A New Feast Day for the Church

10/08/2010 Comments (2)

Cardinal John Henry Newman, the great Catholic convert of the 19th century, was just beatified by Pope Benedict XVI Sept. 19, and already the Church is celebrating his feast day — tomorrow.

Unlike most saints’ feast days, Blessed John Henry Newman’s does not fall on the anniversary of his death (entry into eternal life) but his conversion to the Catholic faith.

“It catches us a little by surprise because he was just beatified,” said Father Juan Velez, co-author with Mike Aquilina of a new book about Newman, Take Five: Meditations with John Henry Newman (OSV). “By next year, I hope more people will celebrate his feast day.”

In particular, Father Velez, who has worked at several...READ MORE

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Opus Dei Braces for Another Film

03/30/2010 Comments (40)

Paul Lauer is credited with some very successful marketing campaigns to promote The Passion of the Christ, Narnia and other films among faith-based audiences.

He plans to bring similar methods to the new Roland Joffé film There Be Dragons.

It will be “much like the campaigns for The Passion and Narnia,” Lauer, founder of Motive Entertainment, said in an interview: “grassroots material, events, outreach and promotions highlighting the main themes of the movie: facing the ‘dragons’ (challenges) in our lives; healing unresolved conflicts that divide people, especially within families; pursuing holiness through one’s everyday duties.”

That last theme is one that should resonate with members...READ MORE

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Amish Granted Health-Care Exemption

01/14/2010 Comments (5)

Several sources are reporting that both the House and Senate versions of the health-care reform legislation contain a religious exemption.

CQ Politics, the Watertown (N.Y.) Daily Times and others are reporting that Amish people are exempt from the requirement — expected to be part of the final bill — that people purchase health insurance or pay a fine.

“The emerging bills in both the House and Senate include language patterned on an existing ‘religious conscience’ exemption to laws requiring workers to pay taxes for Social Security and Medicare,” CQ Politics said. “What’s not clear is whether the exemption, originally designed to apply only to the Old Order Amish, might be...READ MORE

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