Are most Catholics in America going to hell?

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Are most American Catholics going to hell?

When you look around society today, it doesn’t look good.

Even in the Church, people are committing abortion and contraception.

They are sleeping together outside of marriage, using porn, and doing a host of other things that can endanger their souls.

It can be tempting to conclude that most Catholics in America today are going to go to hell.

Is the situation that bleak?


A Question from a Reader

A reader writes:

I belong to a great parish, full of wonderful people who love God and neighbor.

However, I can't help but be aware that at least from an objective viewpoint, most of them seem to be in a state of mortal sin per the Church's teaching. 

The most common one is...READ MORE

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Hidden Pyramids of the Bible!

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What is the startling truth about the "hidden pyramids of the Bible"?

There’s a very interesting thing that the authors of the Bible do.

It’s a technique they use, and it’s very subtle.

Most of the time, we readers miss it.

In fact, most people have never heard of it at all.

But it’s real, and it can give us important clues about the meaning of Bible passages.

Here’s the startling truth about . . . the hidden pyramids of the Bible!


It’s Called What?

Sometimes the Bible uses a little-known literary form that most people have never heard of.

It’s called chiasmus.

Whatever does that mean?

We begin to get a glimmer when we consider the origin of the name.

It’s from the Greek letter Chi, which looks like the English letter X.


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How can Jesus’ death save people who died before his time?

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How could Jesus' sacrifice provide forgiveness for people who died before it was even made?

On the Cross, Jesus offered his life as a sacrifice to make it possible for us to be saved.

But what about the people who lived before he made that sacrifice?

How can they be saved? How did his death relate to them?

Let’s take a look at that . . .


An Outstanding Question

Recently, I blogged about the general question of how salvation works before and after the time of Christ, but we didn’t answer all the questions a person might have.

One outstanding question is how Jesus’ sacrifice could apply to people before it was even made.

Scripture gives us some interesting possibilities . . .


“From the Foundation of the World”?

One image that some have looked to is found...READ MORE

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Is it okay to pray when you have doubts about God?

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Is it okay to pray when you have doubts about God?

It’s great to have strong faith, to feel confident in what you believe.

That way you can “with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need” (Hebrews 4:16).

But not everybody is at that point.

Some people are still coming to faith. Other people find their faith wavering at times.

So what about then? Is it okay to pray when you have doubts?


A Real Question

This is a real question. A reader writes:

I am going through a rough time and wanted to know whether it is okay to pray the rosary while being a bit skeptic about Jesus and Mary.

I find it a bit difficult to believe that Jesus is God, that Mary...READ MORE

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Pope Francis and the Vatican "gay lobby"—10 things to know and share

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Did Pope Francis just admit the existence of a "gay lobby" at the Vatican? If so, what will he do about it?

Pope Francis recently made the news by, apparently, acknowledging the existence of a "gay lobby" at the Vatican.

What did he say? What did he mean? And what will he do in the future?

Here are 10 things to know and share . . .


1. What did Pope Francis say?

According to press reports, Pope Francis recently said:

"In the Curia there are holy people, truly, there are holy people. But there's also a current of corruption – there's that, too, it's true.... The 'gay lobby' is spoken of, and it's true, that's there... we need to see what we can do.”


2. Where and when did he say this?

According to Rocco Palmo:

The comments were purportedly made during an hourlong audience...READ MORE

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Was James, not Peter, the head of the Church after Jesus?

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Was St. James the Just the leader of the early Church--or was St. Peter?

Some claim that it was James, not Peter, who was the leader of the early Church after the time of Christ.

What evidence can they provide for this claim?

And what evidence is there against it?


Which James?

"James" was a common name in first century Judea, and there were several men named James who are mentioned in the New Testament.

Unfortunately, precisely how many Jameses there are many is not clear.

They are described different ways, and it is not clear whether a James described in one passage is the same as the James mentioned in another.

The James who assumed a prominent leadership role in the Jerusalem church after the time of Christ is known as “the brother of the...READ MORE

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Is the Catholic Church the one true Church? (7 things to know and share)

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Is the Catholic Church the one, true Church? Here are 7 things to know and share with others . . .

In today's brave new world of ecumenism, the Catholic Church no longer claims to be unique, right?

After all, Vatican II didn't say that the Church of Christ is the Catholic Church.

It merely said that the Church of Christ "subsists in" the Catholic Church.

So that means the Catholic Church no longer views itself as the "one true Church," right?

Not so fast . . .


1. The Source of the Issue

The source of the issue is found in Vatican II's dogmatic constitution on the Church, Lumen Gentium, where we read:

8. This Church [the Church of Christ] constituted and organized in the world as a society, subsists in the Catholic Church, which is governed by the successor of Peter...READ MORE

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Did Pope Francis poke Protestants in the eye?

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Did Pope Francis intentionally poke Protestants in the eye?

In a recent column, Presbyterian Bill Tammeus appeared to accuse Pope Francis of "intentionally offering a poke in the eye to people outside your faith tradition."

He asks if Pope Francis is "saying that I, as a Presbyterian, cannot follow Jesus outside of Catholicism? That's what he appears to be claiming, and I think it's a dicey position to highlight so early in his papacy."

Did Pope Francis "intentionally" poke Protestants in the eye? Did he say that Presbyterians cannot follow Jesus?

Or is Tammeus misreading the pope?

Here's the story . . .


Getting Started on the Wrong Foot

Tammeus begins:

Ever since the start of the Protestant Reformation nearly 500 years ago,...READ MORE

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