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Register Radio:Reviving the Sacred and Integrating Faith at Work

04/13/2013 Comment

This week on Register Radio, Dan Burke discussed Where Heaven Meets Earth, a documentary that will be airing on EWTN on April 30th at 6:30 Eastern.  Where Heaven Meets Earth is about how Father Damien Cook restored the sacred and revitalized a once declining parish in Omaha, Nebraska.

Dan interviewed Don Carey, the CEO of Storytel, who explained how reviving the sacred music and architecture in  St. Peter Catholic Church began to help the congregation raise their hearts and minds to heaven every time they entered.  The parish that was at one time about to close--demographic change was part of its decline--is now brimming with young families.

"The sacred mystery of our faith is not old, not out of touch, not boring. May God lead more parishes to explore this beauty to the fullest — and may we see our churches filled to capacity every Sunday, in worship of our Risen Lord who inspires it all," Dan wrote in his blog yesterday.  Our hearts were made to enjoy the sacred. This documentary is one small example of how.  


Faith at Work

For my part this week, I interviewed  Catholic businessman and author Randy Hain.  On April 12, the Register published an interview Randy did with Dina Dwyer-Owens,  the CEO of the Dwyer Group who went on the TV show Under Cover Boss.  On the show Dina found a way to bring her faith into her professional life.  And Randy's interview highlights how for Dina that wasn't just an act for the show.  IT's her character on and off the air.

Randy, who is the managing executive at Bell Oaks Executive Search in Atlanta, is also the senior editor at Integrated Catholic Life.  He has a passion for helping others live their faith fully in every part of life, including at work, where we spend the majority of our time.

Randy's approach is practical and is motivated by the love of Christ, which is truly contageous.  Listen to what he had to say on the April 12 Register Radio show. 

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