A Bit of Humor for a Friday

10/15/2010 Comments (30)

as folks in the heartland respond to the Amateur President’s demand that they stop whining just because he is presiding over just about everything ineptly.  Hey!  What’s to complain about?  Obama, Biden, and the rest of our Ruling Class in DC are millionaires, so why are the little people so upset about the tanking economy?  They need to respect their betters!

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A Young Man Discerning the Priesthood Asks…

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The Church in the modern era (especially flowing from Vatican II) seems to be investing sizable resources in articulating the reality of equal dignity between men and women: while not the “same”, both are equal in God’s gift of Himself to each. One practical application of this principle can be seen in the Church’s steadfast belief that, while a woman cannot be ordained, she still has equal worth to that of an ordained man.

However, someone recently tried to explain to me that the ontological change a man undergoes in the sacrament of ordination disposes him more fully to a life of holiness. Here, then, is my question: Does the ontological effect of ordination dispose a priest (or, bishop...READ MORE

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In Which I Again Signal My Secret Democrat Sympathies

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Having criticized Sharron Angle’s dangerously wacky remarks on Friday, I have been informed in no uncertain terms that I am a leftist and liberal.  That, of course, is the only conceivable reason anybody would question a Tea Party darling.  Having been thus exposed, I figure I might as well throw caution to the winds and criticize yet another Tea Party darling, Rich Iott, currently running for Congress in Ohio.  Here’s a warm endorsement of him as a “new voice for our values”.

Now, here’s the funny thing.  Last week, when I criticized Angle’s dark suggestion that, should the vote not take care of our “Harry Reid problems”, then “second amendment remedies” might be on the table, lots of...READ MORE

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I'm glad Jesus blessed peacemakers

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...because nobody else seems to.  Everytime some lunatic comes along to advocate violence, you can always find lots of people who will say, “Oh sure, *normally* violence is bad, but in our special case, things are so desperate that you’d have to be a fiend not to advocate violence.”  This was the standard tactic of the vandals and thugs who destroyed college campuses in the 60s in order to register their disapproval of the war in Vietnam and it is, rhetorically at least, increasingly becoming the tactic of some on the Crazy Right today.  Here, for instance, is Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle advocating what she calls “second amendment remedies” to current American politics in a...READ MORE

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Canonize Non-Catholics?

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A reader writes:

I’ve often wondered if the Church considers it possible to canonize non-Catholics.  If so, I wonder if C.S. Lewis would be a candidate?  I had drifted pretty far from my cradle Catholicism when reading Lewis brought me home, and my husband (by heritage Jewish, by belief an atheist) was converted by reading him.  I have heard of many others—Catholics and other Christians—who found or were renewed in their faith by his writings. 

I feel pretty confident that if I ever make it to Heaven, C.S. Lewis will be there, surrounded by a throng of souls who he helped find their way, and I just have no idea if it’s even possible for the Church to investigate his cause.

I share your...READ MORE

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Rich Boomer Chick Gets Religion

10/01/2010 Comments (18)

This just came in over the transom:

News Conf/L.A. Press Club/Oct 8/Chocolate Strawberries 4 U

(Los Angeles)  Center of The Golden One will hold a major news conference at the LA Press Club in Los Angeles on October8,2010 at 11:00am.

At this special news conference on October 8, Kendra Gamble, great-great-granddaughter of one of the founders of Procter & Gamble will unveil ‘The Announcement, which will lead up to an online and print media event on 10-10-10.

The event called ‘The Announcement’ will feature a presentation by Ms.
Gamble and Rachael Wilder, Press Secretary for Center of The Golden One.

‘The Announcement’ is potentially the most significant event in modern history and may...READ MORE

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Babies: An Unalloyed Good

09/29/2010 Comments (128)

So a few days ago, I mentioned the insanity and evil of Child Free zealots who loathe both children and humanity, saying things like, “The AIDS epidemic, rather than being a scourge, is a welcome development in the inevitable reduction of human population. .  .  . If [it] didn’t exist, radical environmentalists would have to invent [it].” calling fertility “the real inconvenient truth” and demanding for a “planetary law” limiting women to a single child in order to “reverse the disastrous global birthrate” which is responsible for climate change.

The response was volcanic and deeply illustrative of the principle that sin makes you stupid, most especially with those people who spend all...READ MORE

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Interesting Appreciation of John Wayne

09/27/2010 Comments (31)

I’ve sort of been surprised that he hasn’t become trendy again.  For my father’s generation he was, for good or ill, one of the principal models of American manhood.  By the end of his life, he was still a box office draw, but was rapidly being rejected by the move toward Alan Aldafied models of sensitive American males.

I am ambivalent about him, since the image of manhood he presented was emphatically that: an image.  In the hands of a skilled director, the nobility of that image could be seen (and I think there were things of real value that have been lost with the broad cultural rejection of that image).  On the whole, I think our culture could do with a bit more of the things that...READ MORE

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