Safe, Legal and Rare

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We are all familiar with that little mantra, I trust?  It’s one of those things said by abortion supporters with a guilty conscience who want to have their cake and eat it.  Abortion “saves lives”, doncha know, so we have to keep doing it.  And besides, it’s harmless, so there’s no problem at all.

Yet mysteriously, these same people also insist we should make it “rare”.  Why?  If it saves lives and is harmless, what’s the problem?  Why gingerly talk about making it rare as though there is some moral problem with it?

I think of that as I read the constant apologetics for another form of grave intrinsic evil being emitted by some of the most powerful and influential leaders of another...READ MORE

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What a Piece of Work is a Man

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how noble in reason, how
infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and
admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like
a god! the beauty of the world, the paragon of animals. - Hamlet

It’s stuff like this that marks us off from the entire created order as rational animals.  No angel can do this (lacking a body) and no animal would do it (lacking reason).  We alone, out of all of creation do such things, sheerly for the joy of it.  Thanks be to God for making such a thing as man.

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Reader Barbara observes…

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...that one of the principal differences between the Left and the Right is that the Right tends to recognize the reality of sexual sin (real or imagined) while more or less ignoring the possibility of gustatory sin, while the Left tends to obsess over gustatory sins (real or imagined) and ignore sexual sin.  So, for the Left, you can have intimate congress with a cow, but don’t you dare eat it while, for the Right, gluttony and selfishness tend to be a pecadillo (certainly not one of the Seven Deadly Sins) and attempts to help the poor tend to be viewed as incipient communist revolution. 

So just the other day, a reader was informing me that he didn’t believe in the corporal work of mercy...READ MORE

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Changed Times

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For me, this article is significant because the President and CEO of Focus on the Family, a quintessentially Evangelical organization, is taking his cue entirely from the guidance of the Pope in Rome and a Catholic cardinal.

Are there still big differences between Catholics and Evangelicals?  Of course!  But the ecumenism of the trenches has also done a lot to wear down those differences and make Catholic faith intelligible to Evangelicals who, a generation ago, would still have believed some of the most naive and superstitious rumors about Catholics.  (“They worship statues!” “They reject the grace of God!” “They think Mary is a goddess!”)  These days, it is not uncommon to find...READ MORE

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Credulous Suckers Who Believe Whatever Their Pope Tells Them

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One of the frequent complaints one hears about Catholics is that we cannot think for ourselves and basically live on a daily diet of whatever the Pope spoon feeds to us and tells us to think.  I’m reminded of this as reader Peter Sean Bradley sends along this latest bulletin from the world of anti-Catholic experts on Catholic faith, wherein Fundamentalist pastor and radio star John MacArthur tells you something I bet you never knew:

That’s why when you go into a Catholic Church you see all the candles everywhere, certain people praying for certain people. As long as the candle burns, the prayer goes on. And as long as the prayer goes on, the merit in the prayer is accumulating on the benefit...READ MORE

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Indians vs Swedes

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The Knights of Columbus drops me a line:

We wanted to let you know that the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, Carl Anderson, is about to release a new book entitled “Beyond A House Divided: The Moral Consensus Ignored by Washington, Wall Street, and the Media.”  The book documents a great deal of new polling data showing that a majority of Americans are actually in agreement—on the need to restrict abortion, on the value of traditional marriage, and on the value of religion in public life—and want a return to traditional moral values.

That’s good to hear.  I’ve long believed that the complexion of American life was well described by Peter Berger, who said that if Sweden is the...READ MORE

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My Latest Heretical Act

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Having been informed a couple of weeks ago that I was a secret liberal longing for the election of the Democratic party, the establishment of abortion and the triumph of Marxist/Commie/Islamic atheist theocratic fascism, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that I was a conservative reactionary who hates and fears reason and shills for large corporate interests bent on denying the incontrovertible results of science.

It all started when I expressed skepticism about the hype surrounding

Anthropogenic Global Warming

Climate Change

Global Climate Disruption.  Global warming is one of those things fraught with pseudoknowledge: Knowledge that people “know” not because they actually know...READ MORE

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Why I Do Not Lie Awake Worrying about Global Warm…, er, Climate Cha…, er, Climate Disruption…

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...or whatever it is they are re-packaging it as this week is illustrated by the invaluable Michael Flynn, statistician by day and terrific science fiction writer by night, who notes the following collection of prophetic utterances about climate from the experts over the past century and a half:

Kirk Myers, Seminole County Environmental News Examiner has compiled a fascinating list of quotes, many of which are below:

"The climate of New-York and the contiguous Atlantic seaboard has long been a study of great interest. We have just experienced a remarkable instance of its peculiarity. The Hudson River, by a singular freak of temperature, has thrown off its icy mantle and opened its waters...READ MORE

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