Bad TV Theology; Down Syndrome and 1st Communion

01/21/2012 Comments (4)

Can you watch a TV show if it has religious aspects and it doesn’t get those quite right?

Is it okay to do that for purposes of assessing how “the world’s” ideas about theology compare with the Church’s teachings? Or can you watch the program just because you enjoy it, even though it has theology in it that isn’t accurate? Can you ever reach a point where you need to just shut it off because of how bad its theology is?

What about going to movies or plays or reading novels that have bad theology?

What are the theological problems in It’s A Wonderful Life?

Is it really true that every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings?

On a much more serious note, what are the implications if...READ MORE

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Revealed! The Church's Official Prayer for Sports Events!

01/19/2012 Comments (21)

He’s not Catholic, but Tim Tebow has generated a lot of controversy by publicly praying at sporting events. Even I know that, and I know nothing about sports.

Praying at sporting events has been around for a long time. I remember being incredulous when I first heard about it, years and years ago (possibly even before I was Christian). I was assuming, as do many people, that the athletes were praying for victory, asking God to take the side of their sports team, which is preposterous.

But a new light was cast on it when I learned that many of those praying were not asking for victory but that all would play well and safely, that nobody would get hurt.

As Emily Litella would say, “Well!...READ MORE

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ADL: Jews Should Not Spit at Christians

01/16/2012 Comments (68)

I don’t always see eye-to-eye with Abe Foxman of the Jewish Antidefamation League (ADL), but I want to give him his props on a recent statement issued by the ADL.

According to a press release, issued December 7th,

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has called on the Chief Rabbinate of Israel to publicly denounce the repulsive decades-old practice by ultra-Orthodox Jews of spitting at Christian clergymen they encounter in the street.

“This repulsive practice is a hateful act of persecution against another faith group and a desecration of God’s name according to Jewish law,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. “This display of hate and bigotry has no place in Israel and is...READ MORE

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Will They Really Fix the Offensive John Paul II Statue?

01/13/2012 Comments (20)

I’ve blogged before about the UGLY John Paul II statue outside Rome’s main train terminal.


Now Catholic New Agency is reporting that an effort is underway to fix it:

“I made a design for the sculpture that wasn’t executed well in the foundry,” explained the creator of the artwork, Italian sculptor Oliviero Rainaldi.

“It is not that we have come up with a new statue,” he told CNA on Jan. 10. “We’re correcting those details that weren’t executed well” so that “it will be more faithful to my original idea.”

The redesign will involve replacing the head, modifying the Pope’s cape and touching up the outer coating of paint, since the bronze has oxidized to a...READ MORE

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Sin & Baptism; Taxes & Abortion; Mary & Communion; Dungeons & Dragons

01/07/2012 Comments (7)

What happens if you forgot to repent of a sin before baptism? Will you still be forgiven? How can you fix the situation?

Is it okay to pay taxes knowing that the government will use some of the money to support Planned Parenthood and abortion?

Did the Virgin Mary ever receive Communion? If not, why not? If yes, why did she need to?

Is it okay to play Dungeons & Dragons? How about other role-playing games (RPGs)? What are we to make of them?

These are among the questions we explore in this week’s episode of the Jimmy Akin Podcast!

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Should Catholic Sex Abuse Documents Be Withheld from Courts?

12/29/2011 Comments (33)

David Clohessy of SNAP

That’s a very good question, isn’t it?

How many times during the course of various sex abuse news cycles have we read about lawyers using various legal maneuvers to try to keep official, confidential documents pertaining to priestly sex abuses cases out of the hands of courts?

These instances only reveal what scoundrels both the lawyers are—*and* their clients. I mean, the *only* reason to try to keep a document out of the court’s hands is if you have something to hide, and that shows that you are acting in bad faith, trying to stop justice from being done.

Consider this story on the web site of the National Catholic Reporter (*not* Register):

SNAP director may be forced to testify in...READ MORE

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The TWENTY-PLUS Days of Christmas???

12/29/2011 Comments (29)

As many are aware, it’s still Christmas. The Christmas season only begins on Christmas.

But when does it end?

If you go by the famous phrase “the twelve days of Christmas”—immortalized in the well-known song (which really *is not* a crypto-catechism after all; sorry.)—then you might guess they end on January 5, the eve of Epiphany, counting Christmas Day as the first day. Or if, according to some versions, you count the day *after* Christmas Day as the first day then the twelfth turns out to be January 6, the traditional day of Epiphany.

Ahhh. . . . Things were so uncomplicated in former centuries. Twelve days. Two options. Easy!

But as the Church’s liturgical cycle get modified over...READ MORE

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Herod the Baby-Killer

12/28/2011 Comments (16)

Today is the feast of the Holy Innocents—the baby boys that Matthew records were slain on the orders of Herod the Great in his attempt to kill the infant Jesus.

Did he really?

Sometimes we hear skeptics dismiss the idea by saying that we have no record of him doing so.

But it’s not exactly like we have the complete records of what Herod did in his reign. So much has been lost that this kind of argument from silence is the logical fallacy they teach it to be in beginning philosophy classes. Just because we don’t have a record of Herod doing something doesn’t mean he didn’t do it.

And, after all, don’t we have a record in this case? Matthew mentions him doing it. That’s a record, right?...READ MORE

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