ISRAEL: Whose Land Is It? (Pt. 2)

06/23/2010 Comments (82)

In our previous post on this subject, we looked at the claim that the Jewish people have a claim to the territory currently occupied by the modern state of Israel because they were promised it in the Bible.

We saw that reasonable people could take different views of this subject, especially concerning how such a promise might apply to the present age.

Now let’s look at the question from an ethical rather than a revelatory perspective. That is to say, apart from the revelation claim that we have already examined, what grounds might be offered for the claim.

Before we do that, though, I’d like to clear something up that I think has resulted in some folks spinning their wheels: the term...READ MORE

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President Obama Wishes *You* a Happy Homosexual Fathers' Day!

06/22/2010 Comments (124)

It’s true.

In fact, he said that when “two fathers” are raising a child together, we owe them “our unending appreciation and admiration” and that this Fathers’ Day we should honor “all our fathers,” including those in homosexual, two-daddy “families.”

Admittedly, he didn’t use the term “homosexual,” but given all the other kinds of fathers he mentions, process of elimination makes it clear what he has in mind. (E.g., step fathers are given separate coverage.)

In an official presidential proclamation on the White House web site, he proclaimed:

Nurturing families come in many forms, and children may be raised by a father and mother, a single father, two fathers, a step father, a...READ MORE

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ISRAEL: Whose Land Is It Anyway? (Pt. 1)

06/21/2010 Comments (135)

Recently we were discussing the recent Helen Thomas broujaja and the question of who “owns” the land of Israel/Palestine inevitably arose.

I’m not going to solve that long-standing and thorny question in this blog post, but I can offer some considerations that need to be taken into account when forming an opinion on the subject.

First let me note that there is room for different opinions, here. The issue is a complex one, and people of good will can take different positions—regarding the founding of the modern state of Israel, regarding its role in God’s plan, and regarding what should happen with it in the future.

In previous comboxes, some readers asserted that support for Zionism is...READ MORE

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Antichrist Update!

06/19/2010 Comments (41)

In my previous post, I took on a silly video that has more than a million views of different versions of it. The video centered on Jesus’ statement in Luke 10:18 that, after the disciples had come back from a preaching mission, Our Lord had seen “Satan fall like lightning from heaven” and claimed that if you back translated this statement from Greek to Aramaic and then to Hebrew that “lighting from heaven” would come out as “baraq o baw-maw” or “Barack Obama.” This, the nameless creator of the video suggested, might mean that Jesus was telling us the Antichrist’s name would be Barack Obama.

I greeted the logic of this video with a great big gift bag full of “Nope.”

Whatever Barack...READ MORE

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New *Bible* Evidence Obama Is the Antichrist!

06/14/2010 Comments (94)

Just, y’know, not good evidence.

Consider the following video, which has been going around the Internet, with over a million hits on YouTube between different versions.

Okay. So that kind of settles it.


I don’t know who is behind the video, but whoever it is clearly has only the most rudimentary understanding of the things he’s talking about, and he makes mistakes left and right. (Put another way: He’s totally out of his depth.) This is made clear by the annotations that start popping up in the video (you can shut them off with the controller in the lower right hand corner) that, among other things, advertise an updated version of the video, in which he tries to eliminate some...READ MORE

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Why So Few Gospels? Inquiring Muslims Want To Know!

06/12/2010 Comments (16)

A correspondent writes:

I’m just in need of a helping hand from you, because I’m in the middle of a debate with a muslim friend.

While we’re in the middle of discussion, he happen to addressed me with a question that blew me away, because I don’t have any idea on how I could tackle his question.

This is what he said, “Could you also tell me that there are hundreds of Gospels, then how come only four made it through the New Testament?”

I know that the “Books or Gospels” contained in the New Testament are all inspired by the Holy Spirit, but I think there are much more broader explanation regarding this matter.

I hope you could give me a helping hand regarding this subject Sir. I would...READ MORE

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See Ya, Helen!

06/10/2010 Comments (38)

So Helen Thomas has resigned.

Fine with me. I always found her obnoxious, abrasive, partisan, rude, and mean-spirited.

But don’t count her out just yet. She previously resigned from UPI in 2000 but had a new gig at Hearst Newspapers within a few months, so we may see her again.

Though she is gone (at least for now), the question remains: Was what she said in the video clip anti-Semitic or merely anti-Zionist?

In the combox of my previous post, many commenters disagreed with me and said that the clip did provide proof of Thomas’s anti-Semitism.

That’s fine. I don’t have a problem with disagreement.

Other commenters agreed that the video didn’t provide proof of anti-Semitism and said...READ MORE

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Is Helen Thomas an Anti-Semite?

06/05/2010 Comments (304)

On May 27, long-time White House correspondent Helen Thomas made remarks that have caused an uproar.

At the time, she was outside the White House, which was hosting a Jewish heritage event. An interviewer asked her if she had any comments on Israel.

Her reply was, “Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine.”

She went on to say that “they” (meaning the Palestinian people) are an occupied people and that Palestine is “their land.”

When asked where Israelis should go, Thomas said that they should “Go home” and went on to identify “home” as “Poland, Germany . . . and America . . . and everywhere else.”

Thomas’s remarks caused an uproar in which many have called her remarks offensive,...READ MORE

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