Modesty Is an Opportunity to Love

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I got the memo. Those shady powers-that-be behind the Catholic blog world called me, Simcha, Janet, and Darwin and told us that we'd better write about modesty this week or else! So, alas, I have no choice but to share with you something I learned about modesty after my conversion:

Growing up in secular culture, I don't think I ever heard the topic of modesty discussed, at least not like it is in religious circles. Parents of high school classmates might have told their daughters that they had to wear mini-skirts -- no micro-minis allowed in this house! -- but there was a sense of purposelessness to it, like, "I don't know why it's a bad idea for my daughter to go out of the house...READ MORE

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Important Lessons from Fr. Pontifex's New Spoken-Word Video

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If you were hoping to start your week with a Youtube video that combines being entertaining and thought-provoking with having great music while also highlighting the flaws in "new atheist" ideology, look no further! Catholic priest and musician Father Claude Burns, better known as Fr. Pontifex, has released a new spoken-word video called God Is Dead, in which he powerfully addresses the claims of folks such as Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and the late Christopher Hitchens. Check out some of these lyrics:

The universe is rational, lawful, and corresponds one-to-one with our brain --
these are tenets of faith the scientific method maintains.
So let's refrain from an arrogant attack...READ MORE

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Using New Technology to Support Christian Soldiers

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When Cheri Lomonte heard that deployed military personnel often go long stretches of time without the opportunity to go to Mass or any kind of church service, she knew she had to do something. The founder and director of Mary's Touch began thinking about ways to strengthen the faith of the men and women who serve our country, and came up with the idea to send out MP3 players pre-loaded with inspiring Catholic content. Frontline Faith was born, and the rest, as they say, is history. From the Frontline Faith website:

In 2009, Cheri founded The Frontline Faith Project as an outreach program of Mary’s Touch, to help address the spiritual needs of all people serving in the military. Since...READ MORE

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Somebody That I Used to Know

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If you have ears, you're well aware of the song Somebody That I Used to Know by the artist Gotye. (On the off chance you haven't yet heard it, just turn on the nearest radio; it's probably playing. Or you can listen to this great cover by Ingrid Michaelson here.)

I've been fascinated by this song for weeks. From the first moment it came across my minivan's sound system, it was clear that this artist captured some great truth about the human experience in his music. I couldn't download it to my iPod fast enough, and I listened to it about a dozen times the first day I bought it. Evidently I wasn't the only one. Take a look at these stats, from the Wikipedia entry about the song. After...READ MORE

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How I (Sort of) Overcame My Fear of Flying

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Every time I travel by air, there comes a point in the flight when I decide that I am never, ever flying again. It invariably occurs when the plane is woefully far from the earth and we hit turbulence. I can deal with some bumps during takeoff and landing, since something about being close to the ground gives me an irrational sense of security, but when things get bad at 30,000 feet, I freak. I resolve that this will be my last flight, one way or the other; on the off chance that I survive until landing, I will never make the terrible mistake of getting onto an aircraft again. Then, inevitably, the memories fade (or perhaps I block them out), and when the next trip comes up, I do not in...READ MORE

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Why Don't We Dress Up Anymore?

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Last week Monsignor Charles Pope wrote a thought-provoking post lamenting our lax modern attitudes regarding the way we comport ourselves in public, especially when it comes to attire. It was occasioned by an ad for Skinny Girl liquor (which you can watch at the bottom of Msgr. Pope's post) that juxtaposes a caricature of a woman from the 1950s to modern women. The '50s woman wears a tailored dress, white gloves, high heels -- and of course the stereotype wouldn't be complete without a gaudy string of pearls. While this woman sits stiffly and rattles off rules about how a real lady behaves, the ad flashes to images of modern women having fun while breaking all of these rules (and drinking...READ MORE

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Conversion: The Scariest Happy Ending in the World

06/25/2012 Comments (51)

As you've probably heard, last week the popular atheist blogger Leah Libresco announced that she no longer considers herself an atheist, and has begun the process to convert to Catholicism. Among the hundreds of responses she received were well wishes from fellow Catholic converts, many of them that included warnings about the difficulties that she will inevitably face -- not only in the process of conversion, but if and when she comes into communion with the Church as well. Calah Alexander spoke for many others when she wrote a moving post about the losses that inevitably come with conversion. And quoting Paul Johnson, Elizabeth Scalia quipped, "Come on in; it's awful!"

As I watch all...READ MORE

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How Music Led Me to God

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A while back I mentioned to an atheist acquaintance that I'd cried at Mass that morning. I explained that it was one of those times when I felt overwhelmed with the presence of God; I was so perfectly at peace, so surrounded by love, that I couldn't help but be moved to tears.

"Maybe it was the music," he responded. He went on to offer an erudite analysis of how music is known to produce certain positive sensations in the brain, noting that religious leaders from time immemorial have used the evolved human response to the stimulus of music to delude the faithful into believing that they've experience the divine.

I had to smile at his suggestion, because I actually agreed with part of...READ MORE

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