In Defense of Michael Voris and Simon Rafe

08/19/2011 Comments (125)

Those familiar with my criticisms of Michael Voris may be surprised to hear it, but I don’t really think there’s much worth getting worked up about over the recent news that Real Catholic TV has been defunct as a non-profit for two years, nor that Simon Rafe has been writing some D&D style fan fiction on the side.

The story is basically about two awkward facts that emerged at the same time. Awkward fact No. 1:

Voris told CNA on August 16 that he had “no idea” his nonprofit corporation St. Michael’s Media had been automatically dissolved in 2009 after failing to file records with the state for two years. An official at the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs confirmed on August 10...READ MORE

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Caesar and Mammon Don't Love You. Jesus Does.

08/17/2011 Comments (46)

A free market, like a free man, only stays free by losing its life in order to save it. Man is taller when he bows to God. Likewise, capitalism only stays human when capitalists aspire to a kingdom that is higher than the bottom line. When we make ourselves slaves of “market forces” and pretend there is no human being for the economy to be for and about, we become slaves. When capitalism and market forces become gods and not servants to the human person, paganized capitalism becomes utterly inhuman.

Case in point: The pagan capitalism regnant in China, where parents sell their children in order to play online games. It is excellent, orthodox, libertarian, free market capitalism in which...READ MORE

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Jittery About Mary

08/15/2011 Comments (700)

A reader writes:

I’ve just started reading your book By What Authority? I like the positive approach.

Thank you!

I’ve been in various protestant churches throughout my Christian journey. I call myself a reformed Lutheran catholic. Several years ago, I discovered the Office of the Hours, and it has become the foundation of my daily devotional life. I read The Imitation of Christ a few years ago and was amazed at how contemporary and applicable it is.


Now, a pastor friend of mine recently told me that he has entered full communion with Catholic church. So now I’m checking Catholicism out seriously. I’m coming to understand Catholic ideas on their own merits rather than the protestant...READ MORE

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I Am a Cosmic Killjoy

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As Chesterton famously did not observe, when people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing.  They believe in anything.  One of the corollaries of this, in our time, is that loss of faith in the Second Coming and the Last Judgment and Four Last Things and angels does not mean that people believe in sputtering out their three score and ten in the cubicle job and then just being cremated and stuffed in the broom closet in an urn.  Rather it means that our whole culture busily manufactures a secularist materialist myth to replace the reality of the Christian tradition.

Take for instance, this story and see if it sounds familiar: a being descends from Heaven, assumes the...READ MORE

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A Question about End of Life Treatment

08/10/2011 Comments (9)

A reader writes:

Today, after reading your article in the National Catholic Register, I was going to send you a further question, but I think that I just found the answer in this story.

The video is about winning the lottery and giving it all away to charity, but what impressed me was the written story that followed, about the death of Ms. Large after a long struggle with cancer. I was going to ask you: I am now 69 years old, my physical health is pretty good, and my mental health (depression) has made great progress in the last few years. However, supposing that some 10 years or more from now, I was found to have a terminal illness, such as cancer. Getting older, no matter how well my...READ MORE

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A Question about Sola Scriptura

08/08/2011 Comments (142)

A reader writes:

Lately, for the last six months or so, I have been “down in the trenches” doing the best I can do defend the Catholic Church against the stunning amount of ignorance and prejudice thrown against Her by the fundamentalist Protestant sects. I know, of course, that I don’t need to explain what I’m talking about at all. (I have debated some of them before, starting out in person when I dabbled myself in a “Bible Christian” church about eight years ago - that’s actually when & why I started writing my “lil essays”, as I call them, when I began to see the major errors of their ways.)

After stumbling upon a staggering amount of pure anti-Catholic spite on a particular forum, I...READ MORE

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It'ssss Our Birthhhhhhday

08/05/2011 Comments (9)

... and guess what we gotsss for our Birthday Presssssent?

I have a fishing buddy who got all choked up about this just before he handed it over. You might say I party full throttle on my birthday.

I’m here all week. Try the veal.

No, but seriously folks, birthdays are one of the sane institutions of our culture. They preserve something very sound: the doctrine of grace. Birthdays are the holiday where the main celebrant has the least to brag about. What was my achievement 53 years ago? Getting born: an entirely passive act. My parents (especially my Mom) did all the heavy lifting. All I did was exist, and even that was a pure gift of grace from the God of life and my mother and...READ MORE

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Up Next: Glamorizing Pedophiles

08/03/2011 Comments (51)

From my “Toldja So” files: I dust off this little piece I wrote on my “Catholic and Enjoying it” blog a couple of years ago:

Kate Harding labors to bring our Polanski-adoring elites back to the central point: Roman Polanski raped a child.

I hate being right all the time, but I predicted exactly this years ago. The reality has never been that our elites much care about victims of sexual abuse: They care about having a useful tool to bash the Church, which some pervert priests and (far more) some spectacularly bad bishops have handed them. But the fact remains that, when the Right Sort of Roman rapes a kid, the people who were cursing and swearing about sexual abuse will turn themselves into...READ MORE

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