2013’s Feminine Highs and Lows

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Some of the most attention-grabbing news events of 2013 centered around women in pop culture making the most of, or making a mess of, their feminine genius.

And the crowds went wild: sometimes with boos, other times with applause. In some cases, the public reactions to women degrading or fulfilling their dignity matched well with Catholic Church teaching.

In our society and in our times, the differences between men and women are often minimized. The following acts of women in the spotlight, however, are essentially female. They either could not have been done by men, or their meaning would change dramatically if the actor was a man.

With this post, I don’t want to mark these...READ MORE

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Ecumenism — A Catholic Blind Spot

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When Pope Francis stretches out his hand to minister to the sick, does he first ask, “Are you Catholic?”

Probably not, because to live the gospel is to extend Christ’s love universally and without qualification. His Holiness practices daily ecumenism because his focus is on people’s gifts and needs, not categories of acceptability.

Unfortunately, his emphasis on Christian unity has been met with boredom by Catholics and the general public. We forward our friends articles about the Pope’s affability towards children, his plucky barb at trickle-down economics, and his endless telephonic liberties. But when we come to the part where he builds bridges with other Christian leaders, we skip...READ MORE

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