The Other Gay Marriage Debate

05/18/2011 Comments (181)

There are some interesting discussions going on over at the religion site Patheos, where the Catholic and Evangelical portals are hosting a symposium called For Life and Family: Faith and the Future of Social Conservatism. Tim Muldoon has a particularly interesting piece, where he suggests that Christians should fight for traditional marriage primarily by evaluating our own approach to the institution:

Instead of arguing about law, we should be modeling the kind of love that the author of the letter to the Ephesians describes as most closely modeling the love of Christ for the church. And instead of targeting gays, we must turn the focus on ourselves and ask why our impoverished...READ MORE

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The Three Temptations of Facebook

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A while back I did a computer fast where I shut down my computer and put it away completely for an entire week. No email. No web surfing. No Facebook, Twitter or blogging. I didn’t even use my mobile phone for anything other than making actual phone calls. It ended up being an even more illuminating experience than I could have imagined. Not only did my little experiment reveal some stark truths about how I use my time in a typical day, but it showed me just how much my interactions with the online world had impacted my spiritual life, as well.

Naturally, the minute my fast was over I ran back to my computer like I was Richard Gere in the final scene of An Officer and a Gentleman, and...READ MORE

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8 Surprising Facts About Adopting HIV-Positive Kids

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It’s always nice to come across good news for a change, so I was excited to see this article on MSNBC about how more families are adopting HIV-positive children (don’t miss the great video at the bottom). Up until recently, I didn’t know that anyone could or did adopt children who were HIV positive. I assumed that it was too difficult, too risky, too expensive and maybe even illegal; and, sadly, I was also ignorant of the sheer number of HIV-positive children out there who need homes.

Then I met a local couple who, after a long and careful discernment, felt called to welcome two HIV-positive children into their home (they shared their story with me here). Ever since then I’ve followed the...READ MORE

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Unite for Life Next Tuesday

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I love the pro-life movement and hate leaving my house, so I am all ears when someone tells me about ways to offer my support from the comfort of my couch. This leaves me very excited to help promote the Unite for Life webcast next Tuesday (May 17). The event, which will be broadcast at 8pm in each time zone in the U.S., will feature an interview with Abby Johnson in which she sheds new light on how her desire to help women led her first to Planned Parenthood, and eventually to the pro-life movement. I’m also interested to hear from the special guests, since they’re all people who are truly on the front lines of the battle for life, including:

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It's Never a Good Time to Have Kids

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There are some great discussions going on in the blog world right now about how much money you really need to have kids. Blogger Young Mom has a good takedown of an MSNBC article talking about couples who want another child but are choosing not to have one because they don’t think they can afford it. Leila Lawler laid it out forcefully when she wrote:

There might be reasons for not getting pregnant—I think I used to think there are more than I now do. But not having money is not one of them. If you are reading this, you have enough money.

There is only a limited amount of time in which you can have a child, no matter what you might think now that you are in the midst of it. Thirty years...READ MORE

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6 Unique Mother's Day Gifts That Are Simple, Meaningful and Free

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Mother’s Day is this Sunday! As an aid to the many men out there who get stressed out trying to find nice gifts for their wives or mothers, I chatted with some mom friends and came up with a list of gifts that would be most meaningful to us. Interestingly, we didn’t set out with any budget in mind; it just so happened that all our favorite ideas were free. Whether you’re scrambling for last-minute suggestions or already have an elaborate celebration planned, each of the following simple ideas is sure to be a hit with any mom.

1. Make a “Why I Love My Mom” video with the kids

Find about 15 minutes when your wife will be out of the house, and grab the kids and the family video camera. Have...READ MORE

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With God, No One Is an "Accident"

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Last week I had the pleasure of chatting with Father Frank Hoffman (a.k.a. “Father Rocky”) on the Relevant Radio network. We were talking about Church teaching on human sexuality, and he brought up a perspective I’d never considered before: how these teachings impact Catholic children. I’d done a lot of thinking and writing about how these ideas impact married couples, but I had never considered how it all extends to the children conceived in those marriages. The implications are fascinating.

Father Rocky shared the charming story of how his mother always said that “it takes three” to make a baby: a mother, a father, and God. In his child’s mind, he said, God was always part of the answer...READ MORE

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The Shocking Truth That God Loves Osama Bin Laden Too

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As it has for many people, the news of Osama bin Laden’s death has stirred up a lot of old memories for me: Sitting in front of my television, wiping sleep out of my eyes, seeing a tower with smoke billowing out the side. Seeing the horror-stricken look on a woman’s face as she looked up from a New York street and cried, “Oh no, no! They’re jumping!” Looking at the block of windows where my husband used to work in the South Tower, watching them crumple when it fell, wondering if his old coworkers were okay.

At the time I was an atheist, so the terrible event, as sickening as it was, didn’t trigger a moral conundrum for me. Bad things happen, there’s not much you can do about it, and that’s...READ MORE

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