How to Solve Moral Dilemmas (Plus: How to Recognize Hypocrisy)

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There are many times in life where we’re confronted with moral dilemmas. It seems like all of our options are bad—even sinful. But are they really? What are we supposed to do in these situations? How can we solve the dilemma? 

For example, suppose your child is desperately sick and the only cure is one that was derived from unborn babies who were killed for medical research. Can you use the vaccine to save your child’s life? Does doing so mean you’re cooperating with the culture of death?

And if you use the cure, does that make you a moral hypocrite? How can we assess charges of hypocrisy?

These are among the questions we explore in this week’s episode of the Jimmy Akin Podcast!

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What Do You Think of This Liturgical Song?

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Last Sunday, through unforeseen circumstances, I arrived at Mass just a couple of moments late and came in during the first reading. As I made my way to the pew, I recognized the reading as the familiar celebration of the ideal wife from Proverbs 31.

Cool! I’ve always liked that passage. It’s got a lot of neat and insightful stuff in it.

Then, after the responsorial Psalm there was the reading from 1 Thessalonians about the end of the world, and finally the Gospel reading from Matthew 25’s parable of the talents. (Which, believe it or not, is where we actually get the English word talent, referring to an ability or aptitude. That usage comes from this parable, where the talents are used...READ MORE

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Tough Questions on Confession

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Can a priest force you to confess your crimes to the police? How about your parents? Or your teachers? Or your spouse? Or the IRS?

What should you do if a priest doesn’t say “I absolve you” in confession? How should you handle cases of doubtful absolution? What should you say to the bishop?

Is it possible to be reconciled with God without going to confession? What about Protestants who commit mortal sins? When is general absolution warranted? And what about the dying who can’t confess?

These are among the questions we explore in this week’s episode of the Jimmy Akin Podcast!

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Sinead O'Connor Laughs Off Pope-Killing Fantasies, Blames Own Twitter Followers

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According to FOX News:

Irish songstress Sinead O’Connor came under fire a few weeks ago when she took to Twitter to announce that she would perform a “bloodbath” if Pope Benedict XVI visited Ireland.

“Young people of Ireland I love u’ said Sinead as she pulled the [f**king] trigger,” the artist tweeted, referencing the famous words of John Paul II, which he uttered in his 1979 pilgrimage to Ireland.

Okay, the offense meter just maxed out the scale.

But O’Connor is changing her tune, insisting that her words were all in innocent humor.

I’ll bet she is. I’ve got one word for you, Sinead: “NOT FUNNY.”

“That was just nonsense. Come on! See, that’s the trouble with Twitter, you know,...READ MORE

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German Bishops Publish Porn?

11/08/2011 Comments (27)

According to The Independent,

Germany’s biggest Catholic-owned publishing house has been rocked by disclosures that it has been selling thousands of pornographic novels with titles such as Sluts Boarding School and Lawyer’s Whore with the full assent of the country’s leading bishops.

The revelations made in the publishing-industry newsletter Buchreport concern Weltbild, a company with an annual €1.7bn (£1.5bn) turnover and 6,400 employees. It is Germany’s largest bookseller after Amazon and wholly owned by the Catholic Church.

Buchreport revealed that Weltbild’s massive assortment of titles available to customers online includes some 2,500 “erotic” books with unmistakably lewd titles...READ MORE

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How Can Bible Software Help *YOU*?

11/04/2011 Comments (1)

We live in an age in which computers are changing countless aspects of our lives. One of the things they are changing for people of faith is the way that we study the Bible.

Over the last few decades, I’ve watched how Bible study software has developed, and it’s reached a point at which it’s capable of doing truly amazing things—things that were practically impossible only a few years ago, even for people with extensive research libraries at their disposal.

Among these things is the ability of biblical scholars to do complex studies of the way words and grammar are used in the biblical texts. These have shed new light on how the authors of the sacred books wrote and what they meant.


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God Supports Obama's Jobs Bill! (Or Does He?)

11/02/2011 Comments (20)

In an article headlined Obama: God backs jobs plan, AFP is reporting:

The president rebuked the House of Representatives for passing a bill reaffirming the US motto “In God We Trust” rather than getting to work on his stalled $447 billion jobs program.

“That’s not putting people back to work. I trust in God, but God wants to see us help ourselves by putting people back to work,” the president said.

Hmmm. Think he went to far in that?

Obama’s spokesman Jay Carney denied that Obama had perhaps gone too far by dragging the Almighty into a fierce political spat.

Well, okay then.

“I believe that the phrase from the Bible is ‘the Lord helps those who help themselves,’” Carney said.


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Medjugorje: Where Do Things Stand Now?

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1978 CDF Norms:

Diocese of Mostar statements:

Međugorje: Secrets, Messages, Vocations, Prayers, Confessions, Commissions

2006 Homily:

Background on the “Herzegovinian Affair”:

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