The Euphemistic Treadmill

10/21/2011 Comments (26)

While the Administration is busy high-fiving itself over the death of Qaddafi (who is, I grant, not someone I will miss), I thought I’d take the occasion to stroll down memory lane and let Stephen Colbert take a look at some of the Orwellian doubletalk put forward by the Obama Administration to describe this particular war (in Colbert’s inimitable style):

What the Administration did (though it will be forgotten in the glow of having killed a despot) was engage in the venerable pastime of liars, politicians, and evildoers (but I repeat myself) known as “euphemism.” Euphemism is the...READ MORE

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Tolerance Is Not Enough! You. MUST. Approve!

10/19/2011 Comments (34)

You knew it was going to go there. You just may not have expected it to go there that fast.

But that’s not all. Not only are Christians unfit to parent if they believe homosex immoral, we are already hearing (across the Pond, but here soon enough) that Churches which will not perform same-sex “marriage” should be shut down by the State:

As long as religious groups can refuse to preside over ceremonies for same-sex couples, there will be inequality. Such behaviour is not be [sic] tolerated in other areas, such as adoption, after all.

Given that Catholics are already having their consciences crushed by Caesar in the matter of contraception and smashed by Caesar in the matter of adoption,...READ MORE

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Canadian Anti-Catholic Bigotry Kills African Women

10/17/2011 Comments (19)

A ministry that does good work saving African women’s lives has been denied funding for being too Catholic.

Nope.  It’s got nothing to do with condoms or abortion and that lame excuse for bigotry:

Walley also said that MaterCare being refused money based on its Catholic stance against abortion and contraception is a complete non-issue and should have no influence in the agency’s decision.

“Abortion and birth control are irrelevant to solving the problem of maternal mortality,” he underscored.

“All the deaths occur during the last three months of pregnancy, during labor and delivery, and one week after — so what on earth is a birth control pill or a condom going to do?”

Stressing the...READ MORE

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Bad Lip Reading

10/14/2011 Comments (9)

The latest little craze on the web is something called Bad Lip Reading, in which some clever folk take various videos of various public figures or pop stars and redub them with gibberish they appear to be saying. Some of them are quite hilarious, though some are not in good taste either.

Anyway, the reason I mention it is because people of common sense recognize that when you take things that somebody is actually saying and don’t just reinterpret it, but ruthlessly ignore their entire point and replace with something having nothing whatsoever to do with what they are saying, you are either (as with making a joke (assuming everybody is in on it) or you are lying (assuming...READ MORE

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Jason Adkins Does the Church Proud

10/12/2011 Comments (153)

Out in Minnesota, the Chattering Classes are explaining “Shut up!” to the bishops and people of the Catholic Church who wish to point out that gay “marriage” is a complete fiction and fraud, as well as destructive of the common good.  Editors at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune have explained “Shut up!” to the Church, apparently on the theory that Catholics should not be allowed to participate in a conversation with their betters.  Likewise, a clever Episcopalian professor has explained “Shut up!” to the Church, apparently on the theory that the robust state of the Episcopalian communion confers upon him the right to re-order the theology of a communion to which he does not belong.  This is a...READ MORE

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As the Devil Turns Round on Us

10/10/2011 Comments (95)

Readers will recall that, for some time over the past few years, there were discussions in the Catholic blogosphere about the dangers of consequentialism and the extremely popular theory that, when things are really scary, you can indeed do evil that good may come of it.  Such moral corner-cutting was often justified by the charge that those who opposed, say, the Bush/Cheney torture of prisoners or the denial of basic human rights to alleged enemy combatants were “soft on terror” and (illogically) somehow not prolife.  In fact, of course, opponents of torture were actually quite cognizant of the threat of terror, but recognized that not only was the choice to do evil that good may come of...READ MORE

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The Death Penalty and Docility

10/07/2011 Comments (63)

The general approach the Church asks of us in weighing her teaching is “docility”.  This is not a word that sits well with most of us, because it calls to mind images of sheep quietly going to be slaughtered, uttering not a peep of protest or independent thought.  It is from poor notions of docility that you get stories of people who sat on their hands when they knew about priestly abuse, or bizarre notions that if the Pope says black is white then faithful Catholics must deny the evidence of their senses and say the same.  That is not what the Church means by docility, of course, but it is what many people think docility means.

In fact, docility means something much more like “being...READ MORE

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Question About Complicated Catholic Salvation

10/05/2011 Comments (155)

A reader writes:

I realize you are a busy person and may be tempted not to respond to this e-mail.  I pray you will find the time to look over what I have written and are able to offer some insights and comments regarding whether or not it is easier to become a Christian in a Protestant Church than in the Roman Catholic Church. 

I’m not asking you to agree with what I have to say, but perhaps you might understand why I believe it seems much more difficult and complex to become a Christian in the Roman Catholic Church.  If the goal is to get as many people as possible into heaven through the saving work of Jesus, I find the Catholic “way” of evangelism very frustrating and discouraging at...READ MORE

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