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Acceptable copy for the Grey Lady:

Unacceptable copy for the Grey Lady:

Doubtless, somebody will shout “But Spencer and Geller are bomb-throwing Muslim baiters!”

Okay.  Let’s grant that for the sake of argument.  And your point is what?  All they did was take the copy of the original ad and tweak it slightly to demonstrate that the original ad was written by bomb-throwing Catholic baiters.  And the alleged standard-bearer in American journalism had no problem with that and ran it.

The NY Times: Champions of Anti-Catholicism as the Last Acceptable Prejudice in America.

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What Does it Mean to Say Jesus has Fulfilled the Old Covenant?

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A reader writes:

I am having difficulties understanding when to apply teachings from the Old Testament and when those laws have been fulfilled completely and can be disregarded.  For example, the Church bases her teachings on contraception at least partially on the sin of Onan yet she doesn’t teach the other half of the story that involves sleeping with your brother’s wife shall he die (Thank You).

I understand that some teachings were given to the Israelites through Moses due to the certain circumstances that they were in.  But doesn’t the church use some of these teachings at times and at other times disregards them as “fulfilled”?

I’ve dealt with people who challenge Christianity by...READ MORE

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Closed Communion

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A reader writes:

The candidate I am sponsoring (who is coming into the Church from Protestantism) is finding the issue of intercommunion to be a real sticking point. It not only seems slightly rude to her for Catholics not to invite other Christians to come up to receive Our Lord, but—more seriously—it seems to somehow be cutting people off from God’s grace.

If a Protestant is baptized, sufficiently respectful, and at least in the general neighborhood of believing in the Real Presence, she doesn’t understand why they shouldn’t be welcome at the table of Our Lord. I think there’s also some discomfort at the idea that Catholic authorities have the right to control access to Sacraments...READ MORE

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A Reader Struggles with St. Louis de Montfort

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A reader writes:

I’m writing with the hope that you can help me reconcile some issues I’ve had ever since I read St. Louis de Montfort’s True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin. I read and enjoyed your Mary, Mother of the Son trilogy, and while I know you’re very busy I’m hopeful that my concerns are really just silliness, easily resolved by someone with your background.

Short Background: I’m a Catholic convert, who was originally an atheist—one of those really ignorant but angry atheists. I consider myself Catholic before all else, including political party or nationality. I have absolutely no problem with any of the formal Marian dogmas such as the Assumption or the Immaculate Conception. I...READ MORE

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A Chunk of Paganized Christianity…

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...just fell in my inbox:


There are some matters about heavenly mechanics, which are unknown to present science. One of them is that related to Hercolubus’ approach to Earth, a planet whose name comes from ancient knowledge. The fact of its approach to our solar system is not only a near fact that everybody will be able to see, but it will also result in big upheavals all over the world.

It comes to pass that in the to-and-fro of life, everything returns to its beginning or to its end. It already happened that Hercolubus, in its previous approach, put a stop to the Atlantis’ civilization. These facts, well known by personages who,...READ MORE

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A dispute about how to understand Tobit

03/05/2012 Comments (113)

A reader writes:

Hello, I read your article supporting the catholic books of the bible that the protestants do not recognize . You made some excellent points however you said something very offensive and wrong during one of your answers. I am a Roman Catholic and I take the book of Tobit literally, Tobit did exist the angel raphael did come to the rescue and defeat the demon Asmodeus and for you to say every catholic treats this has a historical novel is absolutely untrue. I talked to my priest about this and you are 100% wrong catholics may take the bible completely literally, partially literally or bare minimum literally. Even the pope agrees with me if you want to take Tobit as a...READ MORE

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Pre-Emptive War and the Protestant Semi-Permeable Membrane

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A reader writes:

I am a long time reader and fan of yours.  The other day one of my friends posted on facebook that he couldn’t find a prohibition on pre-emptive war in Church teaching, and therefore didn’t think it was always wrong.  I went to the Catechism and did a search at Catholic Answers to try to find the teaching, and I haven’t found it yet.  I imagine it is in an encyclical or two, I was hoping you could point me in the right direction of where to find this teaching.

Some time ago I wrote piece about the Semi-Permeable Membranes of the Various Protestantisms.  The point of the piece was that there is a peculiar game played in order to maintain rejection of Catholic teaching in...READ MORE

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Church Works of Mercy and Federal Funding

02/27/2012 Comments (18)

A reader writes:

A few other converts to the Catholic faith and I read and discuss your blogs frequently, and I was hoping you could write yet another. Could you answer the question as to whether or not it is right for the state to pull funding from the Catholic Charities in Illinois based on the fact that the Catholic Bishops do not allow homosexual couples to adopt the children they protect? The article can be found here. In other words, is the state violating the First Amendment when it pulls funding for a religious group based on said group’s convictions? Also, how would you answer the objection that the First Amendment has not been violated by the state in regards to the Illinois...READ MORE

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