Aren't You Ashamed?

04/19/2013 Comments (198)

“Aren’t you ashamed of your Church? How can you be so bigoted to oppose marriage equality? Why do you persecute gay people?” 

That’s how one supporter of redefining marriage put it to me.  Another said about the same thing, only she claimed to be a Catholic. My response:  I am not ashamed of the Catholic Church.  If I am ashamed of Catholics, it is for my failure and others’ failure to live the whole gospel, truth and love.  And I am ashamed when we Catholics are embarrassed by Catholic teaching.

Why is it bigoted to believe, as Jesus did, that marriage is a union of a man and a woman for life? If that’s bigotry, then I am a bigot for Jesus’ sake, I guess. People like to recall the...READ MORE

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