Former Prez of Am.Congress of Obstetricians on NFP 'A 20% failure rate is unacceptable'

03/10/2015 Comments (36)

On March 10, PRI, a radio news program that airs on National Public Radio tackled the "debate over 'natural family planning': Does it work?" 

No, said one medical expert. And the show offered a narrative based on his view that NFP was especially ineffective 'in "places where women don’t necessarily have the power to say no to their husbands or partners.”

The show begins with a skeptical look at the position of Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz, former president of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines. He opposes artificial birth control, backs natural family planning (NFP), and lives in an "upscale" neighborhood, PRI tells us. You can listen to the show here.

The archbishop's...READ MORE

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Did the Justices Signal that Notre Dame and the LIttle Sisters Will Prevail in HHS Lawsuits?

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Kahunapule Michael Johnson/ Flickr (CC BY NC SA 20)

The U.S. Supreme Court today issued a ruling that vacated a circuit court decision against the University of Notre Dame, as it pursued its lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services' contraceptive mandate. 

The news media and some opponents of the mandate presented the ruling as another blow to the White House, which was still smarting from the high court's split decision last June that sided with Hobby Lobby, the for-profit family company that claimed the mandate violated its religious freeom.

"Supreme Court Says Obama Admin Can’t Make Notre Dame Obey Pro-Abortion HHS Mandate," read a headline from Life News.

"The justices asked the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to...READ MORE

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4 Lessons from Downton Abbey’s Fifth Season

03/02/2015 Comments (31)

“I think in life there are people who are unlucky — the bread always falls with the butter side down,” Julian Fellowes, the creator and writer of Downton Abbey told The New York Times, during an interview that marked the close of the PBS Masterpiece drama's 5th season.

“Edith is an example of that.

“Bates and Anna have that, with a key difference, which is that they have a very strong love with each other. Anna is one of the most admirable characterstv in the series. She’s come from a tough childhood, we know now, and yet she hasn’t allowed it to distort her,” Fellowes added, hinting at the Catholic-friendly natural law principles that undergird human relations at Downton.  “We live in...READ MORE

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San Fran Church Official on Teacher Contracts: "The Archbishop has not repealed anything"

02/25/2015 Comments (25)

Amid the ongoing negotiations between the San Francisco Archdiocese, and union leaders representing teachers in four Catholic high schools under the jurisdiction of Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, the San Francisco Chronicle announced that the local church leader was "reassessing [his] strict moral code for teachers."

"Under pressure from parents, students and staffers at the San Francisco Catholic Archdiocese’s schools, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone said Tuesday that he is reexamining strict guidelines he proposed for teachers that would require them to reject homosexuality, use of contraception and other 'evil' behavior." the Chronicle reported in a Feb. 24 news story.

That got...READ MORE

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Did James Foley Die a Muslim Convert or a Catholic Martyr?

02/23/2015 Comments (17)

– YouTube

When James Foley was publicly beheaded by militants from the Islamic State, the grisly video of the American reporter's execution led some Catholics to praise him as a martyr for the faith. 

But, later, other released hostages, who knew Foley, testified that the American had converted to Islam, and that his conversion appeared to be genuine.

Was Foley a Catholic martyr or a Muslim convert? asks The New York Times. And if he did formally embrace the religion of his captors, was that the free expression of his conscience, the result of violent coercion, or simply a tactic to secure a reprieve from the daily beatings he endured at the hands of ISIS?

Foley's mother, a practicing Catholic who...READ MORE

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Lawmakers to San Fran Archbishop: Drop Morality Clauses for Teachers

02/19/2015 Comments (73)
Lauren Cater/CNA

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco.

– Lauren Cater/CNA

A group of California lawmakers asked Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco to remove "morality clauses" from a proposed contract for teachers in high schools under his jurisdiction, reported the Los Angeles Times.

The new language in the contracts direct teachers in four archdiocesan high schools to avoid public statements or actions that oppose Church teaching on contraception, pre-marital sex or homosexual relationships. My story on the proposed change in contract language is here.

In their letter to the archbishop, the California lawmakers argued that the morality clauses "conflict with settled areas of law and foment a discriminatory environment in the communities we...READ MORE

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Psychiatrist: How Fifty Shades of Grey Changes Your Mind and Body

02/18/2015 Comments (8)

The blockbuster success of the film, Fifty Shades of Grey, brings this cautionary guidance from Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, a psychiatrist at the University of California, Irvine medical school.

Couples who may be insoired by the film and books to spice thinge up should check out two  recent studies Kheriaty cites in a post on The Public Discourse.The studies link women who  have read the Fifty Shades books with an increase in behaviors associated with abusive relationships. The 2014 study is here, and the  2013 study is here.

Here is his explaination for why we should be wary of mixing romance with violence -- even in the entertainment we consume.

"Human beings have neural networks related to...READ MORE

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Iraqi Christian Children, Others, Sold by ISIS as Sex Slaves, Reports UN Watchdog

In the wake of Islamic State’s brutal treatment of a Jordanian pilot, President Obama attacked ISIS at the National Prayer Breakfast

02/05/2015 Comments (9)

Residents of Kobane, Syria, flee across the Turkish border in fear of attacking Islamic State forces.

– fpolat69/

“Children of minorities have been captured in many places ... sold in the market place with tags, price tags on them, they have been sold as slaves,” Renate Winter, an expert on the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child, told reporters yesterday

Winter’s comments were timed with the release of the U.N. watchdog’s report on a range of human rights issues in Iraq that have surfaced over almost two decades. 

The report was issued as the world reacted in horror to the Islamic State’s brutal treatment of a captured Jordanian pilot, who was burned alive in a cage.

Strikingly, this U.N. report detailing attacks on children has not received anywhere near the same level of global attention....READ MORE

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