up!” Ha! Got you there, didn’t I? You don’t even know how to answer, do you? That proves the Force is with me.

You see, it’s that kind of quick...READ MORE

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What Is Sacred Tradition?

03/30/2011 Comments (29)

A reader writes:

I am almost finished reading your book By What Authority, and wanted to express my extreme gratitude to you for writing this book. I was raised as an evangelical and, like you and so many others, have been mulling over questions that seem to have no satisfactory answers inside the evangelical world. I recently picked up the aforementioned book and have not been able to put it down. I have been on an exploratory mission the last couple of years, researching and praying about the Catholic Church, and if there were a lynch pin in my story, reading this book might just be it. I have a question though that was not addressed in the book, or maybe I just didn’t pick up on it.


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Science Fiction as Theology

03/28/2011 Comments (12)

Here’s an interesting bit of philosophical inquiry from philosopher Ed Feser on David Cronenberg’s version of “The Fly”, one of the most disgusting sci fi movies ever made.  I am familiar with the original, but (knowing Cronenberg’s reputation for yuck) I’ve opted to avoid the remake.  Feser is not dealing with the yuck factor.  Rather, he’s dealing with the metaphysical question of what it means to be a human being and how far changes in our bodily structure can go before you stop being human and start being Something Else.  It’s a question science fiction raises for us a lot—and a question the sciences will soon be confronting us with as we continue to screw around with life at its most...READ MORE

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Why Do Cops Lie?

03/25/2011 Comments (24)

Why, for the same reason you and I do: for the greater good, of course. That’s how all human beings justify lying or any other sin they commit. Normally, for *ordinary* people in *ordinary* situations, such behavior is “wrong”, we say. But for me, in my oh-so-special situation, it’s okay. Or if not okay, then, courageous because I’m bravely willing to defy even God in order that some essential and good thing be preserved despite his inexplicable and pharisaic rules that stand in the way of the Greater Good. In fact, I’m actually a *hero* for being willing to go to hell for the Greater Good. The graver the sin, the more likely the sinner is to spout the language of courage to justify the...READ MORE

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Does God Lead People Out of the Church?

03/23/2011 Comments (15)

I wanted to run a question past you. I have a very good friend, married with 3 kids. They recently left the Catholic church for a non-denominational pentacostal-type church. She said she wasn’t being fed in the Catholic Church. And she is now truly on fire for the Gospel, and sharing it with everyone she meets. And it almost does seem that God is leading her there: so many coincidences, people put her in path, miracles taking place in her life. Do you think God could be leading her out of the Church? Should I be trying to actively engage her on this, or just keep praying for her to come back to the Church? Or could it be that God does want her in this non-denominational church? What are...READ MORE

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Why You Guys Make Me Love Being Catholic

03/21/2011 Comments (7)

A week or two ago, the Register ran a piece on the death of Dr. Bernard Nathanson. In the comboxes, somebody asked if he could really be forgiven the horrible things he had done as an abortionist. What followed was a huge outpouring of emphatic mercy for Dr. Nathanson, coupled with a lot of good solid catechesis for the troubled reader on just how huge the vast range of God’s mercy is, what the effects of baptism are, and the immensity of hope this gives us as we struggle with our own sins.

It was a long, gentle and hopeful conversation, and I came away from it thinking how rare and beautiful it is to see a real conversation about mercy—genuine mercy—in today’s culture. It’s a cold,...READ MORE

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The Devil Always Steps on His Own Tail

03/18/2011 Comments (19)

One of the basic lessons of the Gospel is that you cannot defeat the devil in your human strength. Rather, God seems to love to allow the devil to defeat himself. So Old Scratch puts it into the heart of Judas to betray Jesus—only to have the crucifixion and resurrection deal the decisive blow to the powers of hell. In the same way, Old Goat Legs (who is incorrigibly unteachable due to his stupid pride) repeats the same monotonous pattern in the lives of the martyrs. Like the ham-fisted bully whose only thought is, “If force fails, use more force!” Satan and his fellow demons just keep doing the same thing over and over: trying to smash goodness and shout down truth, only serving to make...READ MORE

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