Against Idolatry

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The apologetics subculture in the Church is a place with both rewards and dangers. The rewards are plain enough: People write you sometimes and tell you that something you said or wrote helped them “get it” about the Faith and even helped them reach the decision to trust Christ, or enter the Church, or not go through with that divorce or whatever. It’s lovely to see somebody flourish and grow. It’s also humbling because (in my case anyway) I often can’t remember what particular bit of blather I wrote or said somewhere that my reader is talking about. It’s like when some guy comes up to you at a party and starts talking about that hilarious thing you and he did back in 10th grade, and you...READ MORE

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Good for Cardinal Burke!

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So some organization called Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice was going to hold some conference in England on June 18. They invited Cardinal Raymond Burke, one of the most ardent champions of orthodox Catholic teaching and worship to speak at the conference. He kindly agreed to do so. Then, somebody apparently pointed out to the cardinal that the group spent a lot of time fomenting reactionary dissent. So he bailed.  Does that make everything the English bishops do peachy? No. But it did send a clear message that the healthy response to problem bishops is not to foment reactionary dissent.

Response: The conference organizers, either in complete and utter ignorance or sheer stupidity, decided to...READ MORE

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What If ...

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Abigail van Buren got a letter reading:

Dear Abby:

There’s this woman in my life I just can’t stand. I first met her a couple of years ago. A lot of people seemed to like her, but not me. I know she’s evil. For one thing, she’s got a baby that everybody says is hers, but I’m sure it isn’t. I don’t have any evidence to prove that, but my gut tells me I’m right, so I’m going to keep searching until I prove everybody wrong. (Oh, and by the way, me and my friends have had some real laughs at that retard baby of hers but nobody seems to be able to take a joke!) Same goes for when I laugh at her other disgusting children.  What’s the problem?  People are so sensitive!

So here’s my problem: I’ve...READ MORE

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Better the Devil You Know?

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For several years now, I have gotten panicked emails from the sort of people who live in continual fear that the devil is masterminding a vast conspiracy via D&D, backward masking, and subliminal images in Pepsi commercials. These are the sort of people who believe deeply in “reading between the lines,” searching for the vast web of subtle cues that demons apparently love to leave in their wake so that Deeply Insightful Christians can be tormented like Cassandra, knowing that their prophecies of doom will be true, but powerless to keep The Conspiracy from happening since nobody but them can see Emerging Pattern.

So, for instance, I get email from people warning me that Harry Potter is part...READ MORE

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Four Reasons I Find the Left Repellent

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Reason 1: Weineraquiddick

Not just Weiner’s lying, bullying, threatening, self-pity on full display here:

After all, it’s to be expected that a disgusting cad will lie right up until the moment the evidence against him is so overwhelming that he “comes clean” because he is insulting his audience’s intelligence. That’s what liars do: They lie.

No, what’s really disgusting about the Left is not Weiner, disgusting as he is. It is sickening shills like Chris Matthews, who has no burning panic-driven need to cover his sociopathic narcissism in order to keep his job or his marriage, yet who coolly and with deliberation, tries to figure out a way to blame Weiner’s wife for his disgusting...READ MORE

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Barbara Nicolosi-Harrington on Euthanasia

06/08/2011 Comments (15)

Here are some pertinent observations about the rising tide of Death for the Weak advocacy in the commanding heights of media. By Providence, the piece happened to run on the day Jack Kevorkian, a leading apostle of death (and an extremely creepy man) stopped thinking globally and started acting very locally.

Euthanasia is going to be pushed because it is in the interest of both state and corporation to do so. The quickest and easiest way for Caesar and Mammon to deal with the huge demographic bulge of aging Baby Boomers who will suck up resources and give less and less back as they get older is to murder them. So the same court prophets in media and the arts who have danced attendance on...READ MORE

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One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

06/06/2011 Comments (12)

What do these things have in common?:

AIDS cure:

Breakthrough in obesity research (and, by extension, depression, becaue they’re linked)

Breakthrough in depression research:

Answer: None of them required the cannibalization of a baby because adult stem cells work just fine.

And yet, despite this, the leader of a new embryonic-stem cell trial for spinal cord injuries has the unmitigated gall to launch the trial with the manipulative claim that “It comes down to “giving a patient hope” ... “or telling people they’re doomed to be paralyzed forever.”

Well, no. It comes down to a scientific/government/abortion complex that salivates over the prospect of turning all those dead babies...READ MORE

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Behold the Godless Right

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Catholics used to the general identification of political conservatism with respect for their Faith should take a look at this little thread from a site dedicated to debunking Global Warming.

What’s striking is how all the same old mindless anti-catholic tropes found among fundamentalists just keep turning up like a bad penny among the new Paladins of Godless Conservativism under the sway of people like Ayn Rand and others just as they have long turned up among the Godless Left. These are basically conservatives of a libertarian stripe who like the whole “Let the government leave me alone and let me be selfish” message of the Randroids, but who have nothing but contempt for the notion that...READ MORE

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