Christie Signs New Jersey Bill Banning "Gay Conversion Therapy."

But Christie also raised concerns about "whether the government should legislate the therapy," trumping therapists' right to free speech and parents' right to approve treatment for their children.

08/19/2013 Comments (17)

Update: Christi issued a statement after he signed the bill that sought to present his views on reparative therapy and homosexuality as in opposition to Catholic teaching. But the statement released by the governor's office wrongly suggested that the Church viewed same-sex attraction as a sin. In fact the Church has called on the faithful to respect all persons, irregardless of sexual orientation, and it distinguishes between sexual orientation and sexual acts. The Catechism of the Catholic Church, #2357-2359, outlines this teaching in detail 


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has signed legislation banning  the practice of providing “gay conversion therapy,” also known as...READ MORE

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Breaking Bad—What Happens When a Man of Science Gets a Death Sentence?

James Bowman on Walter White--the Enlightenment’s “Worse Nightmare”

08/15/2013 Comments (2)

Mayhem and death ensue after a high school science teacher receives a diagnosis of terminal cancer. Film critic, James Bowman, tackles the final season of Breaking Bad, the hit television series,  in a piece for The New Atlantis, the excellent journal published by the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

Bowman writes

All of us are uneasily aware that beneath the good civilizational order in which most readers of these pages and viewers of the show continue to live their lives there is a dark alternative where old rules dominate, the Enlightenment’s recurring bad dream just waiting for the opportunity to reassert itself. Ironically, it is Walt’s Enlightenment credentials as a man of...READ MORE

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Peter Flanigan's Legacy Should Spark a Revolution in School Choice

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The death of Peter Flanigan, a great visionary in the school-choice movement, was marked by the Wall Street Journal.  The editorial noted the remarkable commitment of Flanigan, who founded the Student-Sponsor Partners, aprivate voucher program that has provided financial assistance and mentoring for over 5,000 children in New York's inner city who were eager to attend great Catholic schools but didn't have the money to cover the tuition.

Here is what the Journal wrote about Flanigan, who was a personal friend. 

An important pioneer and giant of the school-choice movement died earlier this week. Peter Flanigan, an investment banker and influential aide to President Nixon, was 90....READ MORE

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Cardinal Dolan on the Today Show: Pope Francis Reminds Us We Can't Judge Souls, Only Actions

Pope Francis' remarks about gay priests get additional context from the New York cardinal.

07/31/2013 Comments (35)

Here is Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York on the Today show. He was one of many Church leaders beseiged by a media frenzy following Pope Francis's remarks on "gay" priests that were taken out of context. Several bishops I spoke with on Tuesday had conducted back-to-back media interviews on the issue, and one told me:"It's unfortunate that some newspapers will have a photo of the millions of young people at the final mass on the beach in Rio, but they all have front-page stories on the news about "gay priests." Yet,  it seems likely that the pope has managed to stir things up in a way that could prove fruitful. At least some curious people will be reading what he actually said, including...READ MORE

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Time to Switch Off TV Antiheroes Like Breaking Bad's Walter White?

White, Tony Soprano and Don Draper make us feel morally superior -- while getting our entertainment from watching characters make bad choices over and over again.

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A couple of years ago, friends gave my husband and me an unexpected Christmas present -- the first season of Mad Men, the Emmy-award winning television series about postwar  Madison Avenue advertising executives. Mad Men's protagonist, Don Draper,  attains success in this flashy, often sleezy world that has a knack for making consumers lust for products they don't need. Don is unfaithful to his wife, who is unaware of a dark secret that shadows his professional success. The first season, and the many others that have followed, charts the fits and starts of his moral descent. The first season makes this point clear when the credits roll out, showing the figure of  a man falling into the...READ MORE

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Media Watch: The Royal "Fetus" Has Arrived: It's a Baby!

07/26/2013 Comments (4)

The New York Times' jarring habit of employing the term, "fetus," to describe all pre-born children testifies to its ideological commitment to abortion-rights without restriction. Yet the Times, along with other news organizations, has reported on the "royal baby" throughout Kate's pregnancy.

Now, following the long-awaited arrival of George Alexanber Louis, Owen Strachan, a professor of theology and history at Boyce College in Louisville, Kentucky, writes in The Atlantic  about  the media's practice of using the word "fetus"---except when it involves the royal baby---to withhold the rights that accompany full personhood from pre-born children. Strachan takes note of the profusion of...READ MORE

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New Polling Confirms Public Support for Abortion Restrictions

07/25/2013 Comments (1)

Two new polls show Americans back efforts to end abortion on-demand after 20 weeks. 

The results of a new ABC News/Washington Post poll released today found an 

underlying unease with abortion, more say it should be legal without limitation only up to 20 weeks (as in some recent state laws), as opposed to about 24 weeks, as the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the landmark Roe v. Wade case; the division is 56-27 percent (an additional 8 percent volunteer that it should never be legal).

Supporters of legal abortion divide fairly closely on the 20- vs. 24-week issue, with 49 percent supporting the former and 42 percent favoring the latter. On the other hand, not surprisingly,...READ MORE

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Time for a Zero Tolerance Dress Code at Mass?

A Christian campaign has its own slogan, "Modest Is Hottest."

07/23/2013 Comments (55)

Here in California, people rarely dress up. Mark Zuckerberg reportedly wore a hoodie for the Facebook IPO (though he put on a nice suit for his wedding last year).

So when people glide into Mass wearing their gym clothes, flipflops and tank tops, most pastors judiciously ignore the spectacle and hope their parishioners will too.

Still, whenever our family attends the 5:30 p.m. Sunday Mass, I have wondered whether the profusion of mini skirts and tube tops might add  up to a 'near occasion of sin," for some appreciative men in the congregation.. And that possibility, I think, is what bothered  my old pastor back in Bethesda, Maryland. He was not shy about discussing inapprorpriate Mass...READ MORE

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